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202 Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur Online
It is not a surprise that a lot of people think about possessing their own online business to
become a successful entrepreneur. Even if you have already launched a web project, just be
sure that it is very important to manage it properly. In this e-book I would like to give you 202
tips for an upcoming entrepreneur. It is very important to take into consideration all these
recommendations to avoid various difficulties in the future. Hope that my instructions will be
helpful both for beginning and experienced online entrepreneurs! So, let’s start!

                                        successful entrepreneur

1. Have a dream. As a rule, everything begins with a dream. Then the next task of an
entrepreneur is to turn a dream into reality. A common mistake of many beginning
entrepreneurs is that they often even don’t try to realize their dreams. So, just try to launch
your business. Who knows may be it will become your first step on the way to success. Don’t
lose your chance then!

2. Have a business idea. If you feel that you have many brilliant business ideas, be sure that
there is not a moment to be lost. Just stop hesitating and go ahead! Remember, you business
idea has to be unique and innovative.

3. Create a business plan. An online entrepreneur is recommended to perform the detailed
marketing research before to launch any business. Don’t hurry up! Study your market
properly in advance. Try to understand your potential buyers and their needs. Estimate the
level of competition that takes place in your business.

4. Product quality and customer service. These two important parameters should play a key
role in your online business. Remember, your customers will agree to pay even more if you
provide them with premium quality of products and great customer service.

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5. Hard work. Even if you have a brilliant business idea, be sure that your project will never
be effective unless you work hard. Do the best to promote your online business and develop a
brand name effectively. If you are an industrious entrepreneur, who likes his business, be sure
that all your efforts will definitely be crowned with success.

6. Be up-to-date! If you wish to succeed in your online business and leave all major
competitors behind the scene – always go ahead! Improve your entrepreneur’s skills and
implement the most innovative solutions into your business! Make your online business as
competitive as possible!

7. Hobby is not a business! If you are going to become a successful entrepreneur you should
know the difference between hobby and business. If your web project is just a hobby for you
it will bring just a pleasure. However, if your website is online business it has to provide you
with a good income.

8. Responsibility! When working for somebody your responsibility is restricted. But
everything will change when you start online business and become an entrepreneur! Get ready
to take additional responsibility for employees, business development and marketing
strategies. Business is a freedom and flexibility. However, it is additional responsibility as

9. Don’t stay at the same place! If you manage to achieve some results in your business –
don’t stop! Try to make your business more competitive by realizing new ideas! Make
experiments and strengthen your business positions regularly!

10. Never give up! Of course, you will have certain difficulties in your online business. But
don’t get into despair. Analyze your mistakes, make the correct conclusions and change your
business development strategy. Acting in such a way, you will manage to achieve your goals!

11. Be patient! Such entrepreneur’s quality as patience is highly appreciated! It may take
some time before you master an art of doing online business. So, just be patient and you will
see that results will not keep you waiting for a long time.

12. Search engine marketing. Search engines are the main source of targeted traffic.
According to independent internet marketing researches, more than 70% of targeted audience
comes to a website from search engines. There are two ways to get traffic from search
engines: search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

13. Search engine optimization. The process of website’s optimization includes the
following stages: keyword research, onsite optimization and link development.

14. Keyword analysis. The procedure of keyword research plays a key role in a search engine
marketing strategy. When performing analysis of keywords it is important to take into
consideration the specificity of website and the level of competition. When your list of
keywords is ready it is time to start the process of onsite optimization.

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15. Onsite optimization. The process of internal website optimization includes the following:
the work with Meta tags, building an internal link structure, html code validity checking and
writing keyword rich texts for web pages.

16. Meta tags. The work with website’s Meta tags is very essential for SEO purposes.
Descriptions of Meta tags should be created correctly and include the necessary keywords.
Special attention should be paid to such Meta tags as Title, Keywords and Description. The
length of Title should be 50-80 symbols, the length of Keyword should be up to 250 symbols
and the length of Description should be about 150-200 symbols. Try to put the most
perspective key phrases at the beginning of Meta tag’s text.

17. Internal link structure. When building internal link structure it is very important to
insert key phrases into anchor text. Remember, each web page has to be available within 2

18. Html code errors. It should be noted that errors in html and programming codes may
have a negative impact on search engine rankings of a website. So, it is better to find and
correct them as quick as possible.

19. Writing website content. Keyword rich texts and articles placed on web pages of your
website may help your online recourse more relevant to its main topic. This will definitely
result in getting additional targeted traffic from search engines. The length of texts should be
between 300 and 500 words. The most optimal keywords density should be about 3-5% for
phrases and up to 6% for separate words.

20. The number of keywords. It is impossible to optimize a website for all keywords and
key phrases. Thus, choose the most perspective 10 keywords for beginning and when your
website gets in top for them in search engines this list can be expanded.

21. Local requests. When performing onsite optimization for websites it makes sense to
specify all the names of cities, countries and states related to your business. So, for example,
you are not ranked in top 10 for "web hosting services" phrase you may get top positions for
"web hosting services NY" or "US web hosting services" keywords. Thus, don’t forget about
using locations.

22. Pay-per-Click advertising. There are highly competitive keywords for which it is
difficult to get top website rankings quickly. The process of search engine optimization for
these phrases may take several years. Also, SEO services are an expensive solution. However,
PPC advertisement solutions like Google AdWords and others can be always considered as a
good and cost-effective alternative.

23. Offsite optimization. This process of offsite optimization implies increasing link
popularity of a website. There are two main types of incoming links – one way and reciprocal
links. Of course, it is better to get one way incoming links for a website.

24. Link development techniques. Selecting among the most popular and effective link
building methods a special attention should be paid to the following: article, press release and

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
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web link directory submission, link submission to social bookmarking sites, social media,
social networks, forum posting, commenting blog posts and reciprocal link exchange.

25. Article marketing. Write an interesting article related to the specificity of your website,
rewrite it a little and submit to numerous article directories. For better SEO effect, it is
recommended to focus an article on potentially profitable keywords and provide an incoming
link to a website in the Recourse box section.

26. Article directories. Some article directories allow authors to provide incoming links to
websites in article body. Don’t lose this splendid opportunity! When selecting article
directories online entrepreneurs should make sure that these sites are indexed by major search
engines. Also, put a key phrase into incoming link text.

