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					                    GTCBIO CONFERENCE
          Co-Sponsored by THE SCIENTIST MAGAZINE
  Tel: 626-256-6405. Fax: 626-256-6460.

 - From Political, Socio-Economic, Scientific, Provider, User and Legal Viewpoints
             October 22-24, 2003—Hilton Crystal City, Arlington, VA
                (Across the Potomac River from Washington, DC)
                                  KEY POINTS OF CONFERENCE
1) High-quality, current reports of scientific progress in vaccine research and development.
2) Update on efforts to create incentives at all stages for the private sector to encourage vaccine development.
3) Defining the role of the public and private sectors, and the policy priority.
4) Establishing better communication about vaccines and vaccinations between the involved parties (scientists,
policy experts, legislators, economists, regulators, funding sources, manufacturers, recipients and attorneys).
5) Vaccine safety and public acceptance: improved vaccines, efficacy evaluations, modifications in "no-fault
childhood victims fund", Tort reform, and innovative funding approaches.
6) Developing vaccines in startup companies.
7) Vaccine funding opportunities.

Keynote Address: Vaccines for Bioterrorism Agents
   Lance Gordon, CEO, Vaxgen Corporation
                       Other Confirmed Speakers and Conference Committee*
Dr. Mathuram Santosham, Director        Mr. Chris Collins, Executive Director     Mr. Henry A. Waxman, J.D., Congressman
BSPH, Johns Hopkins University          AIDS Vaccine Advisory Coalition           California 30th Congressional Distr.
Dr. Georges Benjamin                    Dr. Neal Halsey                           Dr. George Lowell
Executive Director, APHA                Director, Institute of Vaccine Safety     CSO, ID Biomedical
Dr. Kreesten Madsen                     Dr. Carl Alving, Chief, Dept. of          Dr. Jay Berzofsky, Chief Mol. Immuno. &
Danish Epidem. Science Center           Membrane Biochem., WRAIR                  Vaccine Lab., National Cancer Instititute
Mr. Paul Clinton Harris, Deputy Asso.   Dr. John J. Donnelly *, Senior Director   Dr. H.R. Shepherd*, Chairman, Board of
Attorney, Department of Justice         Vaccine Department, Chiron                Trustees, Sabin Vaccine Institute
Dr. Sharon Mates, Chairman and CEO      Mr. Victor Schwartz, JD, Esq, Senior      Dr. Daniel Zimmerman*, Senior Vice
Functional Genetics, Inc., and          Partner and Chairman, Public Policy       President, CEL-SCI, Corporation
Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.          Practice, Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP        Chairman, Conference Committee
Mr. Barry Nace, JD, Managing Partner    Dr. Kenneth S. Rosenthal*, Professor      Mr. Paul Sharer, Partner, Intellectual
Paulson and Nace                        Dept. of Microbiology, NEOUCOM            Intellec. Property Group, Pillsbury Winthrop
Mr. Stan Yakatan, Venture Capitalist    Dr. Ciro A. de Quadros                    Dr. Peter Hotez, Prof and Chairman
Chairman, Managing Partner of           Director International Programs           Dept of Microbiology and Tropical Medicine
Katan Associates International          Sabin Vaccine Institute                   GWU
Dr. Lester Crawford                     Dr. Stephen L. Hoffman                    Dr. Richard Gallagher*
Deputy Commissioner, FDA                CEO and CSO, Sanaria                      Editor, "The Scientist"
Mr. James Wood, J.D.                    Mr. Russell P. (Rip) Wilson               Mr. John May, Venture Capitalist
Director Partner of Oakland Office      VP, CFO & General Counsel                 Managing Partner, New Vantage Group
Reed Smith                              Iomai Corp.                               Managing General Partner, Calvert Social Fund
  Day 1        Wednesday, October 22, 2003                        and Compensation and Liability
                                                                  Representative Henry A. Waxman, U.S
1:00    Registration                                              House of Representatives

