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					BOS Update
Current state-
Revised stage 6 syllabus and assessment, exam specifications
More short answer- 4,6,8 marks
Will be sticking to hsc question guidelines
Explore objectives in terms of internal assessment
Currently revising the standards package, removing old questions

2011 stats- popularity is based upon positive experiences in stage 5
Preliminary 17284
HSC 14893 (85%) retention rate
1 in 5 students in nsw doing pdhpe

One of most popular electives in stage 5

Aust curriculum
Phase 3- hpe
Not necessarily the time frame, based upon phases, can overtake and come before others- speculation
Ministers statement- hpe core learning requirement K-10
Positive for us, mandatory in every year

Drafts out in a couple of weeks- phase 1 subjects
Stage structure will stay, life skills 7-10
No intention of changing hours in 7-10
Shape paper out 2nd half of this year
12 months in schools before implementation- 2014 earliest time for possible change
Focus on now, because there is a great deal of time
Push hard when shape paper comes out
No changes in next little while bc of national curriculum

Review of school certificate, no decisions have been made
Look at when they receive results, given when they finish school?
Include school based assessment, how is that moderated?
Broaden the achievements acknowledged, include community involvement, d of e?
Will be here for next couple of years
Do we need it, tests? How do we then moderate it?

Online marking- number doing it will be increased

18% students in nsw achieve sc as highest level of schooling. Important thing to consider

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