27. Press release submission. Write an interesting press-release connected with your online
business and distribute it among numerous press-release directories. Acting in such a way,
you will manage to get incoming links and targeted traffic for a website.

28. One-way web link directories. There are thousands of web link directories available
today. They can be perfectly used by online entrepreneurs to increase link popularity for an
online recourse. Just submit your website to numerous directories and receive high quality
back links in the end. Provide keywords in website title and description fields.

29. Social bookmarking sites. Submit links of your web pages to numerous social
bookmarking sites. Thus, you will manage to speed up the procedure of indexation and get a
lot of incoming links for a website.

30. Social media. Launch an online blog and provide users with interesting, informative and
SEO-friendly content. Online blog is an ideal way to interact with public. So, provide your
potential clients with valuable tips, keep them updated with the latest news, etc.

31. Social networks. Popular social networks may provide your website with additional
incoming links and become a powerful source of traffic. Develop your online community by
adding friends to a profile, participating in various groups, etc.

32. Forum posting. You can increase link popularity of a website by participating in
interesting forum discussions. Members of some online communities are allowed to add link
in the signature of a profile. You can also insert a link to your website within a forum post
when giving helpful recommendations to users. Also, it is a good idea to insert key phrases
into incoming link text. Choose interesting and topic-related threads which are relevant to
your online recourse.

33. Commenting blog posts. High quality incoming links to a website and targeted traffic
can be obtained from commenting posts of popular blogs. Select interesting posts which are
actively discussed by users and leave valuable comments on it. Don’t insert keywords into
Name field! As a rule, such comments are usually considered as spam and deleted by
moderators of a blog. Provide users of your blog with valuable information only – helpful tips
and recommendations.

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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34. Reciprocal link exchange. Link popularity of a website can be increased by the help of
mutually beneficial reciprocal link exchange. So, if you see topic related online resource with
high Google PR and good SEO parameters it makes sense to offer its owner reciprocal link
exchange. However, doing reciprocal link exchange you will give the part of your website’s
popularity to other online recourses.

35. Keywords in title. Keywords and key phrases provided in title of website play a key role
in the process of search engine optimization. The point is that title is displayed in search
engine request. It is the first thing that people pay attention to. Reading the text provided in
the title of a website people should clearly understand what a website is about. The text in title
should stimulate users to click on a website.

36. Keywords in URL. This important factor has a positive impact on search engine rankings
of a website. However, keywords shouldn’t be contained in URL only. These keywords
should be repeated in the text of web page as well.

37. Keywords in headings. It is another important factor for SEO. The usage of keywords
and key phrases in H1 – H3 headings is recommended by all major search engines. However,
in addition to headings, keywords should be also provided in the text of a web page.

38. Keywords at the beginning of webpage. These keywords are suggested to be less
important comparing with keywords provided in headings and titles. However, it doesn’t
mean that your keyword should be placed first in text of a webpage. It is quite enough to put it
at the beginning.

39. Keywords in <Alt> Tag. Search engines don’t recognize the text written on website
images. But they definitely take into consideration keywords provided in descriptions of
<Alt> Tag. So, simply use images to increase keyword density of a web page.

40. Keywords in Meta Tags. They have almost no positive impact on search engine
rankings of a website. Keywords provided in Meta Tags are helpless for Google, but Bing and
Yahoo take into account these keywords.

41. Quantity of referring websites. A rule is quite simple indeed. The more online recourse
refers to your website – the better. So, the task for online entrepreneur is to get incoming links
to a website from numerous online recourses.

42. Quality of referring websites. The algorithms of search engines take into consideration
the text on incoming links and quality of referring websites. The higher quality of a referring
online recourse is – the higher value of its incoming link for search engines is.

43. Links from topic-related sites. Incoming links provided to your website from topic-
related online resources may serve as a good indicator of high quality. Be sure that search
engines will value such links very much!

44. Links from .edu and .gov websites. As it is known, only special organizations are
allowed to register domains with such extensions. That’s why incoming links provided by
such websites are more valuable for search engines comparing with incoming links from .biz,
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.net, .info and .com websites. However, it is very difficult to get an incoming link from such
online resources.

45. The number of incoming links. The more incoming links your website has – the better!
But special attention should be paid to incoming link text and the quality of referring sites.
Sometimes 10 incoming links from high quality topic related online resource provide better
effect than 1000 incoming links from randomly chosen websites.

46. Text surrounding an incoming link. Words surrounding your incoming link are also
very important for search engine optimization of a website. This text helps search engines to
make a conclusion on relevance of website’s back links. Also, some search engine bots
analyze this text to distinguish natural incoming links from purchased ones. It should be noted
that 2-3 words before and after incoming links are suggested to be the most important for
search engines.

47. The age of incoming links. The older incoming link is – the better! Also, search engines
treat suspiciously to a quick increase of incoming links to a website. This factor may signalize
either about purchase of links or spam.

48. Affiliate programs. If you are an online entrepreneur doing your own online business you
can benefit significantly from launching an affiliate program. At first, you pay for generated
sales only. At second, you have an opportunity to obtain high quality incoming links from
topic-related sites for free. If you are an owner of popular web resources it is also possible for
you to benefit from affiliate programs. Just chose online businesses related to your website
and start getting additional income!

49. Mutually beneficial partnership. It makes sense to establish mutually beneficial
partnership with similar businesses. If, for example, your company offers domain name
registration services you can establish mutually beneficial partnership with a web hosting
provider. So, you can benefit from reselling somebody’s hosting services and your partners
can benefit from reselling your domains. Everything sounds perfectly! Doesn’t it?

50. Domain name selection. Any online business starts with process of choosing a domain
name. Do the best to select a domain containing profitable keywords or key phrases.
Remember that registering or purchasing a domain with the certain number of incoming links
and good history online entrepreneurs can simplify the process of search engine optimization

51. Google Ad Sense is an additional source of income. Unfortunately, many online
entrepreneurs neglect such a great solution as Google Ad Sense. As a result, they begin to lose
their money from the very beginning. Despite the fact Google Ad Sense earnings may seem to
be minimal this money is often enough to pay hosting expenses of a website. So, if a blog is
just a hobby for you – feel free to implement Google Ad Sense and get free hosting right now.

