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Millbrook High School Student Services - Hillside High School


									Hillside High School
  Student Services

 Senior Info Night 2011
Meet our Principal
Hans Lassiter
Assistant Principals
 Ms. Sandra Hooper
 Mrs. Tounya Wright
 Mr. Adonis Blue
 Mr. Jason Jowers
 Mrs. Renee Wilburn
 Mrs. Pauletta Thompson
Cherelle Lee, Seniors

Kevin Ellis, Juniors

Cynthia Shaw, Sophomores

Evelyn Fuller, Freshman

Lakisha Bostick, Freshman Academy
Other people you should know
   Janice Alston
     Registrar
     Processes transcript requests


   Cliff Jones, College Advisor
     Coordinates school nominated scholarships
     Coordinates local area scholarships
Other people you should know…
   Ulonda Long, Career Development
     ASVAB

     Career Interests

     Career Technical Education
Services Provided
   Student services provides…
      Individual Counseling

      Crisis Counseling

      Peer mediation

      Academic counseling

      Suicide Intervention
Services Provided cont’d…
 Serve as liaison between students, parents,
  teachers, and administrators
 Serve as advocates for students
Herff Jones
A Message from SGA
   Krysta Byrd: Senior Student
                  Body President
            Reminder of Graduation
   Freshman entering high school in ’06-’07 must score a 3
    or higher on five EOC’s or they will not receive credit for
    course or graduate
      English I

      Algebra I

      Biology

      28 Credits
NC Scholars-Requirements
   College University Course of Study
      Overall four-year average of 3.5

      English                         4 Units
      Math                            4 Units
      Social Studies                  3 Units
      Science                         3 Units
      Foreign Language                2 Units
      Healthful living                1 Unit
      Career and Tech Education       1 Unit
      Arts Education                  1 Unit
      Elective credits incl 2nd level 5 Units
What are we doing?
   Senior interview (Individual)
      Review transcript

      Discuss plans for the future

      College/Career choices

      Inviting Colleges to speak to students
Graduation Requirements Checklist
   Allow at least 5 school days for counselors to
    complete recommendations
   Allow at least 2 school days for transcript requests
    to be processed
   Applications should be in to NC public
    universities by November 1 to be automatically
    considered for merit scholarships
   Check with the Human Resources Department at
    your workplace for scholarship opportunities
*note: Counselors do not send recommendations, students must mail them to
What should your child be doing?
 Ideally, in October students should:
    Take SAT

    Complete personal statement essay

    Request transcript and teacher
     recommendations early
    Submit college applications

    Apply for scholarships

 Many competitive universities may not
  make a final admissions decision until April
Making College Choices
   What is a “good” school?
     Meets the student’s interests academically,
      geographically, financially, etc.
     Has a variety of activities of interest to your

   How do students find a good school?
     Talk to teachers, friends, and students in
     Visit college campuses

     Visit college websites
Starting the Application Process
 Narrow choices to three to five colleges
 Look at college applications online
    Check application deadlines

    Check requirements (teacher/counselor
     recommendations, essays)
 Register and take SAT, ACT or TOEFL
 Encourage students to begin personal
 Request transcript
While You Are Waiting…
 Focus on grades and test scores
    Colleges will review mid-year and
     final grades
    Colleges will take highest SAT/ACT
 Apply for scholarships
    Applications are detailed and may
     require essays
SAT/ACT and Scholarships
      Test dates

      Fee Waivers
   What you should know about applying for
Financial Aid
   Must complete the Free Application for
    Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive
    any aid
      Submit after January 1

      Check the priority deadline at each

       college (usually March 1)
AP Classes/Exams
   Advanced Placement
     Weight

     When are exams

     Credit for courses

     Scores that may be considered for college

NCAA Clearinghouse
 Purpose of Clearinghouse
 When to register for Clearinghouse
I don’t want to go to 4-year
 Military Options
 Career Options
 Community Colleges
 Jobs/trades/apprenticeships
   Mark your calendars for the District College
    Fair. October 2, 2011 at Northgate Mall
    from 1-4PM.

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