January Lunch Menu (PDF) by huseynov79


									                    JANUARY 2012                                              Rainbow International School

Winter Vacation             2      Winter Vacation            3      Winter Vacation            4   Winter Vacation             5    Winter Vacation            6

Multi grain rice             9   Rice                         10   Multi grain rice            11   Rice                       12    Meat sauce                13
Bean sprouts soup                Soft Tofu soup                    Beef with radish soup            Potato with egg soup             Spagetti
Orman Kebap                      Et Gauruma                        Fish cutlet                      Kofte                            Bread
Rolled egg with spring onion     Grilled potato with butter        Mapa Tofu                        Hot dog bread                    Tomato salad
                                 Cucumber salad                    Radish salad                     Tomato                           Banana
Salad                            Fruit salad                                                        Lettcue
Grilled Kim                                                                                         Kimci

Multi grain rice            16 Rice                           17   Multi grain rice            18   Rice                       19    Bi-bim-bap                20
Bean sprouts soup                Egg with onion soup               Sea weed soup                    Beef cutlet                      Fried Tofu soup
Suru kofte                       Mantar sote                       Grilled fish                     Lettuce with corn salad          Bean doughnut
Grilled Tofu                     (mushroom with beef saute)        Green bean sprout soup           Kka-ttu-gi(Kimchi)               Fruit
Kimchi                           Fried potato                      Radish salad
Grilled Kim                      Cucumber salad
                                 Fruit salad

Lunar New Year              23 Lunar New Year                 24   Multi grain rice            25   Rice                        26   Tomato sauce              27
                                                                   Bean sprouts soup                Soft Tofu soup                   Spagetti
                                                                   Tas Kebab                        Bursa Kebab                      Bread
                                                                   Scrambled egg                    Fried mushroom with vegetable    Turkish salad
                                                                   Kimchi                           Cucumber salad                   Banana
                                                                   Grilled Kim

Multi grain rice            30 Rice                           31
Bean sprouts soup                Mushroom with egg soup                 School Information:
Sourced beef and potato          Egg soup                                  18 January Birthday Party
Rolled egg with vegetable        Fried potato with onion                   23-24 January Lunar New Year Holiday
Salad                            Cucumber salad                            27 January Principal`s Coffee
Gilled Kim                       Fruit salad

NUTRITION TIP: Stay Active                                                                           NUTRITION Information:
RIS recommends making physical activity a regular part of the day                                     The best sources of Protein are beef, poultry, fish, eggs,
     At Home                                                                                          dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes like black beans
     At School                                                                                        and lentils.
     At Play

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