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                                Specific Sciences
• Physics and Maths
•   The website is ideal for students doing Physics in secondary school at all levels and
    beyond. It offers sections on Physics News, Careers in Physics, Studying Physics and several others. It
    is a useful tool for anyone who is currently and hopes to carry on studying Physics
    For more information click here.

•   The maths careers website offers information on how maths is used in the world around us. This
    includes areas like sport, science and engineering, the environment and several others that you have
    probably never guessed required maths!
Royal Society of Chemistry and the International Olympiad Competition
• A group of upper or lower sixth form students selected and trained by the RSC to
   compete in the International Chemistry Olympiad competition.
• More information on the International Chemistry Olympiad competition and on how to
   register can be found using the link above.

Salters’ Institute.
• The Salters’ institute offer’s chemistry camps that are run each year in various
   universities around the UK. These camps are a chance to encourage young people to
   take part in and lead chemistry experiments and projects using apparatus that they
   rarely come across in their individual schools. It aims to promote and increase
   chemistry knowledge among young people.
• More recently, Salters' Chemistry Camps have been established with the aim of
   encouraging young people to participate in the fun of chemistry and help motivate them
   into developing a long term interest in the subject and its applications in modern life.
     Have an interest in Chemistry? Check this out.
•   Connexions offers a selection of jobs and courses one may under take after the study
    of biology. Click here for more information.

•   Society of biology offers apprenticeships for biology related careers.

•   The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Has member
    companies that research, develop, manufacture and supply more than 80 per cent of
    the medicines prescribed through the National Health Service (NHS). It has a resource
    for students’ website that is quite informative. To see how you could benefit, click
•   The ABPI also offers apprenticeships and information on this can be found on this

•   The New England Journal of Medicine provides information of the latest drug
    discoveries and education about the various branches of medicine that we see every

•   Work experience and summer placements resources.

•   AstraZeneca is one of the leading medicine companies in the world. It offers
    apprenticeships for young people between the ages of 16-24. Click here to find out
    more about them..
Future morph
                             General Science
• Defines and explains the different branches of science and maths to help you better understand its importance
    and usefulness in the world around you. You want to know more about your surroundings? Look here.

Exscitec Events.
• Exscitec is a provider of STEM outreach activities for students of all ages. Our bespoke, practical STEM (Science,
    Technology, Engineering and Maths) problem-solving experiences are mostly funded by partnership
    arrangements with educational organisations, i.e. Schools, Local Authorities, and Outreach divisions.
• Exscitec has some of the best STEM based events that the UK has to offer. Places are limited and are provided on a
    first come first served basis. The quicker you apply the better your chances of getting in. see here for details on
    theses events.

Nuffield Science Bursaries.
• The Nuffield Science Bursary Scheme for schools and colleges works by providing students with a chance to work
    on a STEM based project over the summer for a period of 4-6 weeks. The students receive a bursary of £80 per
    week that covers their travel costs and any purchases that help them make the best of their project. The project
    can be found by the student or they may choose to apply for a project that is already set up by the Foundation.
• It’s a first come first served basis, so apply early so as not to miss out! Click here for more information.

British Council
• There are many well-established science festivals organised in the UK. Science festivals offer the public the
    opportunity to engage with science and scientists face-to-face in a relaxed environment. With activities including
    practical experiments and nature walks, expert talks and interactive exhibits, science festivals act as a platform
    for communicating science at all levels to people of all ages.
• Check out this page to see what suits you best and which one is closer to where you live.

Cambridge University Events
• The University organises a range of initiatives and activities for students and their advisers throughout the year.
    These activities are aimed at students in secondary school and sixth form. Interested in what the university has
    to offer, look here.
The Big Bang
• Is a fun website that offers events, activities and competitions in any field of science. It also has links to all science
    events taking place all over the UK. This site offers a chance to have fun while learning. Check it out here.
There are several professional bodies supporting engineering and these are a few…

•   WISE; Women Into Science, Engineering and Construction;
•   The WISE campaign collaborates with industry and education to encourage UK girls of school age to value and
    pursue STEM or construction related courses in school or college, and to move on into related careers. We do this
    by first listening to girls, understanding their concerns, and then ensuring other agencies and policymakers hear
    their voices.

•   IChemE is the hub for chemical, biochemical and process engineering professionals worldwide. As one of the
    most advanced engineering companies it offers information like careers’ advice, apprenticeships and several
    more. To find out more about these, click here.

•   Studying Science Engineering and Technology (SET) offers information on how and where you can
    study Science, Engineering and Technology all over the world. Interested in any of the above fields? Click here.

•   Noise is the home of new outlooks in Science and Engineering. Latest news and developments in engineering?!
    This is your place. Check it out!

•   Education for Engineering is the mechanism by which the engineering profession offers coordinated and
    clear advice on education to UK Government and the devolved Assemblies. Check out some of their links.

