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					Job Vacancies - How to Not to Waste Time
and Get Scammed
With the current, highly competitive job market today, there are many points to understand when
searching job vacancies. Becoming educated yourself about how to read, analyze and move
forward on a help wanted ad, will take you above the crowd in your search, and help you avoid
pitfalls which eat up time, energy, money and focus.

The internet is an extremely helpful tool, if you know how to use it, for research on everything
from position details to relocation questions and company details to career change information.
Before you begin, develop a list of keywords related to the search you are doing. You will save
time when sitting in front of the computer ready to go, instead of drumming your fingers in
frustration, trying to think of something to put in the search box.

Be wary of and do extensive investigation on job vacancies you feel inspired to follow up on.
There are many unscrupulous cons on the web and it is certain you will come across fictitious
vacancy announcements. There are also companies that post false ads which require you to pay a
fee for something, hoping to make money from you, at a time when you most need to save. Sure,
there are reputable head hunting agencies that are valuable and appropriate for some fields. As a
general rule, it should not cost you money to find a job.

It is fairly easy to weed out the websites and job postings that sound promising. Be a secret
shopper and make hundreds, or the ones that are submitted for every city or country possible.
Some overseas positions offer a lot of things like housing and medical insurance, but not airfare.
There have been many trusting people who have flown halfway around the world, only to find
out the whole thing was a scam.

When you apply for a job online, which is now the predominately expected form of previewing
and application processing, the human connection is seriously impeded, so being very aware of
how you present yourself in your cover letter, is one of the most important things to remember.
Since you are not meeting face-to-face, this is what your potential employer will first see. Be
brief, be honest, and be available. Spending time crafting two or three cover letters that can
become templates for future use, will significantly save time, and allows you the ability to move
efficiently if the perfect job becomes available.

The job market is burgeoning with promises, real and fake, which can make your search in job
vacancies much more difficult, if you are not aware of the drawbacks that can sap your personal
power and take away vital time from your life. Be a smart job applicant and do your homework
before you actively begin the application process.

By Mark Andrew Woodcock

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