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					MARCH 2006

RCH1000 newsletter

 Table of Contents                                Future Events

 • Chairman's Note                                Million Dollar dinner at Atlantic
                                                  - 8th June 2006
 • November Luncheon
 • Million Dollar Dinner 2005
 • Building a new Royal Children's Hospital
 • RCH1000 Heroes

                                                                Funding Excellence in Research
                                                                      To Make Sick Kids Better

       Chairman’s Note

                            The Australian and New Zealand             developments of a regional database of children with heart
                            Heart Research Centre at the RCH           disease.

                            It gives me great pleasure to advise all   With the commitment and dedication of all concerned, we
                            our members that this collaborative        can look forward to a significant contribution to improved
                            centre of excellence will become a         health standards for children with heart disease.
                            reality during the course of this
                            calendar year, and that, the research
                                                                       Tax deductible donation
                            component of this centre has been
                            made possible through the support of       Just a reminder that your $1,000.00 donation is deductible
    Efrem Goldhammer -
    Chairman RCH1000        the RCH1000.                               and that based on the highest marginal tax rate of 48.5%,
                                                                       the net cost is $515.00 – around $10.00 per week.
    Taking up one of the floors of the new building adjacent to
    the existing hospital; the centre participants will be;
                                                                       Advertising in our Newsletter

                                                                       For as little as $250.00 your advertisement can appear in 4
    From Melbourne - Royal Childrens Hospital and Murdoch
                                                                       quarterly issues of this Newsletter, the circulation of which
    Children’s Research Institute;
                                                                       includes all our current members, Children’s Hospital staff,
    From Sydney – Children’s Hospital at Westmead and                  participants of other auxiliaries, the waiting rooms of
    Sydney Children’s Hospital;                                        RCH1000 members and a number of public relations firms.

    From Adelaide - Women’s and Children’s Hospital;                   Your support of our Newsletter would be appreciated.

    From Perth - Princess Margaret Hospital;

    From Brisbane - Prince Charles Hospital; and

    From Auckland - Starship Children’s Hospital.                      Thank you

                                                                       Thank you one and all and I look forward to seeing you and
                                                                       your friends at Atlantic South Wharf.
    Under the guidance of Professor Dan Penny, head of
    cardiology and Professor Christian Brizard, head of cardiac
    surgery, vital research programs will be developed, and            Efrem Goldhammer
    existing projects enhanced with initial attention directed at;

    Rheumatic Heart Disease

    Pulmonary Hypertension


    Sudden Death

    ICU – Cardiac output after surgery

    Tetralogy of Fallout, and

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    Proudly Sponsored By...

   November Luncheon                                            are not cluttered with strange looking devices or
                                                                machines that often frighten children. These are
                                                                housed in specially designed bays. Colours in and
                                                                around the ward and signs have also been carefully
                                                                chosen and designed to be less institutional or
A Break from Tradition                                          confronting for children than is what perhaps
The RCH1000 lunch time function on 30 November was a            otherwise the norm.
break from tradition. Not only were we favoured with a
presentation by one of the hospital’s leading clinicians and
researchers, but we were given the opportunity to visit his     We also noticed that none of the staff in the Ward
new department and see it in action and have it all             wore uniforms. As Andrew explained, the mere
explained.                                                      presence of uniforms often creates a barrier
                                                                between the staff and young children which is
Our Speaker and Guide                                           certainly no assistance in their treatment.

