PPI+FORUM+ANNUAL+REPORT-2004-2005 by keralaguest


									Patient and Public Involvement Forum
           Working with, but independent of,

      South Essex Partnership Trust

           Annual Report
    1 April 2004 - 31 March 2005

Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS)
              Forum Support Organisation

         Commission for Patient & Public
             Involvement in Health
           Eastern Region, Cambridge
Forum Members                                      Date appointed
Roy Birch - Chair                                  December 2003
Ann G Brooker                                      December 2003
Gary Charvetto                                     February 2004
Linda Cook                                         January 2005
Joyce Culling – Vice Chair                         December 2003
Angela Garrard                                     February 2005
Bobbie Singer                                      October 2004
Caroline Stradling                                 March 2004
Bernard Tyler                                      November 2004

                                     Chair’s Report
During the year under review our membership fluctuated and we struggled to maintain
anything near a membership that could be as active as we would like. Nevertheless,
through informative visits, we began to familiarise ourselves with the vast range of mental
health and learning disability services provided across south Essex, by South Essex
Partnership Trust (SEPT). This is proving to be an extremely worthwhile ongoing piece of
work and we are grateful for the co-operation of Mike Waddington, Head of Patient & Public
Involvement, SEPT.

Although low membership restricted the amount of monitoring activity we were able to do,
through our various contacts we identified areas of concern and developed a work plan
accordingly. Our forum is presently reviewing occupational therapy, A&E services and
waiting times for mental health patients at Southend and Basildon Hospitals, improving
communications with patients and carers and reducing stigma. We are also promoting the
Forum’s work to encourage recruitment of additional members and public involvement. In
addition to our agreed work plan we also pursue other issues that are brought to us from
time to time.

Working with, but independent of, SEPT we have developed a good working relationship.
We have actively participated in SEPT service provision planning days for the year 2005/6
and have therefore had the opportunity to not only monitor the planning process, but also to
influence plans, based on patient feedback and knowledge gained as a result of our
informative visits. Additionally we are frequently invited by SEPT to participate in discussions
regarding proposed new services and to review proposed NHS/Government health policies.

We are disappointed with the poor public attendance at our meetings in public, however we
believe this to be a wide scale problem where meetings in public are concerned. In an
attempt to encourage more public awareness and participation we intend to deliver
PowerPoint presentations to a variety of groups in our locality and continue to use other
methods to raise the profile of PPIF.

Towards the end of 2004 our membership increased and we now have nine members.
Membership consists of people who have a wide range of skills and interests and I believe
we are now well placed to enter the next year with high expectations.

I could not end this report without thanking members for their hard work and determination or
without paying the forum’s thanks to our Forum Co-ordinator, Gill Dawson, who commands
enormous respect from all forum members and works tirelessly on our behalf.

                                 PPI FORUM MEETINGS
                    Members meet regularly on a monthly basis and have
                      held twelve informal meetings during the year.

                    The forum has held three meetings in public at which
                         public participation is always welcomed.

                       Forum Activities During the Year
In order to establish how the forum conducts its business and members’
conduct, the forum has:

Appointed Acting Chair & Vice Chair (made         Roy Birch and Joyce Culling
substantive in April 2005)

Agreed the CPPIH Members Code of Conduct          All members

Appointed Media Representatives                   Roy Birch and Joyce Culling (in liaison
                                                  with Co-ordinator and Forum)
Appointed a member to attend SEPT Board           Caroline Stradling

Nominated a member to Billericay, Brentwood &     Joyce Culling
Wickford PPI Forum

Appointed a member to the Essex PPI Forums        Caroline Stradling (deputy: Joyce Culling)
Representatives / CPPIH Group

Appointed a member to Regional Chairs /           Roy Birch (deputy: Joyce Culling)
Representatives’ Group

Appointed a member to the joint SAVS / PPIF       Caroline Stradling (deputy: Joyce Culling)
Publicity Group

Agreed with SEPT PPI Lead, CPPIH/NHS              All members
‘Principles for Effective Joint Working Between
PPI forums and NHS Organisations in Essex’

