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					                                     AP Biology Current Events
                       Knowing what is going on in the world is very important and
                    has many benefits. Each marking period you are to locate an
                   article about a current event that is of local, state, national or
international significance and summarize what you have learned and can take from
it. It must relate to AP Biology in that the article must center around one of the
units we will cover. You may use newspapers, the Internet, magazines and TV or
radio news programs to get your current event articles. If you are unsure of the
quality of the article or whether I will accept it, bring it in and I will tell you
whether or not it is acceptable. Please follow these guidelines when writing your

   Summarize the article using your own words, including appropriate detail- THIS
     MUST BE TYPED!!!!!!!!!
   React to the article and make connections between the article and your life,
     society, or the article itself
        o Do this by talking about:
               how the topic in the article relates the problems of the world, our
                   society, and/or
               how the article may have supported or changed your feelings or
   Attach the article to the back of your summary
             o Note: If report is from a TV or radio news program, list the date, time,
                  station and reporter’s name
   The deadline for handing the assignment in is 2:45 pm on the last day of the
     marking period. Late assignments will not be accepted.
   See Mrs. Wolfgang’s wiki or website ( for
     science news sites.
   The rubric used to grade the assignments is on the back of
     this sheet
              Current Events Assignment Rubric
Category             10                     8                     6                        4
              Information from      Information from      Summary may be          Too much
Summary       news article is       news article is       unclear or              information was
Content       clearly summarized    clearly summarized.   incomplete. There       copied from the
              with only a minor     Few supporting        is a need for more      article or important
              inaccuracy. Many      details address the   supporting details.     details are left out.
              supporting details    who, what, where,     There are many          Details or summary
              address the who,      when, why, or how     inaccuracies            may be confusing.
              what, where, when,    questions. There                              There are many
              why or how            are minor                                     glaring inaccuracies.
              questions.            inaccuracies.
              Insightfully makes    Insightfully makes    Attempts to make        Connection is
Reaction &    multiple text-text,   text-text, text-      appropriate text-       inappropriate to the
Connection    text-self, or text-   self, or text-world   text, text-world or     content of the
              world connections.    connections.          text-self               article.
                                                          connections, but
                                                          lacks sufficient
                                                          detail to establish a
                                                          full connection.
              Writer makes little   Writer makes very     Writer makes some       Writer makes many
Conventions   or no errors in       few errors in         major errors in         errors in grammar
              grammar or spelling   grammar or spelling   grammar or spelling.    or spelling.
              that distracts the    that distracts the    Some sentences may      Sentences lack
              reader from the       reader from the       not be well-            structure and
              content.              content. Most         constructed.            appear incomplete
              Every paragraph       sentences are well-   Similar words are       or are confusing.
              contains sentences    constructed with      used too often.
              that are well-        varied beginnings
              constructed.          and vocabulary.
              Article is neatly     Article is neatly     Article may not be      Article may be
Article       attached to the       attached to the       neatly attached to      missing and other
              student sheet. All    student sheet. All    the student sheet.      important
              the required          the required          The title, source, or   information about
              information is        information is        one other piece of      the article is
              complete.             complete.             information may be      missing.

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