Our speaker and guide was Associate Professor Andrew
Kornberg, director of Neurology at the Royal Children’s
Hospital and a director of the National Muscular Dystrophy      The computer equipment and video monitoring
Centre at the Howard Florey Institute.                          systems used for specialised cases is state of the
                                                                art. Some of the systems and programs used were
As Andrew explained, neurology is the study of the
                                                                specifically designed at RCH and are cutting edge.
nervous system and especially its structure, functions and
abnormalities and muscular dystrophy is a disease
characterised by the wasting of muscles.                        For the lay visitor, this technological equipment and
                                                                the explanation of its use and capabilities was most
                                                                impressive. Many of us like “gadgets”.
Our Tour
Andrew took us through a tour of the new Neurology Ward.
                                                                The Staff
The Department of Neurology provides high quality out           Professor Kornberg and his staff at the department
patient and inpatient services for the diagnosis and            were most open, friendly, welcomed our interest and
management of neurological disorders. Areas of particular       were clearly appreciative of the support RCH
expertise are epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, neo-natal        receives from RCH1000 members and other RCH
neurology and development disorders. The Department is          supporters.
also involved in teaching of undergraduates and post
graduate nursing, medical and allied health professionals       They were all obviously very proud of what they have
and active clinical and laboratory based research in the        achieved in the concept and design of their new
areas of epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, neo-natal             ward and in what they have achieved to date in
neurology and malformations of the brain.                       research and treatment of neurological disorders.

The Ward                                                        They are also all very excited about what they
The Neurology Ward is a new renovated section of the            believe they will be able to achieve in the treatment
hospital. In its renovation it also illustrates the number of   of those disorders for the benefit of children in
relatively novel treatment philosophies as well as the          Melbourne and everywhere. They naturally share
Department’s holistic approach which is common                  their discoveries and achievements with their
throughout the whole of the hospital.                           colleagues all over the world.

Andrew and his staff have in the design of the ward
appreciated that parents or other adult relatives of patients   Another Example
are often with patients around the clock. Accordingly,          The Neurology Department at RCH is another
facilities have been provided in the ward for the comfort of    example of what devoted professionals at RCH have
these adults - more than just a couple of arm chairs in a       and can achieve and why RCH attracts the best
corner. The presence of these adults is regarded by             paediatric professionals.
Andrew and his staff as a vital factor in the successful
treatment of their patients.                                    Hearing Andrew Kornberg and seeing the new
The patients themselves, often being very young children,       Neurology Ward proved yet again that the RCH is a
are also naturally specifically catered for in the new          unique institution principally because of the people
renovated ward. For example, corridors and passageways          who are devoted to “making sick kids better”.

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    Million Dollar Dinner at Atlantic - 11th October 2005

                                                                                           Building a new
                                                                                           Royal Children's Hospital
What will the new site look like?
• The new hospital will have parkland      • There will be carparking for 2,000 cars,
  on three sides.                            almost double the current capacity.
• The row of elm trees along Flemington    • There will be no access to the hospital
  Road will be preserved.                    from Gatehouse Street.
• The new building will have five to six   • All access will be off Flemington Road:
  floors with two levels of plant rooms      - carpark entrance and exit
  on the top of the building.                - ambulance and emergency access
                                             - goods delivery and loading dock.
• The helipad will be moved from Royal
  Park to the roof of the new building.

                                                                                        Artist’s impression of the new hospital with the retention of the existing research building and
     A snapshot of the new                                                                              front entry building. Final architectural designs will be developed during 2007.

     Royal Children’s Hospital
     The new hospital will be bigger with more single rooms,
     neonatal cots and operating theatres. It will be able to
     treat 35,000 more patients every year and will have:
     • improved accommodation and other facilities for
     • more play areas, better park access and
       expanded childcare
     • an on-site educational centre for school
     • new facilities for mental health, rehabilitation
       and research
     • more shops and cafes

             proudly supporting Heart Research at the
            Royal Children’s Hospital through RCH1000.

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     RCH1000 Heroes

                                                  RCH1000 Heroes

                       Many RCH1000 members are our 'heroes' because they introduce new
                      RCH1000 members who, in turn, also introduce new RCH1000 members.

          Our heroes do not seek recognition but being 'heroes' we believe they deserve special recognition.

                Here are some statistics on some of our 'heroes' chosen at random from our records:

                      Aitan Schmideg of Kliger Partners, Solicitors
                             Aitan has been a RCH1000 member since 2002.
                             Aitan has directly and indirectly introduced a total of ten RCH1000 members.
                             (This includes members nominated by members he directly nominated).

