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					                                     UNIVERSITY MOUND RESERVOIR NORTH BASIN SEISMIC UPGRADE

                                           CONSTRUCTION NOTICE

    SFPUC To Begin Seismically Upgrading University
    Mound Reservoir North Basin In Late August 2009
Project Summary                                                Bacon Street Closure
As part of the San Francisco Public Utilities                  (between University & Bowdoin streets)
Commission’s (SFPUC) Water System Improvement                  In order to minimize impact to the surrounding streets
Program to repair, replace and seismically upgrade the         during construction we will close a one-block long
Hetch Hetchy Water System, the University Mound North          section of Bacon Street (between University &
Basin Reservoir in the Portola District will be seismically    Bowdoin Streets). This street closure will allow for
upgraded, starting in late August. Being the second            much of the construction equipment and materials to
major reservoir in San Francisco, University Mound             be contained in an area within the construction site,
provides 25% of the City’s drinking water supply.              and not on adjacent streets.

                                                                             Superimposed image of how Bacon Street
This project will strengthen the North Basin structure to                              might look during construction.
withstand a major earthquake, thereby improving the
reliability of the City’s drinking water supply. The project
includes seismically upgrading the North Basin’s roof          Traffic Impacts
structure, repairing spalled/cracked concrete and              The SFPUC will attempt to park project construction
upgrading the floor liner, rim road, drainage system, site     trailers within its property, however use of street
security, ventilation, hatches, inlet/outlet piping, and       parking may be required at various times during
landscaping.                                                   construction.
Construction Schedule                                          Reduced street parking and traffic congestion in the
S.J. Amoroso Construction Company, the contractor              vicinity of the construction site may occur.
working for the SFPUC, will begin construction activities
in August 2009. Construction is expected to be                 Workdays & Hours
completed in summer of 2011.                                   Monday – Friday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                                                               No construction will occur outside of these posted
What to Expect                                                 hours without advanced written notice.
Beginning in late August: Site preparation and set-up
of temporary fencing; temporary removal of parking; and        Questions?
some noise from the use of equipment.                          Contact Lily Madjus at: (415) 554-0721 or
                                                      During evening hours and
                                                               weekends, please call (415) 559-1763 or 311.
Water System                                                                      Need More
Improvement Program
                                                                                  Contact SFPUC Communications at
                                                                                  (415) 554-0721 or


                                                                                  San Francisco Public
The University Mound North Basin Reservoir Seismic Upgrade project is a           Utilities Commission
component of the Water System Improvement (WSIP). The WSIP, which includes
over 80 projects, is a $4.4 billion bond-funded program approved by voters in     1155 Market Street, 11th Floor
2002 to seismically upgrade and repair the regional Hetch Hetchy water system’s   San Francisco, CA 94103
pipelines, tunnels, and dams. This program will ensure that clean, high quality
drinking water continues to reach your tap following an emergency.

                 San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
                 1155 Market Street, 11th Floor
                 San Francisco, CA 94103
                 (415) 554-3289

                Save the Date: Project Open House September 10, 2009
                  Visit for updated information on this project.