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    Karen Bracken
What Is A Property Rights

A council of between 7-9 citizen
volunteers (number is determined by
need) vetted and approved by the
County Commission and assigned the
task of research and the creation of free
market recommendations to resolve
property right conflicts as appropriate.
  Primary Mission of the

Promote and protect the individuals
   right to own and control private
   How Does the Process Work?
 Request is submitted by public, dept, PRC to
  Chairman of PRC.
 Request is sent to PRRC (Property Rights Review
 PRRC determines if request has merit to move
  forward (if they can not find support for the issue
  they would turn it back to submitter to supply
  support) If support is found research continues.
 PRRC might consist of 1 legal advisor, 1 PRC
  member, 1 Dept. Rep.
 There are also outside volunteers (Constituent,
  Friend, Policy Analyst, Legal Policy Analyst) that are
  not appointed to the PRC that can assist in research.
 PRRC submits findings to Dept. head which could be
  a department or the Commission
  How Does The Process Work

 Determination is sent to PRC for review,
  comments and final consensus (may
  require further research or workshops)
 Dept. or Commission reacts to PRC review
  and comments
 Final resolution is sent to public
 Public can react by posting to PRC
  Discussion group
 This process may take months on first of
  kind issues.
      Current Issues - National
   Wetlands
   Watershed overlay
   Zoning
   Issues that are resolved with one PRC
    could be used to resolve the same
    issues in other states in less time
Promoting the Integrity of the
 Intensive vetting by Commission
 PRC members can request the dismissal of
  another PRC member for cause
 Public request for PRC member removal for
 Term limits
 Statists will not want to work with free
  market policy
 Constituent group of volunteers
          Public Service
 Sr. level high school, college-level
  political science, or per-law teachers
  and institutions are encouraged to give
  students academic credit for
  participation in PRC volunteer programs
 PRC volunteer programs help immunize
  students from academic biases favoring
  government intervention
 PRC volunteer programs also gives
  students a practical education in three-
  tiered federalism, while transforming
  government at the same time.
  A Special thanks to the Bonner County, Idaho County
Commission for their innovative approach and dedication
   to the preservation of property rights and the very
             foundation of our Constitution.

         Commission Chairman Cornel Rasor
              Scott Bauer - Attorney
              Pam Stout - Paralegal

     “Private property and freedom are
      inseparable.” George Washington

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