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                                                            EM560 Spec List
Revision Number: V1.0
     Feature &
                                                   Description                                                    Category
                    product title                  EM560                                                          Mandatory
                    target market                  Global,                                                        Mandatory
                    Dimensions:                    Target:51mm×30mm×5mm                                           Mandatory
                    Weight                         <30g                                                          Recommend
                                                   Compliant to PCI-SIG PCI Express Mini Card version
   Module Type      External interface                                                                           Mandatory
                                                   1.2(Support USB 2.0 protocol)
                    Technical Standard             TD/ EDGE                                                      Mandatory
                    Operating Frequency                                                                          Recommend
                                                   GSM/GPRS/EDGE:900/1800 MHz
                                                   TD PS DL:384Kbps(QPSK)
                                                           2.8Mbps(HSDPA category15,16QAM)
                    Data Rate                                                                                    Mandatory
                                                   TD PS UL: 384Kbps
                                                   EDGE: Multi-slot Class 10
                                                   TD 2010-2025MHz:
                    Static receiving sensitivity   EDGE 900 MHz/1800 MHz MHz: Compliant with 3GPP TS             Mandatory
                                                   05.05 (R99)

                                                   TD:+30dBm / ( +1 dB / -3 dB)
                                                     +24dBm / (+1 dB / -3dB)
                                                     +21dbm / ( +2 dB / -2 dB)
                    Max. transmitter power                                                                       Mandatory
                                                     +10dBm / (+4 dB/ -4dB)
                                                   EDGE 900MHz: +27dBm (Power Class E2)
                                                   EDGE 1800MHz/1900MHz: +26dBm (Power Class E2)

                    Maximum power
                                                   Average power consumption <= 2.5W                             Recommend
                    Power supply                   3.3V/1100mA                                                   Recommend
                                                   1, 3.3V Operational:
                                                     1100mA Normal
                                                     2750mA Peak
                                                   2, 3.3V standby
                    Module Peak current                                                                          Recommend
                                                     250 mA Normal (wake enabled)
                                                     5mA Normal (not wake enabled)
                                                   Advice: To provide 2750 mA Peak current, need to develop a
                                                   DC-DC Circuit, and use big volume capacitance.
                                                   support 3GPP 27007 AT commands, and some Huawei
                    AT command Sets                                                                              Mandatory
                                                   defined commands.
                    Chipset                        T3G7210                                                       Mandatory
                                                   support SIM/USIM,standard 6 PIN SIM card interface,support
                    USIM/SIM                                                                                     Mandatory
                                                   3V SIM card and 1.8V SIM card
                    Antenna interface              Use Hirose U.FL-R-SMT connector                               Mandatory
     Hardware                                      Supporting Windows 2000 、Windows XP、Vista and
                    driver                                                                                       Mandatory
                                                   Linux(2.6.18 later)
                    Voice                          Support PCM Voice.                                            Mandatory
                    UART                           Support UART                                                   Optional
                    USB Suspend                    Support USB Suspend.                                          Mandatory
                                                   including HUAWEI EM560 Module Quick Start in the PDF
    Accessories     User manual                                                                                  Mandatory
                                                   format and the Setup program
                    CCC                                                                                          Mandatory
                    Operating Temperature          -20 to 65° C                                                  Mandatory
   Environmental    Storage Temperature            -20 to 70° C                                                  Mandatory
                    Humidity                       5%~ 95%                                                       Mandatory
                                                   Supporting Windows 2000 、Windows XP、Vista and
                    OS Support                     Linux(2.6.18 later)                                           Mandatory

                                                   Phone book capacity: the storage depends on the USIM/SIM
                                                   card’s capacity and PC hard disk.
                                                   Phone book management:name, phone numbers (including
                                                   mobile numbers, home numbers and office numbers), Email
                    Phonebook                      addresses, and remarks.                                       Mandatory
                                                   Sending SMS messages directly from the Phone book.
                                                   Phone book Import/Export:to import/export phone book
                                                   information between the dashboard and a USIM/SIM card or to
                                                   import/ export files of a specified format.