52. Always be creative! The common mistake of many online entrepreneurs and internet
marketers is that they know only two types of online advertisement – free and paid online
product promotion. Free online advertising implies the following: links exchange, article
marketing, forum posting etc. While paid advertising includes purchasing links and banner
Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
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advertising. Don’t restrict yourself with standard marketing techniques. Be creative! Create a
popular blog and forum for your existing website or launch an affiliate program. Launch
email marketing campaign, create mobile version of a website or try something new. Do the
best to realize innovative business ideas and stay ahead of your competitors!

53. Expand your product range! Wide product selection is a key factor that makes any
online business more competitive. So, by expanding your assortment you will manage to
increase your revenue in times. So, if, for example, you company offers website development
services than your clients may be also interested in PPC campaign management, SEO and
internet marketing services, domain registration or web hosting solutions. Make use of this
fact and begin to earn even more. Remember, the wider range of your products is – the better!
So, do the best to offer as many products as possible.

54. Invest money in your business. Many online entrepreneurs are afraid of investing money
in their business. As a rule, this slows down the process of launching a new business
significantly. If you feel that your business idea works effectively and all your investments
will be crowned with success – invest in your business right now!

55. Be the first means to be a winner. This rule works perfectly in online business as well.
As it is known, pioneers and innovators are provided with significant advantages in online
business. It is especially important to be the first in online business when it comes to such
things as website promotion and brand development. So, do the best to be the first in your
business and make it more competitive!

56. Customer reviews. When buying products many online shoppers prefer to check
company’s reviews in advance. It is very important to get respect of customers from the very
beginning. So, do the best to obtain positive reviews of clients and establish a stable brand
reputation at the market. Customer satisfaction is a key to success of any online entrepreneur!

57. Website usability. Your website has to impress its visitors with comfortable graphical
design, proper functioning and an easy-to-use structure. Your professional attitude to online
business and potential customers has to be obvious everywhere!

58. Work report. It is a good idea to provide clients with the detailed report on work
performed. Clients always like to see what they are paying for. If entrepreneurs can prove that
their services or products are really effective they will easily get customer’s satisfaction!

59. Brand development. It may take years for an online entrepreneur to create a well-
recognized brand for an online business. But once your brand becomes popular at the market
it will begin to work for your business.

60. Customer support! Fast operating and highly effective customer support may play a
crucial role in your online business. Remember that support system of a serious online
business is available 24/7. All questions and issues of clients must be resolved immediately!
Show your clients that you are always at their disposal and you will be rewarded for this!

61. WWW or without WWW. An online entrepreneur should understand that
www.yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com are different websites. So, once you launch a
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website it is better to wait some time and see, which of these websites is indexed by Google.
Afterwards, select the main website and perform 301 redirect. Build incoming links for the
main website only!

62. Regular competitor research. Each online entrepreneur has to perform the detailed
analysis of competitors on a regular basis. Study their products or service packages, pricing
policy, keywords and website promotion methods. This activity will significantly help online
entrepreneurs save time on marketing their online businesses.

63. Natural website promotion. Try to make your online advertising strategy as natural as
possible. When, for example, it comes to link building, develop your links in a natural way.
So, from time to time provide incoming links with anchor texts like "Click here!" or "this" to
your website. If, for example, you have found forum posts where interesting online resources
are discussed – don’t hurry up and don’t make a post with your link after registration. Wait a
few days or a week and make at least 10-20 posts participating in other discussions. The
efficiency of this work will be much higher!

64. Search engines change their algorithms! It should be noted that the algorithms of all
popular search engines are regularly updated. Online entrepreneurs should take into account
this fact. So, if some internet marketing method works perfectly today it may stop working in
the future. Thus, the next entrepreneur training tip is to use different website promotion

65. Do you work regularly! Many upcoming online entrepreneurs make the same mistake in
their practice. They work from time to time and sometimes even forget about their web
projects! I would like to say that it is better to build 10-20 incoming links per week and
perform the work regularly. This works looks naturally. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs
select the wrong strategy. They build 1000 incoming links during a month and then forget
about a web project for a long time! Remember, it is not an attitude to business!

66. Show the activity! This question especially concerns the owners of online blogs and
discussion forums. When new visitors come to your website and see no activity most likely
they will leave such an online recourse in a few seconds.

67. Negative results are also achievements! To err is human, but many online entrepreneurs
get into despair after failing their first web projects. Most mistakes made by entrepreneurs can
be explained by the lack of experience. All entrepreneurs make mistakes in their online
businesses. But the main benefit of these mistakes is practice. Just analyze your mistakes
properly, learn a lesson and make the correct conclusions. Acting in such a way, you will
manage to avoid the same mistakes in the future!

68. Stop in time! Sometimes it is very important for an online entrepreneur to stop in time. If
you work hard and your online business doesn’t bring desirable results it is better to stop! Try
to change your business strategy in the right way! If your new business plan doesn’t work as
well it makes sense to stop and try to realize a new idea!

69. Communication with successful entrepreneurs! For beginners it is very important to
talk with online entrepreneurs, who have already managed to achieve success in their business
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fields. Each such conversation is a good chance to obtain valuable entrepreneur training tips
and recommendations! Don’t lose this chance!

70. Develop your business skills. Knowledge is a power! So, the importance of self-
education is obvious for entrepreneurs. Remember that it necessary to develop your skills
regularly to be a successful entrepreneur!

71. Nothing exists forever! This statement is true for online business as well. In these
regards, I would advise to develop and improve business regularly. Track the latest tendencies
and innovations to realize new business ideas effectively!

72. Content writing skills! Content writing skills are a big plus of an online entrepreneur! By
writing interesting and informative articles and posting them on popular websites you will
manage to get a lot of incoming links and high amounts of targeted traffic to a website.

73. Interesting website content! This recommendation is especially typical for blog owners.
The easiest way to promote a blog is to provide website users with interesting and valuable
content. If visitors find your blog interesting they will add its web pages to social bookmarks,
share your website URLs at various forums, etc.

74. High amounts of targeted traffic! Even if your website is informational there are a lot of
effective methods to monetize traffic. Moreover, such engines like Alexa analyze website
traffic and take it into account in their ranking algorithms.

75. Money loves money. As practice shows, after earning their first capital many successful
entrepreneurs find a way to invest them in other businesses. So, at the beginning you work to
earn a lot of money. Afterwards, money begins to work for you!

76. Website monetization. It often happens when a website that was just a hobby turns into a
popular online recourse. It is a good chance for a blog owner to become an online
entrepreneur. There are the following website monetization techniques: Google Ad Sense,
affiliate links and banners and selling online Ads space!

