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					McMillan Children’s Centre

Happy and healthy, living and learning.
Our vision
To work together to create a happy community where all children, parents and staff do their best
and achieve great things.


Nursery School

   Children may access their 15 hour / Full time free entitlement at the Nursery School.

   Any additional time requested will be charged according to McMillan Daycare rates.

   A voluntary School Fund is operated at the school. (This is currently £1.00 per pupil per week).

   Parents are asked (on admission) to pay a voluntary contribution of £1 towards Pupil Insurance
    which covers personal accident in school and on visits.

   In discussions and as response to a questionnaire, staff and parents endorse the view that
    visits were an important part of the nursery programme. It was agreed that annual fund raising
    should be undertaken to raise monies to subsidise at least one visit during a child’s time at
    McMillan. If necessary, small voluntary contributions could be invited from parents to further
    subsidise these visits.

McMillan Daycare

       McMillan Daycare provides education and care for children aged 0-5. Funding for this
        provision comes from a range of sources including the 3-4 year funding, paid daycare,
        places funded by Hull College, Social Services, 2 Year Pilot Funding etc.

       Charging is based on an hourly rate of £3.6 for children aged 2-5, and £4.10 for children
        aged 0-2 (This partially reflects the increased cost of caring for younger children due to
        higher staffing ratios). These rates are reviewed annually.

       In line with established Children’s Centre policy, annual fund raising will be undertaken to
        raise monies to subsidise any visits undertaken during a child’s time at McMillan Daycare. If
        necessary, small voluntary contributions could be invited from parents to further subsidise
        these visits.

Family Support

       Parents accessing Stay and Play sessions organised by Family Support staff will be invited
        to make a voluntary contribution of £1 per session towards costs of the session.

       In line with established Children’s Centre policy, annual fund raising will be undertaken to
        raise monies to subsidise any visits undertaken. If necessary, small voluntary contributions
        could be invited from parents to further subsidise these visits.
     Children’s Centre Supported Childcare places - some funding is available through
      Children’s Centre budget to support the cost of childcare places for families in particular
      need, who may be working with the Family Support team or other partner organisations.
      Criteria for allocation of this limited funding is attached as Appendix 1 to this policy.

Room Hire

     Rooms at the Centre are available for a range of uses including meetings, training, contact

     Hull College pay an annual fee for preferential use of training rooms. When these rooms
      are not in use by College groups, they can be used by others.

     Room Hire fees are not charged to key Children’s Centre partner organisations which are
      helping to contribute to the objectives and reach numbers of the Centre (eg. Health, Social
      Services, Health Visitors etc.)

     Use of rooms by other groups, such as profit-making groups or organisations would incur a
      room hire fee to cover costs of caretaking and cleaning, and to generate income for the

     Requests to use rooms out of usual Children’s Centre hours will be facilitated where
      possible, however this may incur an additional fee if there is an additional cost to the Centre
      for the Senior Site Facilities Officer being required to work overtime.

  Appendix 1

      May 2009
Appendix 1

McMillan Children’s Centre – Supported Childcare Funding

The following document outlines the procedure for the allocation of additional children’s centre
funding for nursery places.

Request for funding

Requests for children’s centre funding may be made through completion of a children’s centre
referral form. This form should state specifics around the request for additional funding. The
children’s centre will make contact with the referrer to obtain any additional information required in
making a decision around additional funding.

Procedure for allocation of funding

When an additional funding referral is received, a meeting will be held to assess the need on an
individual basis. This meeting will include key people involved in the care of the child.
Families will be given priority with additional funding if:
     A common assessment has been undertaken and has identified need for additional nursery
     A parent or carer is suffering with their physical health, mental health or from stress.
     The family are considered to be at risk.
     The family have involvement with the family resource centre.
     The family have involvement with the family support team.

Following the meeting a decision will be made as to whether funding will be available to the family
and how much funding they will receive, subject to approval by the Head of Centre. The family will
be notified by letter as to this decision. Where funding is granted, the letter will contain details as
to the amount of time the child will receive and expected start and finish dates for additional
nursery time.

Procedure for the monitoring of additional funding

On receipt of additional funding, the family will be allocated a family support worker. This worker
will monitor the child’s additional nursery time on a monthly basis with the nursery staff and
management. Families will be notified by letter, four weeks prior to additional nursery funding

When a child is in receipt of additional nursery funding, attendance will be monitored. Children’s
centre management may withdraw additional nursery funding if they feel a child is not attending

If additional funding is required beyond the original agreed date, a meeting will be held to re-
assess the needs of the family. If funding is agreed the family will be notified by letter as to details
of the extended time.

Supported Childcare Budget Monitoring

The Centre Leadership Team and Admin & Finance staff will monitor spend of the budget
allocation for Supported Childcare through the year to ensure effective deployment of resources
and avoid under/overspends.

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