3:00    Chairman's Opening Remarks                         8:45   Status of Healthcare Legislation Impacting
        Daniel Zimmerman, Sr. Vice President R&D,                 Vaccines
        Cel-Sci Corp.                                             Speaker from Senate invited

3:05    Introduction to the Program and Its Objectives     9:15   Vaccines Importances from the Public
        Richard Gallagher, Editor, The Scientist                  Health Perspectives
                                                                  Georges Benjamin, Executive Director
3:35    Introduction of New Vaccines into Developed and           American Public Health Association
        Developing Countries, Example of Hib Vaccines
        Mathuram Santosham, Professor and Director,       9:45    Coffee Break
        School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
                                                          10:15   Effect of Proposed Tort Legislation on
4:05    Need and Prospect of Vaccines for Malaria, TB             Vaccines as Viewed by an Advocate of Tort
        and AIDS                                                  Reform
        Chris Collins, Executive Director, AIDS Vaccine           Victor Schwartz, Partner and Chairman,
        Advisory Coalition                                        Public Policy Group, Shook Hardy and
4:35    Development of a First Generation Recombinant
        Anti-Hookworm Vaccine and Its Use for the          10:45 Immunization from Product Liability as a
        World's Most Impoverished                                Critical Component of Antiterrorism
        Peter Hotez, Professor and Chairman, Dept of             Biologics
        Microbiology and Tropical Medicine, GWU                  James Wood, Director Partner of
                                                                 Oakland Office, Reed Smith
5:05    The Use and Power of Vaccines to Control and
        Eradicate Diseases Such as Small Pox, Polio, and   11:15 Vaccines and Tort Reform Legislation from
        Measles Eradication Initiatives                          ATL View
        Ciro de Quadros, Director, Sabin Vaccine                 Managing Partner, Paulson and Nace
        Institute International Programs                         Former President of American Trial
5:35    Reception and Poster Session on Breaking Events
        1. SARS, WNV and Monkeypox                         11:45 Lunch
        2. Role of Vaccines for Weapon of MAss Destruction
        3. Vaccines for WMD as Models for Other Agents     1:30 A Prationer Looks at the Patent Process and
                                                                 How It Works and Doesn't
7:30    Keynote Address: Vaccines for Bioterrorism Agents        Paul Sharer, Intellectual Property/
        Lance Gordon, CEO, Vaxgen Corporation                    Biotechnology Life Sciences
                                                                 Phillsbury Wintrop
Day 2          Thursday, October 23, 2003
                                                           2:00   Update on Patent Reform: Including
8:20    Introduction, Session Chairman                            Pooling, Extention and Restoration
        Daniel Zimmerman, Sr. Vice President R&D,                 PharMa/Bio Representative, Invited
        Cel-Sci Corp.
                                                           2:30   A Venture Capitalist View on Vaccine
8:30    Legislative Developments Affecting Vaccines               Investment Opportunities
        Including: Vaccine Supply; Vaccines to Protect            Stan Yakatan, Chairman, Managing
        Against Bioterrorist Attacks;                             Partner, Katan Associates International
3:00    How a Social Venture Fund Considers Vaccines         11:35 Discussion on Vaccine Safety
        John May, Managing Partner, New Vantage
        Group                                                12: 05 Lunch

3:30    Coffee Break                                         1:30   Chairperson's Remarks: Preparing for the
4:00    Funding/Financing and Technology Transfer                   Kenneth S. Rosenthal, Professor
        Opportunities from R&D to Phase II/III Stage                Microbiology and Immunology,
        from Government and Foundations                             Northestern Universities, College of
        Mr. Russell P. (Rip) Wilson, VP, CFO & General              Medicine
        Counsel, Iomai Corp
                                                             2:00   Refinements in Vaccines by Consideration
4:30    A History of FDA by Looking at What FDA Is and              of Types and Requirement of Particular
        Is Not and What It Can Do and Can Not Do                    Immune Responses
        Lester Crawford, Deputy Commissioner, FDA,                  Jay Berzofsky, Chief, Section of
                                                                    Immunogenetics and Vaccines, National
5:00    Roundtable on Improving Financing Opportunities             Cancer Institute
        for Vaccines
        Paul Harris, Moderator, Deputy Associate             2:30   Improved Delivery of Vaccines by Modern
        Attorney General, DOJ                                       Improved Adjuvants
                                                                    Carl Alving, Chief, Dept. of Membrane
Day 3          Friday, October 24, 2003                             BioChemistry, WRAIR

