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BUOA 1110

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					                            SHAWNEE STATE UNIVERSITY
                                       COURSE SYLLABUS

                                          BUOA 1110
                       Beginning Document Processing

Credit Hours:

Course Description:
A study of the touch system of keyboarding and the 10-key pad at the personal computer as well
as an introduction to document processing.

Goals and Objectives:
The goals of this course are as follows:
      Develop the ability to keyboard by touch at an acceptable rate of speed
      Develop an understanding of how to use word processing software for the production of
       business letters, memos, and short reports
      Develop the ability to use the 10-key pad at an acceptable rate of speed
      Develop the ability to proofread accurately and use proper correction techniques

The objectives of this course are as follows:
       Students who complete this course will be able to correctly use the alphabetic, number,
        and symbol keys as evidenced by class projects.
       Students who complete this course will be able to properly format and key mailable
        business letters as evidenced by class projects and exams.
       Students who complete this course will be able to properly format and key interoffice
        memos as evidenced by class projects and exams.
       Students who complete this course will be able to properly format and key short reports,
        multipage business reports, and academic reports as evidenced by class projects and
       Students who complete this course will be able to use the 10-key numeric keypad for
        entering numbers as evidenced by class assignments.
       Students who complete this course will be able to keyboard at an acceptable rate of
        speed as evidenced by 3-minute timed writings.

Student Responsibilities
Attendance: Class attendance is necessary to acquire usable keyboarding skills. Graded problems
cannot be completed outside the classroom. Class attendance is mandatory for this work, which
must be completed under the supervision of the professor. A zero is recorded for all work missed
during an unexcused absence. Students missing class because of legitimate reasons must consult
with the instructor by telephone concerning the absence. Legitimate absences do not excuse the
student from class responsibilities. Examples of reasons to be excused by the instructor are serious
illnesses, death in the family, or institutional activities. Documentation for absences may be

You are responsible for the activities of each class period. Assignments are due as stated on the
attached weekly schedule. Assignments turned in one class late will receive half credit.
Assignments turned in one or more weeks late will receive no credit.

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Academic Integrity: You are required to do your own work on all tests and assignments. Any form
of cheating may result in a grade penalty or your being withdrawn from the course as well as
dismissal from the University. See page 38 of the Shawnee State University catalog.

University Disability Statement
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
require Shawnee State University to provide reasonable academic adjustments or
accommodations for students with documented disabilities which would not compromise the
integrity of the academic program. Examples of documented disabilities include physical,
psychiatric, and/or learning impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities of
the student. Students seeking academic adjustments or accommodations must self-identify with
the Coordinator of Disability Services, Student Success Center, Massie Hall, 740-351-3276.
After meeting with the Coordinator, students are encouraged to meet with their instructors to
discuss their needs, and if applicable, any lab safety concerns related to their disabilities.

50% of the final grade—Three-Minute Timings (Four Attempts Per Week)
        The timed-writing grade will be determined by the student’s performance on three-minute
        timings and will only be accepted if completed during class time with the instructor
        present. These timings must be turned in immediately upon completion and will not be
        accepted later in the class session.

        Timed writings will be given throughout the semester. You must reach the same speed
        range at least twice, with not more than three errors, in order for the grade to be counted.

                 A—35 WPM                  C—25-29 WPM                F—19 WPM and below
                 B—30-34 WPM               D—20-24 WPM

30% of the final grade—Graded Problems (mailability) and Final Exam (percentage scale below)
        All graded problems are required to be in mailable copy form and will be graded using
        the following scale:

                 A—Perfect Copy            C—2 Uncorrected Errors             F—4 or More Errors
                 B—1 Uncorrected Error     D—3 Uncorrected Errors

20% of the final grade—Daily Drill Work
        Points will be given for daily drill work. Each lesson completed on the day it is assigned will
        be worth 20 points. Work completed one class late will be worth 10 points. Work
        completed more than one class late will receive no credit.

        At the end of the semester all the points will be totaled and a grade assigned according
        to the following percentages:

                 A:       90-100%
                 B:       80-89%
                 C:       70-79%
                 D:       60-69%
                 F:       Below 60%

        The final exam will consist of three-minute timings and a written test over Lessons 1-26.

Instructional Delivery Method:
This class will be conducted onsite.

Lectures/Demonstrations: The first part of each class will be used to highlight the important material
within each lesson using interactive discussions, group work, and computer demos.

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Labs: The remainder of the class will be hands-on learning, facilitated by the instructor. You will
work at your own pace during this portion of the class to learn the lesson material and/or complete
projects and assignments.

Deadlines will be set as you progress through the semester.

Licensure or Accreditation Statement
Not applicable

Topics to be Covered

 Week            Lesson                          Topic                          Date Completed
   1      Lesson 1
                                 Home Keys
                                 New Keys: H E O R
   2      Lessons 2, 3, 4        New Keys: M T P C
                                 New Keys: Right Shift V , W

          Lessons 5, 6, 7        New Keys: I Left Shift - G
                                 New Keys: U B : X

                                 New Keys: Y , Q /
   4      Lessons 8, 9, 10       New Keys: N Z ? Tab
                                 Number Keys: 5 7 3 9
   5      Lessons 11, 12, 13     Review
                                 Number Keys: 8 2 0
                                 Number Keys: 4 6 1
   6      Lessons 14, 15, 16     Review
                                 Symbol Keys: $ () !
   7      Lessons 17, 18, 19     Symbol Keys: * # ‘
                                 Symbol Keys: & % “ @
   8      Lessons 20, 21, 22     Orientation to Word Processing: A
                                 Orientation to Word Processing: B
                                 Orientation to Word Processing: C
   9      Lessons 23, 24, 25     Orientation to Word Processing: D
                                 E-Mail Basics
                                 One-Page Business Reports
  10      Lessons 26 and 27      Multipage Rough-Draft Business
                                 Business Reports With Lists
  11      Lessons 28, 29, 30     Academic Reports
                                 Academic Reports With Displays
                                 Business Letters
  12      Lessons 31 and 32
                                 Business Letters With Enclosure
                                                 Page 3
  13     Lessons 34 and 35
                             Correspondence Review
         10-Key Numeric      Appendix
         Pad                 Instructor Handouts
  15                         Review

Final Exam

                                          Page 4

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