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                        January 13, 2010

                                    Next Meeting:
                                  February 10, 2010

Jessica Cardwell, Brenda Heim, Kristin Tollison, Katie Dunford, Donna Marget,
Marcia Treno, Sheryl Kasdan, Linnéa Fonnest, Charlene Barghini, Alex Olmanson,
Chris Olmanson, Chace Anderson, Angela Haseman, Bob Wittman, Terese Atkins,
Susan Bongaarts, Kelly Goddard, Lynn Zemlin, Katy Hemmah and Carol Bergenstal

Jessica Cardwell called the meeting to order and welcomed Terese Atkins and
Susan Bongaarts from Hennepin County and Mary Eckberg, Parent Education Manager,
Family Learning Center. Linnéa Fonnest was also welcomed back from maternity leave!

   December CICC minutes were approved, as written.

   Sheryl Kasdan and Kristin Tollison explained that plans are finalized for this
    event with city and school district leadership that will take place next week, with
    an anticipated attendance of 50.
   Kristin and Sheryl expressed thanks to CICC members who offered to serve as
    Table Hosts.

   Brenda Heim, Executive Director of CfKI, and Mary Eckberg, Parent Education
     Manager for Wayzata's Family Learning Center, provided an overview of this
     coordinated effort in the Wayzata School District (among the Family Learning
     Center, IOCP and a network of quality child care providers in the community) to
     insure that all children enter kindergarten ready to learn.
   A "web of support" is provided to children from low income families through
     CfKI that includes scholarships, parent education and family support.
   Scholarships range from $4,000 to $10,000 per child, depending on the age of the
     child and the need for full or part-time care and education.
   Tracking systems are being put in place to provide outcome data that will
     demonstrate the impact of CfKI on a child's success in school.
   Preliminary data shows a positive correlation between a child's involvement in
     CfKI and his/her success in school.
   Home visits to families provide a key link that helps develop trust and provides
     much needed support and resources for families.

      Almost half the children come from families where languages other than English
       are spoken at home.
      Parent coaching on lifestyle issues such as how to make sure your child catches
       the bus, tips on preparing food for a family, keeping track of deadlines in the
       school year, etc. are provided.
      This is a time-intensive --- and often challenging --- process for staff, but the
       results are very encouraging.
      The development of staff relationships (including Family Learning Center and
       IOCP staff) with parents also helps with the early identification of mental or
       chemical health issues in a family --- and then provides the opportunity for staff to
       help identify appropriate resources for the family.
      Fundraising for CfKI is an ongoing process, sometimes complicated by the fact
       that many foundations are not interested in funding direct scholarships.
      Nevertheless, over $166,000 from grants and events was raised between April 1,
       2009 and December 31, 2009.
      CfKI is in discussion regarding the possibility of developing an integrated
       fundraising process with IOCP.
      Conversations have also been held with former Congressman Jim Ramstad about
       the possibility of using the scalable, replicable model of CfKI to seek federal and
       state funding.
      Susan Bongaarts and Terese Atkins from Hennepin County agreed to help set-up
       a meeting with appropriate County staff to help explain the process for families
       on the Child Care Assistance Program wait list.
      Kelly Goddard from CAPSH offered the services of CAPSH (access to cars,
       energy assistance) to families who are part of CfKI.
      Access to used clothing was identified as a need for many CfKI families. Bob
       Wittman encouraged staff to inform families about the clothing shelf available at
       PRISM in Golden Valley. (
      Jessica explained that IOCP publishes a "weekly needs" e-mail to identify needs,
       including clothing, of IOCP clients. Donors are then able to respond to a specific

Wayzata Community Clinic
      Kristin Tollison represented the CICC at the quarterly Clinic Advisory Group meeting on
       January 12.
      Park Nicollet is considering the possibility of opening up the availability of the
       Community Clinic in Wayzata and the Central Community Clinic in St Louis Park to the
       children and youth of the Hopkins School District.
      This may result in an additional 1/2 day of services that would be available at the
       Wayzata Community Clinic, which would be greatly advantageous for our community, as
      Brooklyn Center High School, with support of Park Nicollet and other funders, is in the
       process of opening a school based clinic that will provide medical and mental health
       services to students.

IOCP Sleep Out
    Jessica reported that over $1.4 million, toward the goal of $2 million, has been
    IOCP's fiscal year does not end until March 31, so it is anticipated that even more
      funds will be donated.
    WHS student Peter Larson exceeded his personal fundraising goal for the Sleep
      Out and raised $110,000!
Walk for Water
    Chris and Alex reported that $1,000 has been raised for this fundraiser where
      Wayzata students walked to and from school each day in December to raise funds
      for clean water for a school in Kenya and to symbolize the walk that kids all over
      the world make every day for water.
    The last day of the walk (from Greenwood to WHS) the participants went
Plymouth Library
    Linnea reported that the new Plymouth Library will open this spring.
    The building is winning accolades for its environmental attributes.
    The new library will be open 7 days a week --- and 4 evenings.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Bergenstal

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Room A 413, Central Middle School


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