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					Overview of PACE in Missouri

        Columbia, Missouri
         March 31st, 2011
   Where does Missouri
   get its energy ?
• In 2005, only 0.1%
  of Missouri's
  electricity came from
  renewable sources.

• Over 85% comes
  from coal – all
  imported from out of
  state, at a cost of
  over $1.2 billion per
              What we do
• Renew Missouri is a membership-
  supported, non-profit group
• Bring stakeholders for energy issues
  together to educate & negotiate
• Promote renewables and energy efficiency
  to the public
• Evaluate what energy policies Missouri
  should implement
• Guide stakeholders as they use the policies
  that are put in place.
Missouri ranked 41st in EE

           What is PACE?
• PACEis a voluntary program and stands for Property
Assessed Clean Energy.

•It enables interested Cities or counties set up special
Clean Energy Development Boards (CEDB) capable of
issuing low-interest bonds, and the bond money is
used to cover the costs of a loan program.

•Participating property owners, both commercial and
residential, can opt-in and receive a 20 year loan for
renewable energy and energy efficiency
improvements, and pay the loan back through a 20
year assessment on their property taxes.
  Benefits of PACE financing
• Job creation
• Economic development
• Increases in disposable
• Accelerate U.S. energy
  policy goals
• Promote equal access to
  clean energy
• Payments and energy
  savings stay with
     EE presents a conflict of
       interest for utilities
• A recent plan published by Ameren last year said that
  energy efficiency alone could reduce energy
  consumption by 7.3 percent by 2030, but that this
  would require about $100 million a year.

• “If we went after the potential that we‟ve seen in our
  own study, we wouldn’t have to build another
  power plant for 20 years, and we could retire [58-
  year-old coal plant] Meramec, and we‟d be OK,”
  Kidwell said. But, he added, “We‟d lose $30 million a
  year. And we just can‟t do that. It‟s that simple.”
    EE presents a conflict of
      interest for utilities
• PACE puts efficiency investments in
  hands of local communities – not the
• The needs of the community are first
• The market drives growth.
Opportunities for Homeowners
• Cash flow increase from decreased utility cost
• Insulation from future energy price spikes
• Increase in property value
• Part of the creation
of an energy secure
• Increased home
comfort and health
             Opportunities for
• Revenue Neutral
  – The bonds cover both the loans and the program
    administration costs; loan are repaid through the
    voluntary assessments placed on participating property
    owners. Loan payments are collected alongside property
• Job Growth
  – Stimulates local job creation through the installation of solar
    energy and efficiency improvements on private property -
    jobs that can’t be outsourced!
 Opportunities for Contractors
• Solar installers
• Weatherization and efficiency
• Widespread and long-term creation of
  skilled labor jobs
• Expanded revenues
    Opportunities for Policy
• Promote clean energy initiatives across
  the board
• Meet GHG reduction goals
• Job creation and economic
• Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
     Opportunities for Small
• PACE is available for commercial
• Take further steps in becoming a
  sustainable business
• Establish a “green” identity
• Improved cash flow from
lower overhead costs
Residential PACE slowed
     down by FHFA
           • FHFA announced opposition to
             senior lien status offered by PACE.
           • Effectively froze residential PACE
             programs nationwide (sort of).
           • Building grassroots pressure ever
           • March 18th - The National
             Association of Regulatory Utility
             Commissioners (NARUC) sends
             „strong‟ letter to FHFA Director
           • February 9th – National League of
             Cities/Counties calls for action on
         Online Resources
   • PACE webinars available online

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