A Perfect Crime

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					                                   The Perfect Crime

Year 1960,
He was a student of ‘Material Science Engineering’ at MIT, America …
Year 1965,
He was working as a senior Atomic Scientist in the ‘NATIONAL NUCLEAR RESEARCH CENTRE, HOLLAND’…
Year 1970,
He was shocked to know that his enemy country was preparing to test the nuclear bombs against his
beloved homeland…
Year 1971,
He decided to leave Holland to return to his own country on the call of his fellow countrymen to offer
his services for the survival of his nation and his homeland…

And when he made his mind to serve his country with his extreme intelligence and superb skills, he
suddenly realized that the Holland Security Agency would never allow him to leave the country as he
was working in the most advance Nuclear Facility of Holland where the Nuclear Fission reactions were
being carried out secretly under his supervision. Apart from that he was in several agreements with the
federal government that restricted him to stay in the country for his entire life.

His passport was in custody of the government and his name was included in the ‘Exit Control List’. It
meant that he would never be able to cross the border through the public airliners. So he mapped a
whole new stunning plan that was one of its own kind – A plan that failed every strategy of the Holland
Security Services and shook the entire world.

He contacted one of his friend back his country and asked him to do the job for him. His friend, acting
upon his cutting edge plan started a fake import/export business in Holland. He carried out the business
for some months before he could strike … and it worked well.

Now the only thing required for the scientist was to get some valuable secrets for manufacturing of the
fission reactor … and the only way to get them was to STEAL THEM!!

 August 23rd, 2011
It seemed like a usual day in the routines of all other scientists working in the Nuclear Center but for
him, it was a very special day. He had to act perfectly upon his well crafted plan. And he did so too.

He was cunning enough to deceive all the security checks in the Center and at last stole the blueprints of
the Atomic Reactors along with the critical components that were essential for the fission process. Now
he had to act quick and reach his friend, ”Saith Aabid” ,along the stolen treasure, who was waiting for
his arrival on the specified spot.
He reached the spot covertly and hid himself well in a small size container that was supposed to carry
trade goods. He was supplied with the oxygen cylinder within the container so that he could survive the
long air trip that was going to start in some moments in the name of import/export.
The plan initiated its flight ... and because it was a cargo plan that was only meant for the trade
purposes therefore no one really bothered to check the plane closely.

He already knew that he was being closely spied by the intelligence agencies and he would be tracked
down soon … and then it did happen, he was tracked!

The security came to know that the scientist was going to flea on the plan. But it was too late … the
plane was out of the reach of the radar now. And the scientist had stolen the formula for the survival of
his country.

That scientist was “Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan” and his beloved country was “Pakistan”.

To some … it was a perfect crime
To some … it was a perfect patriotic act

To some … He was a Perfect criminal
To some … He was a national Hero


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