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I believe people, not banks, should own homes!

In my opinion, this recession was caused by greed and more greed. As a result, you and I
are walking through tumultuous times as never before. We hear about the Great
Depression vs the Great Recession. To me, it's just a matter of semantics.

My parents were products of the Great Depression and I heard endlessly about how hard
it was, how hard you have to work and on and on. As a child, I didn't understand because
my little world was fun, engaging and filled with friends. Today, I understand totally.

Millions of Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their cars, their self-confidence
and their self-respect. On top of all that they are forced to file bankruptcy. What
happened to the American Dream. Has it become the American Nightmare?

When the recession of the early 1980's hit, I was selling Real Estate in Southern
California. I had found my 'thing' and loved it. Then one day, no one was buying or
selling anything! The recession had hit and hit hard. Since my Real Estate career was a
done deal, I was asked by friends to join their team working with a major lender and help
borrowers who were facing foreclosure. What an education I got! I spent eight years
working out problems with borrowers.

At that time, lenders didn't want your property, they wanted you to repay your
construction or mortgage loan, and collect the interest. If you can't repay your loan and it
goes into default, the lender did everything they could to prevent them from taking back
your property. Banks, Credit Unions and every other kind of mortgage lender wants your
money, not your property. Back then, if you purchased a home, you had to qualify for it,
have it appraised and put down a minimum of 10% as a down payment. Today, if you
had a pulse, you could get a loan and I mean a huge loan upwards of $200,000 without
any background checking at all. I'm not sure who that makes sense to but for the most
part I suspect only loan brokers and others interested in making a fast buck no matter who
it hurts.

There was little recourse to those caught up in these horrific times. If you had a rich uncle
who could make a few monthly payments for you, great! But few did and the nightmare
continued. There was little if anything available other than to pack up and look for
another place to live. Equity, well forget that!

THINGS HAVE CHANGED! This recession has brought out the best in a lot of people
and they are looking to help those caught up in today's foreclosure debacle. Borrowers
looking ahead and finding they can't make more than a few mortgage payments have
options never before available to them. Even those in the foreclosure process can get
help. I don't mean the government options which are ok but apparently there aren't
enough employees to help so many calling for help. I mean highly ethical people have
come together for the specific purpose to help you and I. Today's Rel Estate market is
almost dead so putting your home up for sale is a crap shoot at best. But do what you
need to do in order to prevent your lender foreclosing on your home.

This is NOT a sham or a scam.

I heartily urge anyone in this position to take advantage of the programs offered. It can
mean the difference between staying in your home or having to move out. Don't let this
opportunity pass you by. Get the answers you deserve and protect your family!

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