Agreed quarterly meetings with SEPT Chair         Roy Birch, Joyce Culling & Co-ordinator

Agreed an activity / work plan                    All members

Please note that newly appointed members will be incorporated

    Mapping their District
In order to familiarise themselves with the vast range of services provided by SEPT,
members have undertaken a range of informative visits, including:

          The Taylor Centre, Southend: Mental Health Resource Centre.
          Cherrydown Ward, Basildon Hospital: Continuing Care for older mentally ill
           patients from the Basildon district.
          Benton’s Farm, South Ockendon: Learning Disability Day Service, providing
           sheltered training specialising in valued work based activities.
          Ashingdon Ward, Runwell Hospital: Assessment ward for older people with an
           organic mental illness, from Southend, Castle Point and Rochford districts.
          Elm Ward, Runwell Hospital: Sampled Hospital Catering
          Steeple View, Runwell Hospital: Forensic, low secure rehabilitation.
          Sankey House, Basildon: Open referral, drug and alcohol service.

These visits have not only given members an insight into the services provided, but have
also afforded them an opportunity to meet and speak with services users and staff, sharpen
their focus for future visits and further develop their work plans.

    Promotion of Forum
Members have promoted the PPI Forum through attendance at conferences, display stands,
informative visits, High Street events, leaflet handouts, etc. Members have links with
Service User Groups, various mental health organisations/associations, local patient
advocacy groups (SEENA), Citizens Advice Bureau and voluntary services contacts which
are all very useful networking opportunities. The forum also has regular reporting space in
newsletters/magazines, including, ‘SAVS Newsletter’ and ‘Your News’, a SEPT magazine
for service users and friends. Forums have also publicised their work and role in Southend
Borough’s Civic News. Meetings in public are advertised via local media, libraries, Civic
Centre, SAVS and many other groups and organisations that we have made contact with. A
joint SAVS Forums’ Publicity Group was formed towards the end of 2004 and
representatives from each of our four Forums have been working with Forum co-ordinators
and SAVS publicity assistant on promotional materials and joint publicity events. As a result
of this work joint we designed flyers, pop-up display boards, organised a successful High
Street publicity drive, and plan further publicity events and presentations to local groups.

    Recruitment to Forum
Great efforts have been made to recruit additional members to our forum. We started out
with just six members and lost two within the first couple of months. As our forum covers the
whole of south Essex (500 square miles and 700,000 population), this made the need for
recruitment imperative. We have made countless postal and personal contacts and sought
and taken every opportunity that we can to get our numbers up. The Forum has participated
at health partners’ events with PPI displays and in all of our publicity we emphasise that we
are still recruiting to the forum. We have worked with the Eastern Regional CPPIH and also
put considerable effort into a proposal for Development Funds for south Essex full-page
newspaper advertising. Unfortunately our proposal was rejected by the CPPIH. Some of
our efforts have been fruitful and membership now stands at nine. We are also aware of two
further applicants who are awaiting confirmation of their appointment to the Forum.

The following is an illustrative rather than exhaustive list of some of the contacts that have
been made to promote the Forum and to encourage recruitment and patient and public

      Phoenix Advocacy
      Southend Advocacy Services
      MIND
      Rethink, Hadleigh
      MACA
      Home Start
      Essex Racial Equality Council
      Southend District Mental Health Association
      Multi Cultural Association
      Marigold Family Resource Centre
      HARP (homeless night and day centres)
      Cluny Square, Hamlet Court, and Shoeburyness Information Shops
      Milton Community Partnership
      Citizens’ Advice Bureaux (Southend, Rochford/Rayleigh, Castle Point, Wickford
      The Dove Project
      Basildon & Thurrock Independent Advocacy Service
      National Childbirth Trust
      Southend Police Community Liaison
      Shopmobility
      Terrence Higgins Trust
      Service User Groups
      South East Essex Advocacy for Older People
      Informative Visits to SEPT Services
      Media Publicity, meetings in public, regular forum updates in a variety of outlets.

