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					      Winter 2007
Semester Accomplishments

BEST is a team-based program to enhance the leadership skills of
                         specially selected
           high-potential business majors and minors.

  BEST connects students with regional business executives,
    community leaders and entrepreneurs, and offers unique
  opportunities for students to learn and practice the leadership
     skills needed to succeed in a dynamic global economy.
 Requirements for Admission:
   • GPA 3.5 or higher
   • ACT score of at least 22
   • Demonstrates entrepreneurial experience, business background and
     leadership skills

              Returning BEST students for Fall 2007 = 9

              Incoming BEST students for Fall 2007 = 27

                      Total BEST Membership= 36
                         Winter 2007
 Family Business Program, February 7th and April 11th
 Executive Speaker Series, March 27th
 Green Technology Center/ US Cellular Speaker :
   Chicago, March 30th – April 1st
 Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance
   Company Visit, April 13th
 SVSU University Wide Employment Fair
   Network with local businesses, April 19th
 Merrill Park Elementary School
   Community Clean-up, April 27th & April 29th
 Entrepreneur In Resident End of the Year Picnic
    Faculty and Students meet for BBQ, May 2nd
Family Business Program
            Students were also involved in the
               Family Business Program
               throughout the semester.

            During the event the students network
               with local business leaders.

                     Discussion Topics

             “Succession Planning: Who Gets
                  Papa’s Chair?” (4/11/07)

               “Women at the Helm” (2/7/07)
        Executive Speaker Series
Students were also invited to the Executive Speaker Series held on 3/27/07.
   The Executive Speaker Series is put on by the College of Business and

This year the Executive Speaker Series featured Cheryl A. Burzynski,
   President of Bay Special Care Hospital.

The theme was “NOVICE TO EXPERT: Nurse to Hospital President”

                 » Seizing the opportunity
                 » Hazards and Roadblocks
                 » Strategizing for the Future
        Green Technology Center
On March 30th to April 1st, five students, eight faculty, and four student advisors
   visited the Chicago Center for Green Technology.
Students and faculty were invited to sit in on a seminar about energy efficiency
   and renewable energy and then after were given a private tour of the facility.
                       U.S. Cellular

Students and faculty attended a dinner with Connie Fuller, Senior Manager of
   Leadership for U.S. Cellular in Chicago.

Connie engaged with students and faculty about leadership roles in the
  workplace and also talked about training methods for employees.
                  Frankenmuth Mutual
                  Insurance Company
On April 13th, students visited Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company.

The students were given an exclusive overview and tour of the company which involved
   talking to top management in the company.

Students got an opportunity to speak with a panel of current Interns from different
   departments of the company. The interns gave feedback on how to get an internship
   and the value of having one before you graduate.
University Wide
Employment Fair
BEST students volunteered at the SVSU University Wide Employment Fair on
  April 19th put on by the Career Planning and Placement Office.

Over 100 local and statewide business and were in attendance at the event.

BEST students not only helped with welcoming business to the event but also
  had the opportunity to network with executives of the businesses.
            Merrill Park Elementary
At the end of the semester all of the BEST students teamed up and went to a local
    elementary school to assist with a community clean-up project.

The Student Michigan Education Association (SMEA) at SVSU partnered up with Merrill
   Park to paint, landscape and complete other renovation projects.

The BEST students worked as a team with other SVSU students and learned the
   importance of making a difference within the Saginaw community.
                                      Faculty BBQ

The end of the semester celebration was held at Ken Kousky’s house. Ken
   Kousky is the Dow Entrepreneur-in-Residence here at SVSU.

Together the BEST students and College of Business and Management faculty
   celebrated their end to a successful first year!
                      What’s Next…
•   Orientation for 27 new students and their parents 6/18/07

•   Kick Off for the upcoming Fall 2007 Semester

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