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									     About Productive Training Services - Working for You

Productive Training Services Inc. is a team of professional speakers, consultants and skilled
workshop leaders that care about people, their interpersonal skills and their self development.

We are committed to helping businesses and organizations increase their level of internal and
external customer communication, trust, service and overall productivity.

We have been teaching effective communication and “people” skills to business leaders,
managers and their employees since 1984.

We believe an organization is at its best when it’s people are at their best.

Our Focus Is on providing interactive learning systems and consultative coaching to assist
organizations in implementing successful long-term positive behavior changes.

We are pleased you are taking this time to consider us as a valuable resource or partner that can
save you time and effort while providing consistent, quality skill-building solutions.

For more information on additional programs or services provided by Productive Training Services call (734) 332-8770.
              Who We Are                                       What We Believe
We are a team of professional speakers,            We believe an organization is at its best
consultants and skilled workshop leaders           when its people are at their best.
that care about people, their self
development and their skills in interacting        In order to make that happen, the people
with others.                                       within the organization need to “buy-in” to
                                                   what they believe the organization values or
We are committed to helping businesses and         stands for. In addition, they must effectively
organizations increase their internal and          communicate with each other and their
external customer satisfaction, service and        management on a regular basis.
overall productivity.
                                                   Alignment with values and good
We have been teaching effective                    communication then set the stage for
communication, self-management and                 cultivating a supportive environment that
“people” skills to managers and their              generates mutual respect and learning
employees since 1984.                              opportunities for continuous improvement.
                                                   (See model below).
          What We’ve Learned
Our research and experience has proven to
us that the most effective organizations and
individuals have or need to have:

1.    Clarity of mission/purpose & values
2.    Awareness of present strengths to
      support and carry out their mission
3.    Identification and acknowledgment
      of existing or potential weaknesses
4.    Plans with specific action steps to
      support values, build on strengths and
      overcome/minimize weaknesses
5.    Commitment to communicate,
      implement and follow through with the
      plans to support and live the
      organization’s mission

                                  How We Can Help You
Our Focus Is ...        providing interactive learning systems and consultative coaching to
                        assist you and your people in developing steps one through five (above)

Our Specialty Is ...    1.    building employee attitudes, communication, and people skills
                        2.    refining management leadership, communication and coaching skills

For ...                 maximizing job satisfaction, productivity, and customer caring
                                           Satisfied Clients We Have
                                               Served Include . . .

    COATINGS                                                                                 COUNCIL
                                        GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION
   AMERICAN SOCIETY OF                                                                     NACHI ROBOTICS SYSTEMS
    EMPLOYERS                           GM HYDRA-MATIC DIVISION
                                                                                            PROJECT ADVISORS CONSORTIUM
                                                                                            PROPER MOLD AND ENGINEERING
                                                                                            ROYAL FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC.
   CENCORP                             IMMUNO U.S., INC.
                                                                                            SARNS 3M
                                                                                            SELECTCARE
    SOCIETY                                                                                 STANLEY DOOR COMPANY
                                        LUCAS-VARITY
   C.S. MOTT FOUNDATION                                                                    U.S. CENSUS BUREAU
                                        MAGIC LINE
   DETROIT NEWSPAPERS                                                                      U.S. OFFICE OF PERSONNEL
                                        MAZDA MANUFACTURING USA                             MANAGEMENT
                                        METLIFE CONSULTING SERVICES                        VALENITE
                                        MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF                            VECTOR RESEARCH, INC.
                                         ADMINISTRATORS                                     VERSACOM
                                        MICHIGAN AUTOMOTIVE PARTS                          VISTEON
                                                                                            WILLIAMS INTERNATIONAL
                                        MICHIGAN CREDIT UNION LEAGUE

                                     Productive Training Services, Inc. (734) 332-8770
                                    Skill-Building Workshops and
                                 Presentations for Your Organization