                      Steve Jones of Horwath, Accountants
                             Steve has been a RCH1000 member since 2001.
                             Steve has directly and indirectly introduced a total of seven RCH1000 members.
                             (This includes members nominated by members he directly nominated).

                      George Georgiou, director of Panache Developments (Vic) Pty Ltd
                             George has been a RCH1000 member since 2002.
                             George has directly and indirectly introduced a total of six RCH1000 members.
                             (This includes members nominated by members he directly nominated).

                        Our 'heroes' prove that RCH1000 networking works and to our heroes
                         (including those not specifically mentioned above) we say thank you.
                          The direct and indirect results of your efforts do not go unnoticed.

     Every RCH1000 member can become an RCH1000 Hero by inviting a friend or colleague to come to one of our
                                      functions and to join RCH1000.

 It is simply that easy for each member to make a real additional contribution to children and research, the focus of
                                            the members of RCH1000.

                              Also just think of the compounding effect and value your
               additional contribution will have if your nominee turns out to be another RCH1000 Hero.

                 RCH1000 funding excellence in research to make sick kids better

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     RCH1000 Corporate Membership

 Corporate membership with RCH1000 is now available.            The donation levels for this purpose are:
 This membership will be a statement of a business entity's     – $5,000 for businesses with 75 or less employees;
 support of the Royal Children's Hospital scientific research
                                                                – $10,000 for businesses with between 76 and 200
 activities through RCH1000.
 RCH1000 corporate membership will allow a business
                                                                – by negotiation for businesses employing more than 200
 entity to efficiently and effectively demonstrate that
                                                                The Rules
 Visibly Demonstrates Support
                                                                Naturally, there are rules associated with the RCH1000
 RCH1000 corporate members will be able to demonstrate
                                                                corporate membership which briefly are as follows:
 their support by using the RCH1000 logo together with the
 words "Corporate Member - Funding Research Excellence          1. Membership is subject to RCH1000 Committee
 at Royal Children's Hospital".                                    approval. The Committee reserves the right to reject
                                                                   applications, particularly if the applicant's values or
 Who can become a RCH1000 Corporate Member?
                                                                   type of business is considered to be inconsistent with
 Any business that is affiliated with a paid up RCH1000            those of the Royal Children's Hospital.
 member and which business is approved by the RCH1000
                                                                2. Corporate members         will have to submit to the
                                                                   RCH1000 Committee         all artwork for prior approval
 A RCH1000 corporate member must therefore nominate                before the RCH1000       logo is used on any business
 an individual (being an existing RCH1000 member or a              letterhead or business   website.
 person who will become a RCH1000 individual member) as
                                                                3. The RCH1000 logo must not be used in anyway to
 its nominee.
                                                                   indicate an endorsement by RCH1000 or the Royal
 The corporate member's nominee will be the liaison                Children's Hospital of a product or service.
 between RCH1000 and the corporate member and will be
                                                                4. Before the RCH1000 logo is used on any business
 the person who will be invited to luncheons, the annual
                                                                   letterhead or website, a formal licence agreement
 dinner and other RCH1000 functions on his or her own
                                                                   regarding use of the RCH1000 logo must be signed.
 behalf and on behalf of the corporate member.
                                                                RCH1000 Corporate Membership Application
                                                                If an application for corporate membership is received, the
 Corporate member donations (which will be tax deductible)
                                                                applicant will be given a licence agreement which will set
 have at this time been set for a 2 year period. A donation
                                                                out in more detail the corporate membership program.
 of the appropriate amount will entitle an entity to be a
 RCH1000 corporate member for 2 years and to display on         If the applicant has more than 200 employees, RCH1000
 business letterhead and/or business websites the               will contact the applicant to discuss the appropriate
 RCH1000 logo subject to the rules.                             donation level.


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