77. Free website promotion is still alive! Online entrepreneurs, who possess strong
knowledge in website optimization and link development, can easily promote their websites
for free!

78. Discount coupons and promo codes! Before purchasing any products customers prefer
to spend some time to find a valid a discount coupon. So, it makes sense to provide potential
clients with discount coupons and promo codes. Information on great deals is usually quickly
spread in the Internet. So, get additional clients and increase your sales volumes significantly.

79. Temporary specials. The practice shows that temporary specials always work effectively.
Thus, it makes sense to provide clients with an opportunity to buy a discounted product within
a limited period of time. This proven marketing technique works perfectly during seasonal

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80. Money back guarantee. Most online entrepreneurs provide potential clients with money
back guarantee. So, if for some reasons customers are not satisfied with your service they can
get their money back within a certain period of time. This online marketing technique is
proved to be very cost-effective!

81. Never steal website content! Republishing website content without providing a link of an
original source of information is forbidden according to the algorithms of search engines.

82. Fresh content is a plus! Search engines like websites, which are frequently updated with
unique content of high quality. Thus, write interesting keyword rich articles and post them
regularly on your website!

83. Implement 360 degree online product presentation. For online entrepreneurs
possessing ecommerce websites it always makes sense to implement 360 degree presentation
of offered products. Especially when it comes to newly released products. Online users like to
interact with 3D models of a website and usually spend more time on a website! They will use
any splendid opportunity to touch, rotate or view products with a pleasure.

84. Keywords for online shopping websites! Let’s suggest that you are an online
entrepreneur possessing an online store specializing in sewing machines. In addition to
general list of keywords and key phrases (like "sewing machines", "industrial sewing
machines", "sewing equipment", "domestic sewing machines ", etc.) it is also expedient to
optimize a website on the names of product models and brands. So, it makes sense to expand
the list of keywords with such key phrases as "Janome 7524e", "sewing machines Janome"
and so on! The names of brands and product models should be also taken into consideration
when creating a keyword list.

85. Study your targeted audience! Perform the detailed research of your targeted audience.
Try to understand, which websites your potential clients visit, etc. Suggest that you are a
consumer of products offered by your own online business. What company would you like to
deal with? What products would you agree to purchase? What online resources do you visit?
Answering such questions you will manage to realize needs and requirements of your
potential clients.

86. Images on your websites. Don’t forget about using images on web pages of your website.
When users come to a website they often ignore reading the text. The main task of an online
entrepreneur is to inform users how they can benefit from a website. Images are suggested to
be an effective way to attract attention of website visitors. Select only informative images,
which clearly explain the specificity of your online resource.

87. Implement polls into websites. By implementing online polls you will manage to
perform important marketing researches. Ask your visitors such questions: How they find
your website? What are their opinions about your online business? What things do they find
the most attractive? This work helps online entrepreneurs understand targeted audience

88. Permanent traffic! It should be noted that such marketing techniques as forum posting,
article writing and submission provide a temporary increase of traffic only. Permanent
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targeted traffic is usually generated by popular search engines! So, consider these techniques
as effective link building methods rather than a source of permanent traffic to a website.

89. DMOZ directory. Do the best to submit your website to DMOZ directory. Inclusion of
your website in DMOZ will have a positive influence on search engine rankings of your
website in Google. Remember that only high quality websites are accepted in DMOZ!

90. How to be included in DMOZ? It may take a lot of time before editors decide to include
your online resource in DMOZ directory. So, there is only one recommendation for online
entrepreneurs – just submit and wait. DMOZ editors don’t notify website owners about
declining and deleting their online resources. No notification email is sent!

91. Numerous domains for the same website. If you have a popular website that has become
a well-recognized brand at the market your competitors may decide to benefit from it! So, it is
better to protect your brand by registering domains with other extensions. Thus, purchase
yourwebsite.com, yourwebsite.net, yourwebsite.info and other domains for your online

92. Buy reliable hosting service only! If you are planning to do online business seriously it
is better to deal with reliable hosting providers. Server downtimes may cause a serious
business to your online business. That’s why it always makes sense to pay a few extra dollars
per month, but to have a website hosted by real professionals! Select one of the best hosting
providers available at the market!

93. Where to purchase existing domains? The internet actively develops today. So, some
online entrepreneurs may find it difficult to register a good domain name now. For those
people, who are looking for the best domains, it is better to visit special webmaster forums or
popular domain marketplace. Almost each domain registration company has its own domain
marketplace! There are a lot of good domain names are usually available on sale!

94. Free domain names for life! Some hosting providers offer their customers free domains
for life in their web hosting packages. As a rule, clients are not provided with access details to
their domain names. They have to contact customer support team each time when it is
required to perform necessary updates. Therefore, it is better to keep domains separately from

95. Don’t deceive your clients! As an online entrepreneur myself I have often watched the
situation when companies deceive their clients. For example, there are a lot of hosting
providers, which offer unlimited disc space or 350 GB at $5 per month rate. It is just a clever
marketing trick to attract attention of dummies. Once customers realize this they will begin to
leave negative reviews on your online business. Deceiving clients in such a way entrepreneurs
can seriously undermine the reputation of their companies.

96. Make friendly blog posts! If you occasionally find a popular blog related to your online
business – get in touch with its owner. Ask a blog owner allow you to make an interesting
post that corresponds to website topic completely. Most blog owners would allow you to do
this with a big pleasure, never underestimate the power of blog traffic. Finally, provide an

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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incoming link to your website within a resource box. It is a good way to receive high quality
incoming links and targeted traffic to a website.

97. Cross link exchange! It is a very effective link building technique. So, just create an
additional informational website for link exchange purposes. Acting in such a way you will
manage to get a lot of one way incoming links to the main website.

98. Remind customers about yourself. Some successful entrepreneurs ask their clients to
provide them with email addresses. Then, it is expedient to send potential customers emails
about special offers, seasonal sales, company’s news, etc. By doing this you may have a
significant increase of sales.

99. Order form. When your customers buy the certain products you can also offer them
additional items in an order form. For example, when registering a domain with Go Daddy
clients are also offered WhoIs guard protection, SSL certificates and web hosting services.
Follow the same strategy!

