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									Step - move quickly accepted google adsense

thank you for taking your time to read the article that makes you profitable

You will not regret having read and follow the steps - steps that I've ever done for google
adsense to be received in one day, even from the first day but as soon as 1 hour if google
adsense send you an email receipt to be a member of the GA (google adsense)

okay I will not be prolonged to write based on my experience

Step by step accepted google adsense

1. Your first created first email account from google because apart from google you probably will
not be approved, create an email account at for you who do not have a gmail

2. for the second stage you create your website or blog, or if necessary to free the
after the blog post you've made your article as much as possible at least 4 article, you should
use your article speak english. because if you use a language other than English blog you will not
be approved

3. fill the gadget your site map, and yes quite fill the gadget stats maps and stats, because of the
stats you can google balance and find out how many visitors just use stats from your blogger

4. the latter is now a powerful and cause to be accepted by Google Adsense, register your blog
and yourself to docstoc docstoc because of their work with google adsense and from docstoc
will help you have a google adsense to register on docstoc click this http://www . /
from docstoc make sure you do not already have an account with google adsense

5. You will receive a message from google adsense to complete and submit your application,
then select an application from google adsense which enables access docstoc

and so on about your content

6. 've finished you will definitely accepted by google adsense and receive messages from google
adsense, you send the applications have been approved I assure you.

likely to receive a message from google adsense google depending on how fast they send
messages to your email

okeee goood luck
good luck do not forget if you've received, we stop by here and share with each other
oimrohiman (Abdul Rohim)

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