    Monitoring / Reviewing of NHS Services
Through many contacts and informative visits areas of concern were identified and
have formed the basis of activities/workplan. Lead members have been nominated for
some activities, however all issues are considered and agreed by the forum:

Activity                                                                  Lead Members

Informative visits (mapping district): To familiarise members with All members
the full range of services provided by SEPT

Monitoring PALS: As well as the forum monitoring the level of             All members /
complaints a member was invited to join the PALS Review Group             Joyce Culling

A& E Mental Health Services: Concern over lengthy waits and               Caroline Stradling,
waiting conditions. Presently undertaking a comparative study             Roy Birch /
between Southend and Basildon Hospitals’ A&E services for patients        All members
with mental health problems.

Occupational Therapy Inpatient Services: In response to service           Bobbie Singer
users’ complaints the forum raised the issue of insufficient OT for       Ann Brooker /
inpatients. The Trust has now assured us that they have their full PT     All members
complement. We will continue to monitor.


Activity                                                                 Lead Members
Communication Barrier, not all staff speak fluent English: In            Roy Birch /
response to raising this concern, the Trust has advised that they are    All members
shortly to undertake an audit in ward areas of the effectiveness of

Staff Presence on Wards: This issue was raised with the Trust and        Caroline Stradling
there now appears to be an improvement in the situation. We will         Roy Birch /
continue to monitor.                                                     All members

Reducing Stigma: Members are keen to reduce the stigma so often          Joyce Culling /
attached to people with mental health problems / learning disabilities   All members
and are presently considering ways in which to progress this piece of
work, especially improving the understanding of young people.

Senior Nurses Administrative Workload: Members were aware                Roy Birch /
that the heavy administrative workload was taking time that could be     All members
spent with patients. This matter has yet to be taken forward.

Patient Environmental Action Team (PEAT): The forum was                  Ann Brooker
invited to participate in a series of PEAT assessments of SEPT. The
assessment covers issues such as cleanliness & tidiness, infection
control, environment, access, food and food service, privacy &
dignity. A member participated in six assessments.

Proposed Neurological Study: Put forward a proposal for an               Bernard Tyler
Essex Health Overview and Scrutiny Study to ‘Determine the               All members
incidence in broadest sense of frequency, range and impact, of
neurological conditions in south Essex, to include social and
economic consequences for families, carers and the wider
community, as well as for patients. We await news as to whether or
not this proposal has been accepted.

MACA Homes, Southend and Westcliff: A forum member alerted               All members
the forum to concerns about long-term consideration about closure of
two local homes. Our concern was for the uncertainty for the future
of residents. Southend PCT has advised us that they are awaiting
further information from their Surveyors and Architects and will keep
us advised. We will continue to monitor.

Benton’s Farm, South Ockendon: Following a visit to Benton’s             All members
Farm staff raised concerns about the future of this service. The
Trust has advised that following the government’s paper ‘Valuing
People’ sought the modernisation of learning disability services and
encourage Joint health and Social Commissioners to look at who is
best able to provide services with a more social, rather than a mental
health, focus. They were in the early stages of a review and any
changes that are recommended will be subject to full staff and public
consultations, including Overview & Scrutiny. The PPI will be kept
informed of developments as they occur. We will continue to monitor.

Cherrydown, (long term care) Basildon Hospital: From a                   All members
‘demonstration’ by relatives/carers we understood that there were
plans to close this long stay ward at Basildon Hospital. We have
raised the matter with the Trust and the situation has been clarified.           Continued/…

It has been confirmed that they are currently carrying out a review on
the best position for this ward. Apparently plans were agreed with
South Essex Health Authority in 1998 that it should be placed in the
community. The contract at that time was with Southend Community
Care NHS Trust, but nothing had been done. SEPT is currently
carrying out a space utilisation exercise of all their services on the
Basildon Hospital site. One option under consideration was whether
or not to focus all continuing care services at Thurrock Hospital.
Relatives/carers believed that a decision had been taken and were
unhappy, hence the demonstration. The Chief Executive has met
with relatives and assured them that the Thurrock Option has been
removed. Consideration will be given to where Cherrydown might be
best placed in the future and the Trust will go through the normal
consultation process of involving service users, carers, Overview &
Scrutiny, PPI and other appropriate forums before any decision is
made. We will continue to monitor.
Serious Untoward Incidents: Members have been invited to join a          Bernard Tyler
SEPT panel, which reviews Serious Untoward Incidents.                    Joyce Culling