                         Are you looking for solid skill improvement programs
                              from professionals that will help your team
                                        produce better results?
    With every program we deliver, our main goal is to address YOUR specific objectives to improve both
    individual and organizational effectiveness. We do this by providing interactive presentations and skill-
    building workshops in the two key areas that most effect productivity and internal and external customer

                                      I) Employee/Professional Development Skills

   Proactive Communication (improves listening, thinking, speaking and cooperation between co-workers)
   Customer Care and Retention (professional customer, client or member handling skills)
   Organizational Teamwork (tools for measuring and improving your team effectiveness)
   Time and Priority Management (a proven value-based system to help your team keep focused)

                              II) Supervisory/Leadership Development Skills

   The Team Approach to Leading Others (leadership enhancement through vision, values and communication)
   The Effective Interactive Presenter (effective presentation delivery and question-building skills that get results)
   Motivation Techniques for Supervisors (how to bring out your employee's best and improve your approach)
   Conducting Effective Meetings (how to prepare, stay on track, and accomplish more in less time at meetings)
   Supervisory Series (four to ten integrated half-day modules on practical skill areas such as performance appraisal,
    handling problem employees, effective delegation, win-win negotiating, proactive problem solving and more)

                                   So Why Productive Training Services?
We deliver not only the what to do (the content) and the how to do it (the process), but also
the why to do it (the purpose) for the individual and the organization. This means we help
you get long-term results vs. short-term, quick fixes.

The length of each program depends on the existing skills of your team members as well
as your desired outcomes. Whether you need a one-hour speech or an integrated workshop
series, we will help you plan your employee/management development needs so you get the
results you are looking for.

                  Call us today for a free consultation or faxed outline on any
                      of the listed topics. “We can help you develop one of
                              your greatest resources - your people.”
    Tabers, CSP - President

                                     Productive Training Services, Inc. (734) 332-8770
             Here's What Others Are Saying About us
"You were a real inspiration to all of us. You are knowledgeable in many areas
and able to incorporate that into a simple message."

                                       - Phyllis Farris, Chief of Technical Training

"The program was motivating, entertaining, and very effective. These points are
directly related to the overall extreme effectiveness of the instructor. One of the
best courses I've attended."
                                                               - Joe Alsman, Auditor

"I gained good and valuable motivation skills which every manager needs."

                                           - Diana Dulkiewicz, Collection Manager

"The instructor was well-informed. He presented the information excellently and
made the class very interesting. This was one of the best classes I ever attended. I
feel that I am leaving with so much more than I came with."

                                  - Barbara Pittelka, Quality Assurance Specialist

"Joe got us to participate and enjoy what we're doing."

                                                    - Kay Rogers, Program Analyst

"Outstanding presenter; knowledgeable - well prepared - effective - organized -
                                            - Ed Kanne, Senior Realty Specialist

"The presentation was active and flowing. Thoroughly enjoyable and
                                                 - Rick Cargill, Superintendent

"Joe Tabers was the best instructor I have had in 40 years in the business.”

                                              - Robert L. Gagney, Service Manager

“99% of the participants rated their experience of the overall seminar as very good
or excellent. Thank you so much!”

                                          - Maribeth Bramlage, Education Specialist

               Productive Training Services, Inc. (734) 332-8770
                                 List of References

Listed below are some meeting planners we’ve worked with. Feel free to contact
them if you would like more information about Productive Training Services, Inc., Joe
Tabers or June Kenny.

     Williams International
      Bob Scherba, Vice President
      Finance & Administration                                           (248) 960-2415

     Detroit Newspapers
      Karen Santine, Training Coordinator                                (313) 222-2775

     American Society of Employers
      Donna Kutylowski, Contract Training Coordinator                    (248) 223-8008

     Chrysler Corporation
      Bill Kurolvech, Training Coordinator                               (248) 576-7143

     Valenite Corporation
      Christine McDermott, Director of Human Resources                   (248) 589-6274

Please let us know if you should need anything else. We look forward to the opportunity to
work with you and your team.

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