8:30    Introduction, Conference Chairman                    3:00   Next Generation of Vaccines
                                                                    Stephen L Hoffman, CEO, CSO, Sanaria
8:35    Vaccine Safety in Todays World and Perspectives
        for the Future                                      3:30    Coffee Break
        Neal Halsey, Director, Institute of Vaccine Safety,
        Johns Hopkins University, School of Public          4:00    Roundtable on Conference Objectives
        Health                                                      Closing Panel of Chairpersons with
                                                                    Audience Participation
9:35    Pulic-Private Partnerships in Vaccine Research and
        Development: Important Factors from a Vaccine        Please visit our website at
        Company Perspectives, and How a Public Partner for update regarding our
        Can Act to Support Company Involvement               conferences. Registration forms can be
        John Donnelly, Senior Director, Vaccine              downloaded from our website.
        Department, Chrion Corporation
                                                             For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities,
                                                             please call (626) 256-6405 or email to
10:05 Vaccines from R&D to Clinical Phase 2 and Field
      Trials - A Private Startup Acquired by a Public
      Biotech Company
      George Lowell, CSO, ID Biomedical                      Other GTCBIO conferences:
                                                             Cancer Drug Research and Development
10:35 Coffee Break                                           November 20-21, 2003, US Grant
                                                             San Diego, CA
11:05 Vaccine Development for Conventional Vaccines
      from Phase I to Commercialization in a Startup         Chemistry in Drug Discovery
      Company                                                March 25-26, 2004, San Diego, CA
      Sharon Mates, Chairman and CEO, Functional             Cytokines and Inflammation
      Genetics, Inc., and Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.     April 29-30, 2004, Princeton, NJ
Conference Registration Form                                                                     Cancer Drug Research and Development
                                                                                                       November 20-21, 2003, US Grant, San Diego
    Register 3, the 4th goes FREE
                                                                                                Tony Hunter, Keynote Speaker, Professor, The Salk Institute.
Four Ways To Register:                                                                          Protein phosphorylation and the new age of signal transduction
Mail:   GTCBIO, 550 Fano St. Suite 303B, Monrovia,                                              inhibitor drugs
        CA 91016, U.S.A.
                                                                                                David Chaplin, Chief Executive Officer, Oxigene. Development of
Tel:    (626) 256-6405
                                                                                                Combretastatin A4 as a Vascular Targeting Agent
Fax:    (626) 256-6460
Online:                                                                   Jocelyn Holash, Associate Director, Regeneron. The VEGF-Trap:
                                                                                                A Novel and Potent VEGF Blocker With Wide-Ranging Therapeutic
Name ________________________Title _____________                                                and Investigational Potential
                                                                                                Steve Harrison, Director, Chiron. Novel CHK1 Inhibitors for
Dept. ________________ Company _________________                                                Chemosensitization
                                                                                                Helen Hua, Scientist, Celgene. TBA
Address: _______________________________________
                                                                                                Shanta Bantia, Director, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals. Purine
City __________________State __________Zip________                                              Nucleoside Phosphorylase Inhibitor - BCX-1777 in T-cell
Country ________________________________________                                                Oren Beske, Head of Cell Biology, Vitra Bioscciences, Inc. Using
                                                                                                the CellCard system to identify anti-proliferative compounds based
Phone _________________Email __________________                                                 on both potency and cell-type selectivity