    Learning & Development
Members have participated in a wide range of learning and development opportunities
including the following:

CPPIH:         Members Welcome Days
               Members Induction Days
               Monitoring a Service
               CPPIH Regional Forum Conference - Basildon
               Working as a Forum Member
               Communications Workshop
               Patient Involvement Empowerment Conference
               Equality & Diversity

SAVS:          Best Practice Day – Effective participation in Statutory Agency Forums
               Risk Management
               Strategic Planning
               Disability Discrimination Act

SEPT:          Various Workshops and Conferences, etc.

Essex Strategic Health Authority: Various Workshops and Conferences, etc.

The Forum has also learned more about services through presentations and question/
answer opportunities at forum meetings:

           Mayor, Cllr Roger Weaver spoke about his experience and interest in mental
            health and his two chosen mental health charities for the year (The Peaceful
            Place and the Growing Together Project).
           Services provided by SEPT – Faye Halton, SEPT
           Patient Advice & Liaison Services (PALS) - Steve Rabbitts, SEPT
           Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) PowHer – Nick Chaundy
           Patient and Public Involvement, SEPT – Mike Waddington, PPI Manager, SEPT.
           Services offered by Basildon MIND – Amanda McArdle and
           Patricia Holdsworth, Basildon MIND.

          Application for Mental Health Foundation Trust status – Dr Patrick Geoghegan,
           Chief Executive, SEPT.
          Update on application for Mental Health Foundation Trust status – Jai Tout, Chair
           and Dr Patrick Geoghegan, Chief Executive, SEPT.
          Public Health, Dr Andrea Atherton, Director of Public Health – spoke to our joint
           forum conference.
          Southend Hospital’s proposed Diagnostic & Treatment Centre: David
           Brackenbury spoke to our first joint Forum meeting.

In addition members have obtained a comprehensive range of reports, e.g. Commission for
Health Improvement, Annual Reports, CPPIH Members Handbook,

    Working with, but independent of, SEPT
The forum has developed a good relationship working with, but independent of, SEPT.
Whether as PPIF members, through their own positions in the community or, in some
cases, as services users they have regular networking opportunities with service
providers, services users/carers and members of the public. The following list is
given as an example of some of the areas in which members have been involved in
working with the Trust and in helping patients and the public to influence services:

      Service User Involvement and Empowerment Group
      Board Meetings
      Service Planning Days – Older People, Adult Mental Health
      Annual Planning Day
      Freedom of Information Act - Workshop
      Early Intervention and Home Treatment - Workshop
      Rochford 21 Scheme: To help select contractors who will do the work on the
       Rochford Hospital reprovision.
      Meeting with PPI Lead on PPI/Trust working together
      Quarterly meetings with SEPT Chair
      Informative Visits to Services (inpatient and community)
      Review of Disability Discrimination Act - workshop
      Copying Medical Letters to Patients - workshop.
      Advance Directives - workshop
      SEPT Application for Mental Health Foundation Status - conference / workshop
      Update on Application for Mental Health Foundation Status - conference / workshop

    Working with Others
Members have also participated in meetings, conferences and workshops with health
partners and in the community, for example:

      Anglia Polytechnic University: Consultative Conference on pre-registration Inter-
       professional learning in health and social care.
      Democratic Health Network Consultation
      Standards for the Performance and Ethics of Mental Health Nursing – United
       Kingdom Reference Group Meeting - Nursing and Midwifery Council
      Essex Strategic Health Authority
      Carers’ Conference – Grays
      Southend Carers’ Forum – Mental Health Day
      Inequalities in Mental Health ALPHA/ / UK Public Health Association

      Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee – workshop and put forward proposal for
       scrutiny of neurological services.