100. Be your own boss! Have you got tired with work for somebody? It is the right time to
become an online entrepreneur and be your own boss! If you offer services for online
businesses – do the best to promote yourself! Register at popular webmaster forums and job
marketplaces to post advertisement about your services. Remember that successful online
entrepreneurs get a freedom, high earnings, flexible schedule and many other advantages!

101 Tips left to Become a Successful Entrepreneur Online

101. Job marketplaces. Popular job marketplaces are an ideal place for an employer and
employee to meet each other. Here, you can sell or buy SEO and internet marketing, web
design, content writing, html or PHP programming services. Many registered users of popular
job marketplaces have already become successful entrepreneurs. The secret is quite simple!
Don’t violate website’s rules and provide high quality work. The main task of an entrepreneur
is to leave customers completely satisfied with work and get positive feedbacks!

102. Build incoming links manually. It should be pointed out that high quality web link
directories are regularly moderated and well-protected from spam and automatic link
submission. So, automatic link submission is not effective today. Also, when building links
manually you have an opportunity to change titles and descriptions of a website.

103. Promote your affiliate program. The best way to advertise an affiliate program is to
search for popular topic-related blogs and send their owners an email proposing mutually
beneficial partnership. Also, PPC solutions are an effective method of advertising affiliate
program. As a result of such promotion, online entrepreneurs receive additional back links,
topic-related traffic and sales in their online businesses.

104. Offer free services to get high quality links! Let’s suggest that you are an online
entrepreneur offering SEO and internet marketing services. Send the owners of topic-related
websites a business proposal. For example, offer website owners monthly link submission up

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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to 50 web directories for FREE. In return, ask a blog owner to place your link or banner at
website homepage. Most online entrepreneurs are usually interested in getting FREE service.

105. Ask your clients to provide a link to a website. If you offer web development or
internet marketing services to online businesses it is a good chance to get incoming links. Ask
your clients to place a link to your website at the bottom of their homepages. Write something
like     "developed by – your company name" or "promoted by – your company name" in the
text of your incoming link. Such links are highly valued by search engines.

106. Earn more from Ad Sense. There are the following recommendations on how to
increase Ad Sense cost-per-click: create more web pages, generate more targeted traffic to a
website, get more back links, increase Page Rank and select highly competitive topic for a

107. Increase PR. Page Rank is identifier of your website’s link popularity. This parameter
mainly depends on such factors as the number of incoming links to a website, the quality of
referring sites and the number of outgoing links from a website.

108. Targeted email marketing. The database of targeted email addresses can become a
powerful marketing solution. Thus, send business proposals to people, who might be
interested in your products or services.

109. Advertising emails. The title of advertising email should be short and informative at the
same time. Write a title that can raise an interest of an email receiver. The text of email body
should contain no more than 2-5 lines. Provide readers with the most important information
only. Concentrate attention of readers on the benefits they can gain. Use bold font to show the
most important parts of your email body.

110. Types of websites. There are two main types of website – commercial sites and
informational online resources.

111. Commercial sites. Commercial sites are considered to be various online stores and
websites offering products or services. Websites providing information on offline stores can
be also included in this list. The text of commercial sites should be written in advertising
style. Special attention should be paid to competitive advantages of products.

112. Informative online resources. As a rule, such web projects are blogs. Their main intent
is to provide readers with interesting and valuable information. It is a good idea to provide
blog users with informative articles containing helpful tips and recommendations.

114. Don’t use Google Ad Sense on commercial sites. Some beginning online entrepreneurs
may a big mistake – implement Ad Sense blocks on their commercial websites. Acting in
such a way they promote websites of competitors and lose a significant part of their online

115. Flash product presentation. Flash presentation of products and services makes
competitive advantages more obvious for each a potential client. But the problem is that it is
more difficult to perform search engine optimization for flash websites. A good solution for
Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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flash website is to create an online blog, fill it with interesting and SEO friendly content and
promote in web successfully!

116. Affiliate networks. Such websites contain various affiliate programs sorted by different
categories. Online recourse owners pay commissions for sales generated to their businesses.
Advertisers are provided with an opportunity to monetize their web resources. Affiliate
networks are considered to be a treasure for online entrepreneurs. NeverBlue is a good
example of affiliate networks.

117. High quality – affordable prices. These words should be the main motto of successful
online entrepreneurs. Such parameters as product quality and price play a key role in
customer’s decision to make an order.

118. Free link submission. A lot of web link directories propose webmasters to submit a link
for free. However, free link submission has its own disadvantages. The moderation of free
links takes much more time comparing with paid links and link inclusion is not guaranteed.
Free links are often provided with no-follow attribute. Also, free web link directories don’t
exist for a long time. They either become paid or closed!

119. Paid link submission. Submission of a website to paid web link directories is definitely
more effective process. Link inclusion is guaranteed, link is do-follow and such incoming
links are provided for ever or limited to a year. We should emphasize the fact that that the
owners of paid directories get a regular revenue. So, they will hardly be interested in closing
their websites.

120. Domain age! The age of domain is taken into account by algorithms of many search
engines. A rule is quite simple, the older domain is – the better!

121. Build links for homepage URL. When developing incoming links for a website it is
better to specify homepage URL. So, if you decide to redesign website structure you may lose
a lot of links incoming to website’s pages.

122. Believe in your success! Statistics shows that successful entrepreneurs are people, who
always believe in success of their online businesses and never give up!

123. Monitor your website statistics! You will manage to research your online business
properly by performing the detailed analysis of website statistics. What internet marketing
methods work effectively for you? What keywords and referring sites generate targeted
traffic? Answer all these questions regularly!

124. SEO tools. Experienced online marketers and entrepreneurs actively apply highly
effective SEO programs in their online businesses. When selecting among internet marketing
solutions pay a special attention to the following SEO tools: position checking tool, keyword
analysis tool, competitor research tool, broken link checker, link popularity tool, html code
validity checker, server uptime software, webpage load time analyzer, browser compatibility

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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125. Get web development experience. It will be great if you learn web design, HTML
coding and PHP programming at least a little. Later on when you give the task for the
designer, HTML coder and a programmer you will know for sure what you can really demand
from them.

126. Experimental web projects. Create a web project you can make experiments at. It can
be either an informational blog or online recourse with affiliate programs.

127. Broken links. Do the best to avoid any broken links on your websites. They have a
negative impact on search engine rankings of a website and annoy users.