•   Semta is the Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies supports UK
    businesses in achieving global competitiveness through investment in skills. It works in a range of fields and
    offers careers advice and apprenticeships schemes for each of it’s sectors. See more here.
    The Career Development Organisation (CRAC) is the independent, charitable organisation dedicated to career
     development and active, career-related learning. Find out more here.

      The Diploma is a qualification for 14 to 19 year-olds, offering them a more practical, hands-on way of gaining the
     essential skills employers and universities look for.
•    The Diploma in Engineering is a qualification aimed at teaching young people in a way that is work related. More
     information can be found on their website here.
•    Interested in manufacturing or product design? Find out more about the diploma for manufacturing and product
     design here.

                                                       A LEVELS.
•    You don’t understand what A levels are? Click here for a detailed explanation.

•    Grammar schools.
    These are schools that are academically oriented. They selectively choose their students according to the grades
     they achieve. Examples include: St Olave’s, Bexley Grammar, Wallington Grammar, Wilson’s School.

•    College; Further education colleges and specialist colleges..
     Colleges are much more larger and offer more variety in subjects and the facilities at hand. Specialist colleges
     specialise in subject areas like dance and drama, art and design, agriculture and horticulture or courses and
     support for students with a particular disability or learning difficulty. The Brit School is a specialist college.
     Further education colleges can offer the same courses as at Sixth form. Students can be of all ages. This includes
     places like Lewisham College, Croydon College and the like.

•    Sixth forms
     Sixth forms maybe school sixth forms like SFH6 Sixth form or sixth form colleges like St Francis Xavier.
 What are they?! Click here to find out.
Apprenticeships gives a breakdown of the what, when and where of apprenticeships. Click here to find out more.

•   Rolls Royce; Is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of aircraft engines, cars and several other things. This is
    organisation offers apprenticeships to work around some of the world’s best minds. To learn more, see this link.

•   Airbus UK Limited; This is an aerospace-based company producing most of the UK’s aircraft. It offers
    opportunities for young people interested in all areas of STEM. To see some of these opportunities, please click

•   Stemnet; Is aimed at informing and increasing the interest of young people in all areas of STEM. It offers
    information on all sorts of things like events, apprenticeships and career information. Click here to find out more.

•   Not sure what to do after GCSE’s or A levels? QCDA has information on all the above qualifications from GCSE’s
    onwards. Want to learn more about the choices available to you? Click here

                                     DEEGRES, MASTERS AND DOCTORATES.
Department of Business Innovation and Skills.
• The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is building a dynamic and competitive UK economy by:
   creating the conditions for business success; promoting innovation, enterprise and science; and giving everyone
   the skills and opportunities to succeed. It provides information on higher Education that is updated as it comes

•   Target courses provides information on available courses and their different institutions.
•   The British council gives an account of what a foundation course is and how to go about choosing one. More
    information can be found on this link.
                    Other Qualification information
The student room has information on higher education, forums, revision notes on all subjects and all levels, personal
    statements, careers and several others. The resources on this site can be used at al levels of your education. Click
    here to use these resources.
• Has educational programmes that are aimed specifically at girls who want to find out more about careers and
    courses in science, engineering and technology from professionals. More information here.

• CREST is Britain’s largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology,
   Engineering and Maths). It gives young people aged 11-19 opportunities to explore real world projects in an
   exciting way. CREST links closely to the curriculum and is a great way to make STEM creative and engaging – both
   in and out of the class.
   More information here.

   This site answers questions from young women who are interested in careers in science, engineering or
   technology (STEM). It also has links to other areas that are linked to STEM. The questions can come from young
   women, careers teachers and advisors, Connexions, University Careers officers and parents in the UK. To check
   out the STEM girls click here.

                                         Work experience and summer placements.
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory [DSTL]
• The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is an agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and exists
    to supply the very best, impartial, scientific and technical research and advice to the MOD and Other Government
    Departments. It offers students a chance to work with and for them for work experience and summer placements.
    For more details, follow this link.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)
• The ABPI also offers work experience, summer place, apprenticeships and several others for those interested in
    pharmacy and pharmaceutical related careers. All information can be found by following this link.
                          General reading
This is for websites and books designed to help you learn more about your subject of interest.

Chemistry world;
Offers information on the latest developments in cutting edge research, international business news and
    government policy as it affects the chemical science community, plus the best product applications;

Physics world;
Provides news, views and information for the global physics community from IOP Publishing
National Physical Laboratory
• The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is one of the UK's leading science and research facilities. It is a world-
    leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate standards, science and technology
• It has detailed information on topics that may come up sometimes in Physics lessons.

• Is a more general and diverse magazine offering information from all STEM sectors.

Science Daily;
• Covers all branches of STEM and the website is updated every half an hour.

The BBC website is also a good source of providing information on STEM developments.

• A short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson
• Why does E=MC² by Brian Cox
• The constants of Nature By John D. Barrow.
• The Universe in a nutshell- Stephen Hawkins
• Here’s a website with suggestions for Non fiction science books. Click here.

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