Individual members have many opportunities to network within the community both as PPI
representatives and within their personal lives, e.g. SEENA (local patient advocacy group),
Citizens Advice Bureaux, working with RISE on the Recovery Model, working with RETHINK
Employment Services on their Service Advisory Group and networking regularly with South
Essex User Involvement Network, etc.

    Working with other Forums
      ‘Shaping Health’: In September 2004 members of SAVS four PPI Forums (Castle
       Point & Rochford, Southend Hospital, Southend Primary Care and South Essex
       Partnership) held a Joint Forum Conference / Workshop. Guest Speakers included,
       Chief Officers from SAVS and CAVS, Dr Andrea Atherton, Director of Public Health
       and Mike Waddington, PPI Manager, South Essex Partnership Trust. There was
       ample time to ask questions, for group-work and feedback. It was a very successful
       and informative day, highlighting the benefits of joint forum working.

      SAVS Joint Forum Conference 2005: A further, high profile, Joint Forum
       Conference will be arranged for later this year.

      SAVS Joint Forum Meetings: Members of the four forums have also begun
       working together on areas of common concern / interest. In March we held our first
       joint forum meeting with a presentation by the Chief Executive of Southend Hospital
       giving an update on their position regarding their application for Foundation Trust
       Status. Meetings will be held on a regular basis (probably quarterly) during the
       forthcoming year.

      SAVS Joint Forum Publicity Group: Representatives from each of the Forums are
       working with Forum Co-ordinators and SAVS publicity assistant on PPI promotion
       and recruitment. The Group has been meeting since November 2004 and has
       arranged a joint publicity event, designed draft pop-up display boards and worked
       together with a CPPIH representative on the design of a full-page newspaper
       promotion for a bid for development funds from the CPPIH. Unfortunately the bid
       was unsuccessful, but hopefully our efforts can be utilised in some other way.

      Essex PPI Forum Members’ Representatives’ Group: This group has been up
       and running for almost a year now. Meetings are quarterly and give members an
       opportunity to network Essex wide and to meet with representatives of the CPPIH
       and Essex Strategic Health Authority.

      Eastern Region PPI Forum Chairs / Representatives’ Group: The Regional
       Group held its first meeting in January and the next meeting is in May 2005.

    Summary of Future Activities / Work Plan 2005/6
Please note that many of the activities that we have embarked upon during 2004/5 and
as detailed earlier in this report will be continued into 2005/6

Activity             Outline Description                          Proposed outcome
Conducting           During this first full year members have     Much of what we have
Business             appointed a Chair, Vice Chair, Media         done in this area has been
                     Representatives and nominated                by way of establishing the
                     members to represent the forum at a          Forum and its norms. The
                     broad range of health partners’ groups,      group is increasing in
                     meetings, forums, etc. They have             numbers and has formed /
                     agreed to abide by the CPPIH Code of         is forming a strong basis
                     Conduct and agreed with SEPT to              on which to grow.
                     adopt ‘Principals for Effective Joint
                     Working Between PPI forums and NHS
                     Organisations in Essex’. They have
                     established a pattern of meetings and
                     agreed an Activities/ Work plan.
                     (Details of representatives can be found
                     on P: 3 of this report)

Mapping the          Continue to undertake informative /          Gain a broader knowledge
District             educational visits to familiarise            of services and meet with
                     themselves with the full range of            service users
Approximately        services provided by the Trust.              relatives/carers and staff.
500 square miles     (Details of visits to date can be found on   These visits will also help
and 700,000 people   P: 3 of this report).                        to inform future monitoring
                                                                  visits and work plans.
                     As a secondary advantage, informative        Promote PPI Forums,
                     visits are also an excellent way to          raise public awareness
                     promote the PPI, advise patients/carers      and develop relationships.
                     and staff about our role and
                     responsibilities and to develop

                     Continue to invite representatives of        Opportunities for the forum
                     health and health related services to        and members of the public
                     give informative presentations to forum      to learn more about
                     meetings and meetings in public.             mental health and learning
                                                                  disability services
                     (Details of presentations to date can be     provision and support and
                     found on P: 7 of this report)                encourage public
Promotion &          Members will continue to promote the         Raise public awareness
Patient & Public     forum and encourage patient and public       and participation.
Involvement          participation.

