fashion Fashion is always a multi way process including the customer by ads.waqar


									Fashion is always a multi-way process; including the customer's perception, current trends, designer's
creativity, and runway displays. Runways and catwalks posses the vibrant melting pot known as panache
which proves to be a source of inspiration for customer's to set their choices. Fashion designers
stimulate their creativity making a colorful wardrobe. Key fashion trends for 2012 indicate the obsession
of fashionistas for a full blown fruit fashion for apparels, and fashion accessories.

Cherries of crimson, succulent strawberries and other eye catching; exotic tropical fruits fill the runways
making their way into apparels and accessories. Runways are blazing with frutilicious prints. A bowl of
citrus, oranges, and grapefruits walk on the runway; although inedible. Zingy citrus prints in double split
and backless silk dress and pleat insert versions make a fruity summer trend. Debuting on the runways,
fruity trends of apple, cherry, lemon, and orange are making their way into jewelry, shoes, clips,
earrings, handbags, headbands, scarves, and many more. Fruity fashion accessories with well placed
appliques, and juicy colors give a flirty and girlish inspiration.

Fashion's likeness for creativity has filled the coming season with delicious fruity prints. Fruits are
delicious, appealing, and a major fashion trend for 2012.

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