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					                       PEACHTREE DECORATIVE ARTIST

Instructor: Christine Torres
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

For as far back as I can remember, I have had a love for art, never realizing that I would
one day make this my career chose. My name is Christine Torres, I live, breath, and
dream of art. I’m originally from New York City, a single parent with sole responsibility
for my child.

In my mid 20’s I helped run a ceramic business with my oldest childhood friend Kim
Dokka, formerly Kim Rice. It was then that we discovered a school that would teach us
restorative foundation skills and decorative techniques. In 1997, I had made the career
choose to drop everything, move to Asheville, NC, and devote myself to study under
Derek Tickle, a master artist and a legend in the field of Decorative painting.

For the next year of my life, I sent my days in a classroom learning foundation skills to
enhance my knowledge of the chemical nature of solvents, resins, pigments, and
adhesives. I now have an understanding of the behavior of the decorative materials when
applied to chemically or physically active surfaces and how to deal with problems as they
arise, diagnose surface film defects and specify remedial restoration steps. I learned how
to prepare appropriate documentation when bidding for jobs and to carry out site
measurements for quantities of materials. I developed an appreciation for good balance,
form and color when involved in developing a decorative scheme, and knowledge of
color matching of existing colors. I spent my afternoons in a studio where I learned the
step by step procedure of woodgraining, marbleizing, trompel’oeil, stenciling,
wallpapering, Venetian plaster, faux finishes, frescos, murals, and mold making. At the
end of 1998 the City and Guilds of London, England certified me for Decorative
Restoration and foundation skills, #1262.

After graduation I moved back to New York, where I then put my skills to work. My
first big gig was for Stella Adler Performance Center as a Stage Designer. This led me in
the direction of movie production, where I worked on, “Keeping the Faith” with Edward
Norton, Ben Stiller, and Jenna Elfman as a PA to the production designer. I’ve also
worked on, “61” with Billy Crystal as a scenic artist. In that same time frame I went to
work for Evergreene Painting Studios as a restorative decorative artist. For the next two
years of my life I traveled around the US, restoring historical landmarks. I then moved
back to New York had a baby, and went to work with Art Space Studios as a freelance
artist, where I work on high end residential and commercial spaces, one being the second
floor of Tiffany’s. I then spent my last months in New York working with Amerish
Studios, refurbishing office furniture and wooden walls for the nearby buildings of the
tragic mishap on September 11th, which brought me here to Atlanta in hopes to rebuild
what I once had.

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