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                                       Supporting SMS based on CS domain of GSM or WCDMA
               SMS service                                                                               Mandatory
                                       Supporting SMS based on PS domain of WCDMA or EGPRS

                                       SMS writing
                                       Sending and receiving SMS
                                       SMS division: if a message to be sent contains characters
                                       more than the allowed maximum English characters which can
   Dashboard                           be included in one message, it will be broken into two or more
                                       messages for sending.
                                       SMS storage: support Outbox/Inbox/Draft box/Trash
               SMS                                                                                       Mandatory
                                       box/Report box/Important box on PC.
                                       SMS sorting: you can sort messages by sender's/receiver's
                                       name, sending/receiving time, phone number, etc.
                                       SMS import: you may import messages from the USIM/SIM
                                       card into the corresponding message boxes of the dashboard.
                                       SMS ring prompt: ring prompt on an incoming message
                                       (Rings can be customized).

               SMS -group send         SMS group transmission:20 phone numbers for each time.            Mandatory
                                       Message can be sent to more than one person at a time i.e
               Send to Many Option                                                                        Optional
                                       maybe only 2 or 5.
                                       Statistics of the flow of a current connection (including time,
                                       sending/receiving flow and rate
               Display(Data service)   Statistics of the today/Current month/current year's flow         Mandatory
                                       (including sending/receiving flow )

               Language                English( can be customized)                                       Recommend

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                            Huawei EM560 Mini PCI Express PIN Define
          Mini PCI
          standard      HUAWEI pin
PIN #    description     description
  1     WAKE#          NC
  2     3.3Vaux        VCC_3V3
  3     COEX1          NC
  4     GND            GND
  5     COEX2          NC
  6     1.5V           NC
  7     CLKREQ#        NC
  8     UIM_PWR        UIM_PWR
  9     GND            GND
 10     UIM_DATA       UIM_DATA
 11     REFCLK-        NC
 12     UIM_CLK        UIM_CLK
 13     REFCLK+        NC
 14     UIM_RESET      UIM_RESET
 15     GND            GND
 16     UIM_Vpp        NC
 17     Reserved       SER_RX_DATA*
 18     GND            GND
 19     Reserved       SER_TX_DATA*
 20     W_DISABLE#     W_DISABLE_N
 21     GND            GND
 22     PERST#         PERST#
 23     PERn0          NC
 24     3.3Vaux        NC
 25     PERp0          NC
 26     GND            GND
 27     GND            GND
 28     1.5V           NC
 29     GND            GND
 30     SMB_CLK        NC
 31     PETn0          NC
 32     SMB_DATA       NC
 33     PETp0          NC
 34     GND            GND
 35     GND            GND
 36     USB_D-         USB_D-
 37     GND            GND
 38     USB_D+         USB_D+
 39     3.3Vaux        VCC_3V3
 40     CPUSB#         NC
   41     3.3Vaux     VCC_3V3
   42     LED_WWAN#   LED_WWAN
   43     GND         GND
   44     LED_WLAN#   NC
   45     Reserved    PCM_CLK
   46     LED_WPAN#   NC
   47     Reserved    PCM_Dout
   48     1.5V        NC
   49     Reserved    PCM_Din
   50     GND         GND
   51     Reserved    PCM_SYNC
   52     3.3Vaux     VCC_3V3

* means optional
Huawei EM560 Mini PCI Express PIN Define

                                Additional Description
               No Connect
                3.3V DC supply rail from the PC side.
               No Connect
               Mini Card ground.
               No Connect
               No Connect
               No Connect
               Power source for external UIM/SIM.
               Mini Card ground.
               External UIM/SIM data signal.
               No Connect
               External UIM/SIM clock signal.
               No Connect
               External UIM/SIM reset signal.
               Mini Card ground.
               No Connect
               UART receive
               Mini Card ground.
               UART transmit
               Used for the wireless communications disable
               Mini Card ground.
               Force a hardware reset on the card.
               No Connect
               No Connect
               No Connect
               Mini Card ground.
               Mini Card ground.
               No Connect
               Mini Card ground.
               No Connect
               No Connect
               No Connect
               No Connect
               Mini Card ground.
               Mini Card ground.
               USB signal D-.
               USB signal D+.
               3.3V DC supply rail from the PC side.
               No Connect
3.3V DC supply rail from the PC side.
Active-low LED signal for indicating the state of the card.
No Connect.
PCM vioce clock
No Connect.
PCM voice data output
No Connect
PCM voice data input
Mini Card Ground
PCM voice sync
  3.3V DC supply rail from the PC side.

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