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Environmental Problems Environmental Problems Lots of people mean lots of waste lots by ewghwehws


									Environmental Problems

 Lots of people mean lots of waste,
 lots of food, lots of babies, lots of
energy, lots of houses, lots of roads,
        lots of cars, lots of. . .
 Population: Factors that affect
        population size
• Birth rate
• Death rate
• Since we can’t leave the earth
  and hope there are no aliens
  coming to earth, emigration and
  immigration are not considered
• annual rate of
  population growth is
  presently _____.
• 1965 = 2%
• 1993 = 1.7%
     Can the rate drop and the
     population still increase?
• The world’s population was 3.2 billion in
  1965 and the growth rate was 2% . The
  increase was 70 million.

• The world’s population was 5.5 billion in
  1993 and the growth rate was 1.7%. The
  increase was 94 million.
Factors affecting birth rates and
         fertility rates
                • Average level of education and
                • Urbanization - children as labor
                  for family in rural homes
                • Cost of raising and educating
                • Educational and employment
                  opportunities for women
                • Infant mortality rate
                • Average marriage age
                • Access to birth control
                • Religious beliefs
Factors affecting death rates
              • Better nutrition

              • Fewer infant deaths
                and longer average life

              • Improvements in
                medical and public
                health technology
     Population Age Structures
• Age structure diagrams show the potential
  growth of a nation’s population.
• Populations are divided into three age
  groups: prereproductive (0-14),
  reproductive (15-44), and post reproductive
  (45 - 85+).
• Nations with a large number of pre
  reproductive population will _________.
Demographic Charts with
  Population Numbers
Population age structures
Tracking the baby boomers
Population prediction LDC &

            Carrying capacity
• Carrying capacity - is    • Limiting factors
  the maximum                 control the carrying
  population that an area     capacity:
  can support for an        •   food
  indefinite period         •   space
• It is unknown what the    •   waste build up
  earth’s carrying          •   disease
  capacity is               •   clean water
          Population Questions
• Why is it rational for a   • Why are falling birth
  poor couple in India to      rates not necessarily a
  have six or seven            reliable indicator of
  children? What               future population
  changes might induce         growth trends?
  such a couple to           • Do you believe there
  rethink their                are physical limits to
  reproductive lives?          human population
                               growth on Earth?

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