Registration Option (Please check one)                                                          Ben Tseng, Vice President, Maxim Pharmaceuticals. A Drug
                                                                                                Discovery Screen and Chemo-genetic Approach for Novel Apoptosis
   Vaccines: from political, socio-economic, scientific,                                        Inducers
   provider, user and legal view points
                   by Aug 22         by Sep 22         by Oct 22                                Sergey M. Kipriyanov, Head of Antibody Engineering, Affirmed
   Commercial: $1196                 $1345             $1,495                                   Therapeutics AG. Novel Recombinant Bispecific Molecules for
   Academic/gov: $476                $535              $595                                     Immunotherapy of B Cell Tumors
   Cancer Drug Research and Development                                                         Chaoyong Ma, Manager, Business Development, Phylonix. In
                   by Sep 20         by Oct 20         by Nov 20                                Vivo Zebrafish Assays for Angiogenesis Drug Screening and Target
   Commercial: $1,116                $1255             $1395                                    Validation
   Academic/gov: $476                $535              $595
                                                                                                Sandra Chica, Medical Director, Perceptive Informatics, Inc.
   Chemistry in Drug Discovery (2004)
                                                                                                Evaluation of the Effects of Anti-Angiogenic and Anti-Vascular
                   by Jan 25         by Feb 25         by Mar 25
                                                                                                Cancer Agents
   Commercial: $1,116                $1255             $1395
   Academic/gov: $476                $535              $595                                     Mark Rolfe, Sr. Director, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
   Cytokines and Inflammation (2004)                                                            Bortezomib, a Novel Proteasome Inhibitor for Cancer Therapy
                   by Feb 29         by Mar 29         by Apr 29                                Karyl Schubert, Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center. Use of
   Commercial: $1,116                $1255             $1395                                    plants in cancer drug development
   Academic/gov: $476                $535              $595
                                                                                                David W. Moskowitz, Chairman, CEO and CMO, GenoMed,
Payment method (Please check one)                                                               Inc. Towards Cancer Prevention: Clues from Genomic Epidemiology
  Bill me, Check, Bank Transfer, Money Order                                                    Shay Soker, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Children's Hospital,
  Visa, Master, Amex, Dinner Club, JCB                                                          Boston. Evaluation of Circulating Endothelial Cells as a Surrogate
                                                                                                Marker for Antiangiogenic Therapy of Cancer Patients
Card # ________________________________________
                                                                                                Guha Krishnaswamy, Professor, Chief, Division of Allergy and
                                                                                                Immunology, James H. Quillen V.A. Medical Center. Potential
Expiration Date _________________________________                                               Roles of Mast Cells in Cancer: Pharmacological Regulation
Cardholder Name ________________________________                                                Peter M. Fischer, Head, Discovery Research, Cyclacel Limited.
                                                                                                CDK Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents
Signature ______________________________________                                                Janice L Huff, Director, BioForce. Practical Nanoscale Assays for
                                                                                                Cancer Diagnostics
Cancellation: If you cancel eight weeks or more in advance of the conference you can
expect a full refund. Cancellation occurring four to eight weeks prior to the conference date   Julian Woelcke, Head of Screening Operations Department,
receive a $200 refund or full voucher to another event. If you cancel less than four weeks
prior to the conference date, you can expect a full credit voucher to be used at another        EVOTEC, OAI. Novel Biochemical Assay Formats to Screen for
GTCBIO event. You can change delegate name within the same company prior to the                 Inhibitors and Activators of p53
conference without any charge.
Note: all the speakers in this brochure have been confirmed to talk at this conference.         Herbert A. Schmid, Norvartis. The New Somatostatin Analogue
Speakers and agenda subject to change without notice. In the event a speaker cancellation,
every effort to find a suitable replacement will be made.
                                                                                                SOM230 Is a Potent Inhibitor Of The GH/IGF-1 Axis

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