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									                                Work Made for Hire Agreement

       Agreement made on the (date), between (Name of Owner) of (street address, city, state,
zip code), referred to herein as Owner, and (Name of Designer), of (street address, city, state,
zip code), referred to herein as Designer.

      For and in consideration of the mutual covenants contained in this Agreement, and other
good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

1.     Owner has specially commissioned Designer to create the materials described in
Exhibit A attached to this Agreement (the Work).

2.       Designer agrees and acknowledges that the Work is a work made for hire, as that term
is defined in Section 101 of Title 17 of the United States Code (the Copyright Act). As a work
made for hire, the Work is the sole property of Owner. Owner has the unlimited and unrestricted
right to reproduce the Work, to distribute the Work, to create derivative materials based on the
Work, to publicly display the Work, to publicly perform the Work, and to transmit the Work
digitally or by any other means.

3.      If all or part of the Work is, for any reason, deemed not to be a work made for hire,
Designer agrees to execute all documents necessary to transfer to Owner the ownership of any
and all rights Designer may have in the Work, including but not limited to copyrights.

4.      To the extent that Designer has any moral rights or similar rights in the Work, under the
law of any jurisdiction, Designer waives those rights. In particular, Designer waives any right to
have the Work attributed to Designer or to prevent the Work from being modified, edited,
transformed, or otherwise adapted as Owner may deem necessary.

5.      Designer agrees to deliver the completed Work to Owner no later than (date). The Work
will be delivered in the following format: (describe format).

6.    Designer acknowledges that Designer acted as an independent contractor in creating
the Work and that Designer is not an employee or agent of Owner.

7.      As consideration for the Work, Owner will pay Designer $___________ payable as
follows: (schedule of payments).

8.     Except for material in the public domain or obtained with permission from its owner,
Designer represents and warrants that each element of the Work is original material created by
Designer. Designer further represents and warrants that the Work does not infringe the
copyright, trademark, patent, moral rights, right of privacy, or right of publicity of any third party
or contain any defamatory material.

9.      The invalidity of any portion of this Agreement will not and shall not be deemed to affect
the validity of any other provision. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, the
parties agree that the remaining provisions shall be deemed to be i
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