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                               Reading Books on iPad

The 9.7 inch screen of iPad is great for reading books on it. Maybe, sometime you
can't find good books, here we recommend you three
franchise fiction.

If you have watched the movies, do you want to read the
original works? You know, sometimes, book is more
impressed by the movies. If you have read these three
books, you can search the movies. You can judge
whether the character is shaped well by the actor or
actress. I believe there are two feeling for you to watch
movies or read books.

Ok, let's see what are the three books.

Read Franchise Fiction on the iPad

Snow Flower and The Secret Fan

Snow Flower and The Secret Fan is an excellent novel, which takes
the reader back to the history or custom of China. The book unifies
with the Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha and reflects the
background of the society. You will be touched by written words of
the Authors. It explores the interpersonal friendship between women.

Plot: In the Nineteenth-century of China, women obey the rule of
foot-binding. They are almost isolated from the outside world. In
Hunan Province, there is a remote area and women develop their
unique communication password: women's book. The alliance is build
between girls, they called each other as "Lao Tong ", just as the marriage on spiritual and this
friendship can last forever. In the book, the main character is Jin Lian and Xua Hua. Let’s see
the ups and down of their friendship.


In the winter of 1959, the beautiful women Wei An with her
6-year-old daughter came to the peaceful and isolated French town.
The honest people in this town feel curious about this young single
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mother. Who can not imagine this lady and her lively daughter will have a profound impact
on this small town.

Soon, Wei An opened a chocolate shop with unique flavor. The chocolate is so delicious and
Wei An is also particularly good at discovering and remember the special tastes of each guest
and to meet the guests desires as much as possible. Gradually, the town's inhabitants have a
great impress of Wei An and her delicious chocolate. But Father Reynaud identifies her as a
serious danger to his flock - especially as it is the beginning of Lent, the traditional season of
self-denial. War is declared as the priest denounces the newcomer's wares as the ultimate sin.

Pretty Little Liars

Rose Town is a perfect small town, which is quiet and peace. However,
you will never guess that there are many secrets in this town. Some
beautiful girls have many secret, they are - Aria, Spencer, Hanna and
Emily. The relationship between them increasingly alienated. Their hided
secrets will open the veil.

A year ago, Alison, the leader of the four girls disappeared, the girls
vowed will never reveal what happened in this night out. They thought
they would keep the secret but what is happening in the town. It seems
that everyone in town seems to be lying. Now, something mysterious
things will come out with the appearance of Alison. The girl is Alison or not?

How about these books? Want to read them on your iPad. Just try, for more books, you can
click here.

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Description: The 9.7 inch screen of iPad is great for reading books on it. Maybe, sometime you can't find good books, here we recommend you three franchise fictions, you may watch the movies, but do you want to read the original works?