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					                                Ahmed Kamel Shalash
                                 386 king Faisal Street, Giza, Egypt
                                 Mob : 01005525526-01272727382

Career objective:

To obtain a position with a dynamic, well reputed corporation where my degree, experience, creativity
and communication skills can be enhanced and developed.

Areas of Strengths:

       Customer service.
       Target achievement.
       Sales and Marketing
       Logistics specialist

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office Suite.

Exceed fulfill 4000 work station.

Internet search.

Academic education:

Faculty of commerce Cairo University 2008 (Grade: Good)

El Saedaia high school

Personal Data:

Date of Birth: 24-10-1986

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital Status: Single

Military Status: Exempted

Courses and trainings:

Windows (98, 2000, Millennium, XP) from Cairo university.

ICDL (international computer driving license) (2007)

Exceed fulfil 4000 training. (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2008).

Microsoft office suite course (Certified from Cairo University 2008).

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Warehousing quality control training (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2008).

Standard operation procedures (SOP) training (Certified from Agility-Egypt2008).

Client complaint handling training (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2008).

Employee performance evaluation training (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2008).

Product traceability and recall training (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2009).

Inbound and outbound sop and monitoring training out bound (Certified from Agility-Egypt

Planning and set up sip (Self improvement plan) audit training (Certified from Agility-Egypt

Quality alerts training (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2009).

Key Element Rating (KER) training (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2009).

Quality Incidents & Monitoring training (Certified from Agility-Egypt 2009).

Change control system (certified from Agility-Egypt 2010)

2009 - 2010 {Safety Courses}

10 Hours Training Course in first class safety (FCS ) at (AGILITY LOGISTICS EGYPT)

Professional Experience:
Agility logistics, 6th of October, Egypt
Senior Logistics specialist November
2008- Present

      Coordinate with the clients or
       clients’ representatives for transactional requirements and to ensure vide coordination with the
       planning officer and the transport coordinators that the client orders are fulfilled well within the
       parameters of the service level agreement.

      Forward warehouse management system generated documents to the warehouse vide the
       transport coordinators.

      Clarify issues related to the integrity of warehouse management system by all concerned.

      Compile data to be finally transmitted onwards for stock replenishment.

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     Regulate along with the stock controllers that data entered on warehouse management
      system is accurate and up to date.

     Forward receipt confirmation for inbound to customer (P&G) on a regular basis , updating hold
      status as per customer (P&G) request and performing QC on all receipt confirmation reports.

     Liaise between customer representatives and warehouse for substitute products for outbound.

     Furnish the line manager onwards, with reports regularly.

     Daily generation of transactional documents and relaying these to all concerned as soon as

     Update the system to verify data accuracy.

     Coordinate with operations coordinators to clarify the client (P&G) queries in the absence of
      the planning officer.

     Coordinate with the stock controllers on matters of system and operational anomalies and
      stock replenishments.

     Furnish monthly/weekly inventory balance/expiry reports to the client.

     Training the new teams who join the Logistics department.

     Leading and monitoring the customer service representatives and the customer service
      assistants (who are not on the same title).

     Monitoring the shipping transactions, handling and coordinating between the air or sea freight
      and the warehouse to monitoring the receiving of the different shipments.

     Handling and investigating about the customers complaints.

     Checking the stocks balance on the WMS and Clients system (SAP)

     Carrying out reservations and re-bookings and special service requests

     Processing of requests via various computer reservations systems and internal queues

     Coordinates With The Clients / Client Representatives For Availing Their Requirements .

     Regularly Checks The Transactional Operations, Noting Specific Time Taken And Their
      Conformity Recommends Changes Where Necessary.

     Imparts Counsel And Guides The Projects Staff On IMS and Safety Related Issues .

     Maintains Records of Daily Tasks Under The Purview.

     Closely Monitors The Communication Processes, Identifies Gaps And Suggests Solutions .

     Respond To All Customer Inquiries And Issues Concerning Work Orders, Invoices, Inbound,
      Shipments, Inventory Issues etc And Report Customer Feedback To The Direct Management.

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      Ensure Smooth Functioning Of The Warehouse Operations By Monitoring The Overall
       Process Of Inbound & Outbound Shipments And Providing Efficient Services To Get The
       Client Satisfaction

      Daily Reconciliation For The Stock On ( SAP ) System VS Exceed System .

      Updating ( Hold /Release ) Status For The Stock As Per Customer Request.

Vodafone el Zamalek branch

June 2008 – November 2008

Customer service representative

      Provided the proper information to customers with full understanding for the company’s
       policies and procedures.

      Maintained coordination between other departments to handle customer complaints.

Masr insurance el Mohandesin branch

May 2007 – Aprils 2008

Sales representative

      Respond to and follow up sales enquires using appropriate methods

      Negotiating variations in price delivery and specifications with mangers

      Recording sales and order information and relaying it to the office

Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

• Excellent communication skills.
• Exploring and Working with new Technologies.
• Good understanding of key business processes.
• Excellent Capability of working in a team work environment
• Focus on details to ensure good quality without losing the main frame.
• Capable of handling stress and working for long hours.
• Effective decision making capability.
• Outstanding problem solving skills.


• Excellent command of spoken and written English and Arabic.
References furnished upon request.

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