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CSEA Article 13- Overtime Calculation


									Date: September 1, 2011

To:     CSEA Employees and Supervisors of CSEA Employees

From: Debbie Toms, Director of Payroll & Benefits

RE:     Article 13- CSEA Contract Overtime Calculation

Information for CSEA Employees and Supervisors of CSEA Employees

The new CSEA contract (Article 13) has changed the way overtime is calculated for CSEA
employees. Sick leave that is not pre-approved (scheduled in advance) will no longer be included in
hours worked when determining overtime eligibility.

Article 13 of the CSEA contract changes the way overtime is calculated. Employees who use
unscheduled sick time (calls in sick or leaves work due to illness after reporting to work) will no
longer have sick time used in calculating overtime eligibility.

If an employee requests sick leave in advance and the supervisor approve the request, sick time will
be included in the calculation of overtime.

This change only applies if overtime is voluntary (employee has the ability to decline overtime). If
an individual is mandated to work the overtime, this new provision does not apply.

This new provision will change the way employees complete their timesheets/time cards. The
Payroll Office will assume all overtime is voluntary unless an individual indicates that the overtime
was mandatory. Individuals required to work mandatory overtime should write “mandatory” in the
remarks column on the timesheet/time card.

The Payroll Office will also assume that all sick time was unscheduled unless an individual indicates
that the sick time was pre-approved. Individuals who use pre-approved sick time should write “pre-
approved” in the remarks column on the timesheet/timecard.

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing timesheets/time cards carefully to ensure accuracy before
submitting to the Payroll Office.

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