                     (Details of work to date can be found on
                     P: 3 /4 of this report)


Activity             Outline Description                          Proposed outcome
Recruitment &        Through our concerted efforts                Increased membership will
Retention            membership is increasing. Members            better enable the forum to
                     will persist in their efforts to recruit,    undertake its statutory
                     support and retain members.                  duties.
                     (Details of contacts to date can be
                     found on P: 4 of this report.)

Monitoring           The Forum plans to continue to               The forum will be
Services             undertake informative visits.                responsive to the health
                                                                  needs and concerns of the
                     We will also undertake monitoring visits     community, encouraging
                     during the forthcoming year.                 them to participate in
                                                                  shaping delivery services
                     We will continue to pursue areas of          to meet their needs.
                     concern as detailed in our activities /      In undertaking our
                     work plans for 2004/5. (For details          statutory responsibilities
                     please see p: 5/6 of this report).           we will endeavour to
                                                                  ensure that we are truly
                     We will be responsive to concerns as         representative of the
                     and when we become aware.                    people of south Essex.

Learning &            Members will participate in appropriate     Improved knowledge,
Development          learning and development opportunities.      experience, understanding
                     We will also utilise and maximise the        and confidence.
                     knowledge, experience and skills of
                     members’ within the group.
                     We will seek to identify members’
                     unmet needs and seek to address.
                     (For details of learning & development
                     to date please see P: 6/7 of this report.)

Working with, but    Whilst maintaining its independence the      Continue to maintain a
independently of,    Forum will continue to work with the         professional spirit of co-
South Essex          Trust.                                       operation between the
Partnership                                                       Trust and PPI Forum.
                     (Details of participation for 2004/5 can
                     be found on p: 7 of this report.)            Representing patients and
                                                                  the public and ensuring
                                                                  that their views help to
                                                                  influence services.
Working with         Members will continue to network with a      Ensure that patient and
others               wide range of health and health related      public involvement views
                     partners, user groups, support groups,       are heard and considered
                     etc.                                         widely and at all levels.

                     (Details of working with others to date
                     can be found on P: 7/8 of this report.)

Working with other   Where ‘joint’ work is indicated we will      Eliminating duplication.
PPI Forums           continue to work with other forums.          Maximising available
                     Details of examples of working together      resources. Increasing
                     during the past year can be found on p:      spirit of co-operation
                     8 of this report.                            between forums.

    CPPIH Activity / Development Fund
Forums were automatically allocated access to £500 each to support their work plans. We
were advised that there was no cut off date for spending this £500. Additionally forums were
invited to submit bids for a share of the CPPIH Development Fund. We were advised that if
successful the Development Fund money had to be spent by the 31 March 2005. Our four
local forums submitted a proposal for Development Funds, but their bid was rejected.
Unfortunately due to misinformation about the cut off date for the £500 the forum was unable
to fully utilise their allocated £500. Members wish to register to the CPPIH and others that
they need to be given clear information and definitive terms of reference. Considerable time
and effort was effectively wasted.

Type of Funding             How the funding was spent

Activity Fund (£500)        Two Members attended a Democratic Health Network Event,
                            supported by the Department of Health ‘Consultation on Health:
                            working together’ and they were able to share their experience
                            with the forum. The total cost of this conference for two members
                            was £211.50.

Development Fund            Acknowledging the need for local public awareness and
                            recruitment our four local forums submitted a joint bid for full-
                            page newspaper advertisements across south Essex together
                            with freepost PPIF contact address for public feedback.
                            Members were very disappointed that their bid was rejected.


On behalf of the PPI Forum, working with, but independent of South Essex Partnership
Trust, I / we confirm that the above is an accurate record of our recent activity and future
work plans.


Name:          Roy Birch, Chair



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