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									  West Employee
  parking is levels
  1 - 4 badge
  access required.

                                                                                                                            East Employee
                                                                                                                            Parking is past the
                                                                                                                            parking gates level 2
                                                                                                                            and above.

Private property, parking by permission only. It is the intent of Swedish Medical Center (SMC) to provide safe and convenient park-
ing for all user’s of the parking facilities including hospital staff members, medical office building tenants, physicians, patients, visi-
tors, vendors and all others doing business upon these premises. SMC shall designate user group’s specific areas to park while work-
ing, visiting, or doing business at SMC campus facilities. The holder of any access card, decal or hangtag issued by SMC or their
contractor is subject to the following rules and regulations while parked on SMC campus parking facilities. Failure to follow the
rules and regulations as designated by SMC will be grounds to administer monetary fines or revocation of parking privileges up to
and including the removal of any illegally parked vehicle on SMC premises at vehicle owners expense. The rules and regulations are
as follows:
          - All users must display SMC decal on the lower left hand side rear window or bumper of vehicle
          - Vehicles not displaying decals for authorized parking areas are subject to fines, impound or revocation of parking
          - Users must park in designated spaces only as assigned by SMC
          - SMC reserves the right to change designated parking areas at any time as deemed necessary by SMC
          - SMC may change, add or amend these rules at any time
The above rules and regulations have been designed to provide all users’ available parking within reasonable distance of their work
areas. The intent will always be to provide our patients and their guest’s safe and convenient parking. By accepting an access card,
decal or hangtag or by signing below you agree to abide by these rules at all times while working at SMC campus.

Please contact Andy Moore with any questions: 303-788-5222

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