Northeast Regions of the United States by huanghengdong


									Regions of the United States
The New England States
             New England: Maine (ME), New
             Hampshire (NH), Vermont (VT),
             Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut
             (CT), Rhode Island (RI),
Physical Geography of New England
► Northern   Appalachian
  *little farmland.
► Deep bays, allowing port towns.
► Jagged, rocky coastline.
Climate and Vegetation of New England:
◊   Humid Continental Climate
◊   Cold, snowy winters and hot summers
◊   Short growing season.
◊   Mixed forests with
    deciduous and coniferous
   Historical Geography of New England
► Pilgrims in 1621.
► Industrial revolution began in New England.
   Economic Geography of New England
 The New England states have a long history
  of maritime industry, although forestry exists
  inland with little farming.
Land Use in New England
►Dairy Farming (Vermont)
►Limited Farming
►Maritime Activity
            New England Legacy
► “Prepschools” and elite Universities:
  Harvard, Yale, MIT, Boston College, Brown,
  Dartmouth, etc.
► Educated population is a major resource.

           New England Politics
► Progressive (liberal) in politics
► states usually are affiliated
  with the Democratic party.
► Liberal views on health
  care, marriage, etc.
Regions of the United States
    The Mid-Atlantic States
             Mid-Atlantic States: New York
             (NY), New Jersey (NJ),
             Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware
             (DE), Maryland (MD), West
             Virginia (WV) and the District
             of Columbia (DC)
Physical Geography of The Mid-Atlantic
► Appalachian   mountains
  *farmland mainly in valley areas.
► Coastal plain between the mountains and coast
  called the fall line.
Climate and Vegetation of Mid-Atlantic:
 ► Humid  Continental Climate
 ► No Dry Season- receives precipitation year round.
 ► Cold, snowy winters and hot summers.
 ► Moderate growing season
 ► Vegetation is mixed forests
   with deciduous and
   coniferous trees.
Cultural/Economic Geography of the Mid-Atlantic:
► warmer  weather and longer growing season.
► Moderate farming activity
► major shipping waterways.
  *Major cities are located on these major
   waterways: New York on the Hudson R.,
   Philadelphia on the Delaware, and Baltimore
   on Chesapeake Bay.
► Major center of U.S., finance, advertising,
► home to most major U.S. corporations
  *Heart of Manufacturing core, but has become
   known as the RUST BELT. This extends into the
    Population Geography of the
► Megalopolis  runs from Boston to Washington
  (AKA Boswash). Includes the cities of Boston,
  Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington
  D.C. Also Pittsburgh and Buffalo.
► This is the most densely populated region in
  the United States.
Economic Geography of the Mid-Atlantic
 Farming
 Mining
 Shipping
 Business
 Manufacturing (declining)
 Established as a financial and manufacturing
  center early in the 19th century.
 Heritage centered on colonial times and the
  American Revolution.
 Home to Washington D.C., the political center
  of the U.S.
 Historically, the gateway to immigrants

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