128. Forget that "this is not my job" phrase really exists. Forget about it at least for a
while. And if you have an important task that you consider is not your job, you must do it as
well. Otherwise, you may lose additional income and will not receive the necessary
experience. You do remember that the main task of online entrepreneur is to earn money!

129. Forum as marketing channel. Topic-related forum usually attracts the most active
representatives of targeted audience, those people who are really interested in topic
discussion. These people are very often experts and leaders of public opinions. Therefore
influence on this audience is accompanied by viral marketing effect when active participants
inspired with the idea begin to develop and spread it. However, it's critical to take situation
under control.

130. Html code errors. It is important to check a website for various html code errors and fix
them as soon as possible. Remember that html errors have a negative impact on website’s
functionality and search engine rankings.

131. Webpage load time. For online entrepreneurs it is very important to know how much
time it takes for users to open website pages. If new users come to your website and can’t
open a webpage within 10 seconds most likely that they will leave it. Most people don’t like
to wait for a long time and prefer to visit another website. Similar issues have to be fixed

132. Attract interest of forum members. It's very important to choose properly the title of
the topic that visitors are going to discuss. The number of views depends directly on the title.
The title must be meaningful and cause some certain emotions. Besides, forum visitors must
understand what this topic will be about. The number of replies also matters. Hot discussion
always attracts attention. The topic must develop gradually. Arguments should be introduced
one by one in order to keep visitors constantly interested. Topics and ideas offered to forum
participants for discussion must be interesting themselves. You can either create a new topic
on the forum or just join the one already existing.

133. Server uptime statistics. Online entrepreneurs have to know how much time their
websites are down. If website uptime is less than 90% it makes sense to think about
transferring a website to another hosting provider.

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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134. Easy-to-read website content. Make your content readable. Internet users do not like to
read online. Numerous researchers have shown that only 28% of all users read articles
thoroughly. The others simply look them through.

135. Domain transfers. Transferring domain names between registrars an online
entrepreneur takes a risk to lose a domain name. Do the best to avoid domain transfers. That’s
why it is important to register domains at reliable companies from the very beginning.

136. Check back links of websites. The number of incoming links of a website may differ.
So, it is recommended to control situation with back links on a regular basis. If this number
decreases it is better to continue the work on increasing link popularity of a website.

137. Put the most important text on the left side of a web page. People of our culture read
left to right. Therefore it would be expedient to put the most valuable information on the left
side of a web page. However, there are websites intended for other cultures, where people
read right to left. Everything is vice versa on such websites.

138. Offer different payment options. This advice is intended for online entrepreneurs
offering products and services at a website. Most likely that some potential clients will find it
convenient to pay for your services via Pay Pal. Others may give a preference to pay using a
credit card. Providing customers with a wide selection of payment methods an online
entrepreneur can increase chances of a purchase significantly.

139. Let your clients save on bulk orders. If, for example, your service costs $6 per month it
makes sense to offer an annual subscription at discounted price - $60. Thus, your clients will
have a chance to save $10. Remember, people always enjoy buying cheaper products.

140. Small details are extremely important. Very often we think about global matters and
forget about minor points completely. We think what image or font to choose and may forget
about "Buy" button or something like that. The absence of one detail may ruin the whole
project – a link leading to a blank web page, for instance. Don't forget about minor points.
Use A/B tests and check your hypotheses. And only then your website will become
convenient for users.

141. Provide customers with different discounts. If you are going to issue discounts for
your services, my advice is to offer them in a wide variety. For example, issue specials
providing clients with several months of using service for free. Provide one time discounts of
5% or 10$ on each sale. Remember, discounts are the best way to stimulate clients to
purchase your products.

142. Search can’t replace navigation of website. Users usually rely on simple website
navigation. In one way or another, users click navigation links first. Only 30% of all users
apply website search. Research have shown that users decide to use website search in case if
they didn't manage to find the information on the web page where they hoped it would be. But
if users do not know where to go, they leave the website. Therefore you shouldn't rely on
website search. Provide simple and convenient website navigation instead.

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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143. High amounts of traffic don’t mean a lot of sales. Not all users of a website are
converted into sales. Of course a high amount of traffic is a big plus, but it is better to have
targeted traffic. It may be easy to attract traffic to a website. However, the main task of an
online entrepreneur remains to be the same. It is to attract targeted traffic to a website and
monetize it effectively!

144. Your home page is not as important as you think. The importance of a home page
reduces gradually. Earlier 80% of all search engine inquiries lead to the home page of a
website. Nevertheless, today this number has fallen to 40% and keeps on falling. Try to lead
the user to the web page where he will really find the information he's interested in. And this
is very often not a home page. Take into consideration this fact and work out the appropriate
design and structure of a landing page.

145. Always be aware of your mistakes! Believe me that all entrepreneurs make mistakes
doing online business. However, not all entrepreneurs realize this fact. Do the best to know
your mistakes, analyze and correct them. Only the detailed research of mistakes helps
entrepreneurs avoid them in the future.

146. Presents. Gifts can be used as a highly effective internet marketing tool in any online
business. People like receive gifts. So, information about presents is spread very quickly. If
your company offers web development services you may provide your clients with 1 year of
web hosting service for free! Clients will be very happy to get this gift.

147. Contests. Online entrepreneurs can also make use of contests. The information about
interesting contests is spread quickly in the Internet. Give people a chance to win free service
or product and you will perform a great marketing work. As a result of effective promotion
thousands of people may get familiar with your brand and online business.

148. Online business is always beneficial! This statement can become a strong motivation
for online entrepreneurs to launch a new web project. Even if your business idea fails you will
manage to obtain a lot of helpful skills. SEO and internet marketing skills are highly
demanded today. So, you will easily apply them for other projects.

149. Browser compatibility. Users use different browsers surfing web. Some people like
Internet Explorer others give a preference to Mozilla Fire Fox. Online entrepreneurs have to
make sure that their websites are displayed in all major browsers properly.

150. Domain extensions. It should be noted that extension of domain names doesn’t have any
impact on search engine rankings of a website. Websites SERPs directly depend on onsite and
offsite optimization of web resources.

151. Proper website functioning. This important factor plays a key role in any online
business. Don’t launch an online business if you can not be completely sure that your website
works properly. According to statistics, technical errors are the main reason for which users
often decide to cancel their accounts.

