Wealth Creation (PowerPoint) by yurtgc548


    Year 9 Semester 2
  What is Wealth?
     Being wealthy means many different
      things to many different people:
               Being          Lots of
 Lots of       healthy?
 money?                       assets?

A                    A big       A flash
            Being    House?
happy,      rich?                sports
healthy             A good       car?
family?             Education?
Financial Wealth
   Financial wealth generally means that
    you achieve your financial goals and
    become financially "free".
   Whether this means an investment
    strategy, early retirement, paying off a
    mortgage or simply setting up a savings
    plan, depends on the individual.
Why build wealth?

   When thinking about building wealth,
    an investment strategy, or even if you
    are simply setting financial goals:

       “Starting this process sooner rather than
        later may well be one of the most
        important decisions you will ever make.”
    How can Wealth be created?
       Depending on your definition of Wealth
        there are numerous steps or
        approaches that can be taken to
        achieve your desired wealth!
Getting a                                Balancing
good                 Winning             work and
education            Lotto???            life-style

        Exercising              Shares
Achieving your goals

   Whatever your goals, without some
    basic information to help you get
    started, it will be a very slow and
    difficult process.
        Achieving your goals

   If you are looking to start investing but don't
    quite know where to start, the best thing
    may be to simply get an understanding of
    your finances by creating a budget.
       A Budget Planner is the perfect way to get your
        finances in order.                   L e a d i n g
                                             I n d i c a t o r   s
         Achieving your goals
   Consulting a Financial Planner.
       Financial Planners have the experience and
        knowledge to help you plan for your future and
        set you on your way to financial freedom,
        whatever stage of life you happen to be in.
Wealth Creation
Topics Examined:
1. Dollars and Sense
2. Money Tree
3. Hot Property
4. Personal Investigation Assignment




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