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					              Master's Project Planning Timeline
Please note: The following Master's Project Planning Timeline is only a estimated guideline for students to follow. Exact
dates will vary depending on the calendar year, holiday breaks, semester breaks, etc. Also, the timeline is calculated for
students who are completing their academic degree program in two calendar years or four academic semesters.

Insert Your Anticipated Graduation Date (i.e. 5/1/2011) -------->                       5/1/2011

                                                                                       Due Date/       Date
  Step                             Description                                         Deadline      Completed      Resources
1. Decide on the appropriate course choice: Master's Project or Master's Thesis
     1a Review Master's Project Handbook                                                2/5/2010
2. Project director-Thesis Chair/ Topic

          Meet with Option Coordinator (Dr. Ross) to discuss topic ideas and
     2a                                                                                2/10/2010
          potential project director with similar research interest or expertise
    2b Select project director                                                         2/15/2010
        Meet with project director to discuss the composition of the project
    2c                                                                                 2/20/2010
    2d If appropriate, select an on-site agency supervisor                             2/22/2010
3. Master's Project Committee
          Prepare a written project prospectus (see sample) to use when meeting
     3a                                                                                 3/7/2010                      Project
          with potential project committee members
          Review project prospectus with your project director prior to meeting
     3b                                                                                3/12/2010
          with potential committee members
          Meet with potential project committee members to discuss project, their
     3c                                                                                3/22/2010
          interest in being involved and their availability to work with you
        Obtain signatures and submit signed Master's Project Committee Form
     3d                                                                                3/24/2010                    Appendix A
        to project director (Appendix A)
4. Project Proposal
        Schedule a pre-proposal meeting with your committee to discuss your
     4a                                                                                 4/1/2010
        project…prior to starting work on your project
     4b Meet for your pre-proposal meeting to discuss your project                     4/15/2010
          Begin writing the review of literature section of the project. This should
     4c                                                                                4/21/2010
          confirm your research method and instrument selection or development
        Determine methodology for data collection (i.e. population to study,
     4d                                                                                6/21/2010
        sample size, sampling technique, etc)
     4e Develop draft data collection instrument                                        7/5/2010
     4f Submit proposal (Chapter 1, 2, and 3) to project director for approval         7/30/2010

          After receiving approval from the project director, submit proposal to
     4g                                                                                8/20/2010
          committee members three weeks in advance of proposal meeting.
    4h Schedule proposal meeting date and time                                         8/24/2010
    4i Complete proposal meeting                                                        9/7/2010
        Develop final data collection instrument. The instrument must be
    4j approved by the project director and member (s) prior to submission             9/21/2010
        with the HSC application
5. Collect Data
        Take the Human Subject exam. Note, you must pass this exam prior to
     5a                                                                                9/21/2010
        beginning data collection
        Meet with project director to discuss the Human Subjects application
     5b                                                                                9/23/2010
        and methodology
        Develop a calendar for data collection (if conducting a survey--first
    5c                                                                                 9/23/2010
        mailing, reminder, second mailing, etc)
        Complete the Human Subjects application and submit to project director
    5d                                                                                 9/23/2010
        for review
    5e Submit Human Subjects application to HSC                                        10/13/2010
    5f Revise Human Subjects Application based on feedback from HSC                    10/16/2010
    5g Receive Human Subjects approval from HSC                                         11/7/2010
    5h Start the data collection process                                                11/8/2010
        While collecting data, this is a good time to submit first three chapters
    5i to project director for final review. Re-write the proposal changing it to      11/23/2010
        past tense
6. Analyze data
    6a Complete data analysis                                                           1/1/2011
7. Write the project Report
          Write Chapter 4 (results) and Chapter 5 (summary and conclusions)
     7a                                                                                2/20/2011
     7b Compile the first draft of entire project report                                3/2/2011
     7c Meet with project director to discuss revisions                                 3/7/2011
     7d Revise project based on feedback from project director                         3/16/2011
        After receiving approval from project director, submit your final draft to
        the committee or assigned project reader if applicable. Allow three
     7e                                                                                3/18/2011
        weeks for the committee to review and provide feedback

         Revise project based on feedback from project director and other
     7f                                                                                 4/8/2011
         committee members
8. Oral Presentation
         Schedule oral presentation with committee…allow two weeks for
     8a                                                                                 4/9/2011
         Conduct oral presentation and obtain final approval signatures from
     8b                                                                                4/23/2011                    Appendix B
         your committee (Appendix B)
9. Final Draft
        Submit three bound copies and one CD of final project to project
    9a                                                                                 4/26/2011
        director and committee members.
10. Receive final grade and certificate
        Final letter grade will be submitted by your project director to the Option
    10a                                                                                 5/1/2011

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