152. What is the reason of cancel? For online entrepreneurs it always makes sense to
understand the reasons for which customers decide to stop using services. Just add this
Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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question in your online cancel form. Usually clients reply to such questions with a pleasure.
So, simply understand why people are not satisfied with your service and finally make correct

153. Website design and Ad Sense blocks. A common mistake of online entrepreneurs is
that they separate Sponsored links from general graphical design of a website. This annoys
users and they usually just ignore these links. Thus, the next recommendation for
entrepreneurs is to depict Google Ad Sense blocks in website design!

154. Be always polite with clients! A good manner of communication with customers and
politeness of online entrepreneurs is always highly appreciated. Do the best to help your
clients in resolving their issues. As a result, they will trust you and begin to buy your

155. Online business requires minimal investments. If you are skilled webmasters with
strong knowledge in web development, SEO and content writing – it is time to start an online
business! Of course, it is risky to be an entrepreneur, but when it comes to online business this
risk is minimized significantly. All that you will have to do is just to order a domain and web
hosting services. Your expenses will be no more than $100 per year.

156. Online business budget. Many online entrepreneurs find it difficult to spend their
available budget. In fact, the formula is quite easy. So, 10% of budget is spent on website
development 90% of money is spent on online promotion.

157. Hire professionals only. Despite the fact that experienced workers are more expensive,
they provide high ROI respectively. So, when hiring real professionals you make online
business more competitive at the market.

158. SEO is a cost-effective solution. It may take a lot of time before you get high rankings
for some key phrases. Nevertheless, be completely sure that all your efforts and investments
will be justified once this happens. So, it always makes sense to invest in search engine

159. Company’s portfolio. The best way to make customers become interested in your
services is to show successfully performed projects. Remember, a perfectly created
company’s portfolio plays a key role in online business development.

160. Companies vs. freelancers. For upcoming entrepreneurs with a limited budget it is
better to deal with freelancers. Acting in such a way, you will manage to economize
significantly. However, project and personnel management will be solely your task! For
serious businessmen it is expedient to deal with serious companies!

161. Risk in outsourcing. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid risk in outsourcing
completely. Nevertheless, by choosing an effective strategy online entrepreneurs can
significantly minimize this risk. The easiest way to do this is to research customer feedbacks.

162. Promote a website by yourself! Even a beginning entrepreneur can promote a website
effectively. Everything is not as difficult as it may seem to be. Just create a list of keywords,
Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

                    Copyright © 2011 Terje Sannarnes Consulting
perform onsite optimization of website and get high quality incoming links. In addition, you
can also to launch a Pay-per-Click advertising campaign.

163. Effective business courses. Entrepreneur training education and special business
courses may play a key role for your success. Knowledge is a power! Thus, it always makes
sense to invest money in a high level business courses.

164. Permanent customers. As it is known, a steady client is a regular income of an online
entrepreneur. That’s why it is very important to develop business relationships with your
permanent customers. Do the best to work with permanent clients in your online business.

165. Return to your old ideas. Don’t forget about your business ideas and always keep them
in mind. So, if your idea doesn’t work perfectly today it may be very effective tomorrow.
Even if you have just failed your first web projects – don’t get into despair. Just return back to
it in a few years when you have more internet marketing and online business experience!

166. Don’t advertise a lot at the same forum. If you wish to build incoming links via forum
signatures it is better to do this at numerous forums. Popular forums often change their terms
and conditions. So, it is better to make up to 1000 posts at 10-20 forums rather than spend all
the time advertising an online business at the same web resources. Remember that if you
promote a website at the same online recourse and get banned you will lose all incoming links
at once.

167. Shorten your list of keywords. It is impossible to optimize a website effectively for all
possible keywords. In these regards, it makes sense to launch additional websites. So,
optimize the first website on 1-10 keywords of your list and the second one on 10-20
keywords and so on.

168. Start with low competitive keywords. It may take a lot of time for an online
entrepreneur to get top website rankings for highly competitive phrases. Thus, it makes sense
to select low competitive keywords and begin to get some targeted traffic from the very

169. Request a website review. Some forums allow online entrepreneurs to request a review
of a website. Acting in such a way, you will manage to receive a lot of helpful tips and
recommendation on how to improve your website. Also, you will get a lot of incoming links
and traffic to a website from different online recourses.

170. Submit an article to numerous directories. Some entrepreneurs prefer to write a new
unique article for each directory. It is a big mistake. At first, this link building strategy is not
cost-effective. Secondly, you article may be stolen by competitors and republished at other
websites. Do the best to avoid this situation! Simply submit an article to numerous sites as
long as you are the author of it.

171. Implement Share button into web pages. If users find your web pages interesting they
would probably be interested in saving URL in social bookmarks. Simply help your website
visitors to do this and get additional back links to a website.

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

                     Copyright © 2011 Terje Sannarnes Consulting
172. Don’t violate Ad Sense rules. By violating Ad Sense rules online entrepreneurs take a
risk to get banned and lose their accounts forever! So, the only advice here is to work

173. Business is a battle for a survival. Some beginning entrepreneurs think that business is
a beautiful fairy tale. This opinion is absolutely mistaken. Doing online business you will
have a lot of stresses, problems and difficulties. Business is a regular struggle against
competitors. Get ready to this!

174. Sell online resources. If you are an experienced webmaster you will manage to try a
new business idea. Develop and promote a website. Some online entrepreneurs prefer to pay
more and purchase a ready website with good SEO parameters. So the task of a webmaster is
to choose profitable business field, develop, promote and sell a website quickly.

175. Duplicate content. Submitting articles to numerous directories online entrepreneurs are
recommended to avoid duplicate content problems. In these regards, it makes sense to rewrite
an article slightly before to submit it to a new directory. If your time is limited, change just

176. Have a strategy. Most online entrepreneurs fail their web project for the reason they
don’t have an efficient strategy and often don’t know what to do. Starting website promotion
it is better to develop a business strategy. Create a list of important tasks in advance and
control their performance regularly!

177. Implement a counter. If your online resource has a lot of traffic it makes sense to
inform website users about this. The best way to do this is to implement a counter into a
website. As a result, you will manage to get new business proposals from online
entrepreneurs. Show your website’s popularity and earn from selling banner ad space at your

178. Success of a SEO strategy. It should be noted that the efficiency of SEO work depends
on many factors. So, the list of these factors includes the following: the number of hours you
spend on SEO work, the number of hours your competitors spend on SEO work, the level of
competition in your business field, your SEO skills, SEO skills of your competitors, the
number of keywords you work with and so on. This list of factors can be continued for a long

179. Renew domains in time. Never allow your domains expire. By letting their domain
names expire online entrepreneurs take a huge risk to lose their online businesses. Thus, there
is a flowing recommendation for online entrepreneurs – do always renew domains in advance!

180. Expired domains. If your domain is expired do the best to reactivate it as soon as
possible. All domain registrars provide their clients with domain reactivation period (usually
30 days) during which they can renew a domain. Once this period of time ends expired
domains are often placed on sale. So, never let your domain expire!

181. Meet deadlines. Working with customers it is better to always perform tasks and
provide results of work in time. Thus, be careful when creating your plan of work. Be sure
Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

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that you will manage to meet deadlines. If for some reasons you can’t perform assigned tasks
in time – don’t keep silence! Do the best to notify customers about this as soon as possible
and ask to wait more.

182. Learn how to relax. The ability to work hard is a big plus of an online entrepreneur, but
it is also important to relax periodically. So, if you get tired from a regular work – feel free to
relax and have a rest!

183. Combine business with family life. When online entrepreneurs spend a lot of time with
family their business begin to suffer. When you spend a lot of time doing business – your
family suffers. It is very important to find a gold mean between business and family life.

184. Optimize your work. It is very important to optimize the work. By performing this task
successfully online entrepreneurs will manage to do more work and therefore will earn more
money in the end. Do your work quickly and effectively!

185. Several businesses are better than one. Do the best to have several sources of income.
Acting in such a way, online entrepreneurs make themselves more competitive. Of course it is
difficult to do several businesses at the same time. But you can involve your relatives or
friends, hire professional managers. If one of your web projects fails you won’t live without

186. Make friends with your personnel. Do the best to have highly professional personnel
in your team. Do the best to help your employees, create good work conditions and just be
friends. Good relationships with employees play a key role in any online business.

187. Co-operative parties. Employees like co-operative parties. So, it is a good way for
online entrepreneurs to make friends with workers. Organize co-operative parties for your
employees from time to time. Acting in such a way you will manage to raise spirit of a work
team and gain respect among your employees!

188. Do only the work that you like! This advice is mainly intended for people who haven’t
chosen their occupation yet. Remember you should be an expert in your business. The only
way to do this is to do the work that you like to do. You will never succeed in business that
you don’t like. Success always comes when you like work and do it with a pleasure.

189. Try to agree with competitors. I often watched the situation when online businesses
decrease prices trying to destroy each other. As a result, they also decrease their revenues
significantly. Sometimes it makes sense to agree with your competitors. So, do the best to
agree with competitors on pricing policy at least!

190. Explore the demand. For entrepreneurs it is very important to know what products are
in high demand at the market today. So, spend some time to research the demand. Try to
understand what products or services people are ready to buy. This work may be extremely
helpful for your online business.

191. Choose the most effective projects. Don’t try a new web project if you are very much
busy with online businesses providing you with a regular income. It should be noted that
Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

                     Copyright © 2011 Terje Sannarnes Consulting
recently launched websites require a lot of time and huge investments. There is no guarantee
that your new website will become your source of income. However, focusing on new
projects you can forget about your existing businesses and lose income in the end. Choose
only the most profitable web projects to work with!

192. Online courses. Many people know that online courses are the best investment.
According to the statistics, more and more people prefer to study online. However, not all
online entrepreneurs have realized this fact yet. So, if you can give people valuable
knowledge it makes sense to develop a good online course and then just promote and sell it. It
should be noted that online courses have already laid in the basis of many business ideas.

193. Let people remember your brand. When performing forum posing, article or social
network marketing don’t forget to mention your brand name. Create log-in names associated
with your brand name use your company’s logo and so on. Doing this work you will manage
to make a huge contribution to your brand development strategy.

194. Electronic books. Books were always demanded. Books are demanded today and
believe me they will be demanded in the nearest future. So, if you can write an interesting and
informative book then go ahead and start your online business right now. Valuable books are
always demanded and actively purchased by people.

195. Successful entrepreneur stories. People who are looking for great business ideas can
gain a lot of benefits from reading stories of successful entrepreneurs. This activity will help
you understand how to succeed in online business. Just make use of it!

196. RSS feed. The best way to keep your blog users updated on the latest posts is to
implement RSS feed into a website. Also, it makes sense to subscribe RSS feeds for blog
commenting purposes. You will get notifications about adding new posts on popular topic-
related blogs and will be able to comment them first.

197. Think twice before to promise something! People don’t like to be deceived. So, when
promising something to your clients just be sure that you will manage to keep your word.
Don’t promise anything that you can’t do! When saying something to your clients it is better
to use words like "I will do my best", "Most likely that" etc.

198. Add a website to the list of helpful links. If you are the owner of a do-follow blog, web
link directory or article site then this advice is just for you. Get your site included in the list of
helpful webmaster’s resources. Thus, you will get more incoming links to a website, more
targeted traffic and additional activity of users.

199. Know what you pay for! If you order any service for your online business you should
know exactly what you pay for. Ask your service providers to send you the detailed report on
work that is performed for your online business and improvements. Remember, it doesn’t
matter to pay for services, which are not effective!

200. Beginning is always difficult. When launching a new web projects upcoming
entrepreneurs usually experience a lot of problems at the beginning. Nevertheless, you will

Terms of Use: This e-book may be freely redistributed provided it is not charged for,
is delivered Intact and unedited, and All links and References remain unchanged.

                     Copyright © 2011 Terje Sannarnes Consulting
find it easy to do online business after getting some experience. Be industrious and results
will not keep your waiting for a long time.

201 Theory is dead without practice. This statement is also true for online business. Even
strong knowledge in such fields as business management, SEO and internet marketing is not
enough to be successful entrepreneur. So, do the best to get a lot of practical experience!

Last Tip, But Most Important to Become a Successful Entrepreneur Online

202. Everyone can be an entrepreneur. Some people have decided that they can’t be
successful entrepreneurs. It is a myth. In fact, everyone can be the owner of online business.
The problem is that many people want to be entrepreneurs but they want to do nothing to
succeed in online business. Others are afraid of additional responsibility. All that you have to
do is just to try! Simply forget about your fears and try! But, it is demanding at first, when
you get success, you can harvest 10 folds. Be Persistent...

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