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Restorations Caseworker


                                          ABN 44 665 455 609
         139 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick, PO Box 494,Northcote Plaza, Northcote Vic. 3070.
                                 Tel: (03) 8388 1855 Fax: (03) 8388 1888

                  Intensive Family Support Worker
                                    Duty Statement

Position:                                Family Restoration –Intensive Family
                                         Support Worker

Responsible to:                           Restorations Program Case Manager
Status:                                   Full time with three month probationary
                                          period and subject to ongoing availability of
Hours:                                    Working hours will vary and include some
                                          weekend work. Shifts are 8 hour duration
                                          per day.
Location:                                 Brunswick East
Terms & Conditions:                       SACS Award - Social Worker Class 1
                                          Salary packaging negotiable within the
                                          bounds of the above salary range
Information Contact:                      Kerry Crawford-(03) 8388 1855
Duration of Contract                      12 months

1. Background to VACCA
The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency was established in the 1970’s,
primarily to advocate for the needs of Aboriginal people, in an attempt to
reduce the number of Aboriginal children and young people who were
being removed from their communities and placed in institutions. Since its
inception the organization has grown to the extent that it now employs
over 90 staff members and runs a wide range of services across Victoria.
VACCA provides a range of services for children, young people and families.
Services include: home-based care; residential care; youth homelessness
service; family support, family preservation program and family
counselling; family violence work &; a publicity and recruitment position for
volunteer caregivers; an Aboriginal family decision making program,
Lorrende Gat - Innovation’s program; playgroups, home visiting program;
volunteer program and community education; and ACSASS.

Many programs within VACCA are statewide, and have sub offices located in
numerous local and regional areas including Gippsland, Hume, Western
Metropolitan region, Northern metropolitan region and the Southern
metropolitan region. Our head office is located in Brunswick East.

2. Background to Position

This position will sit within the Family Support Team and work in line with an
integrated model of service delivery. Some work will include a residential
component as well as home based interventions.

Family Restoration Program:
The concept of Aboriginal Family restoration is based on an experimental
community generated service response developed in the Loddon Mallee
Region. The learning from this response indicated that families who may be
experiencing significant difficulties that not only bring them to the attention
of child protection services but also put them into the category where their
children may be removed could benefit from timely admission into a
controlled residential environment.

Some families will be provided with an appropriate residential unit where
they are admitted for the purpose of assessment, containment, goal setting
and to enable an intensive therapeutic response and case management.
Families will be moved back to their own homes with a case plan and
supports in place. Other families referred to the program may receive an
intensive home based service operating similarly to the Aboriginal Family
Preservation Program. Generally the service will work with families for a 12-
week period.

The objectives of the program is to prevent the placement of Aboriginal
children and young people in out of home care or to facilitate return home
case plans where complex family issues would otherwise make this difficult
to achieve.

Position Objectives

   1. To provide a family support service to Aboriginal children and
      families, involving:
          Home visits to children and families
          Parenting advice and support
          Providing emergency relief assistance
          Referrals and advocacy in relation to housing, income
             security etc.
              Linking families with other services

     2. To provide guidance, support, education and counseling for families
        regarding issues such as child development, parenting and financial
        and household management.

     3. To develop and maintain linkages with appropriate Aboriginal
        agencies,   government     agencies    and    community    service
        organizations.To complete formal written assessments on families.

     4. To maintain up-to-date written records and statistics on all
        casework activity.

     5. To participate in training sessions, team meetings, Case Plan
        Meetings and other meetings as directed.

     6. To participate regularly in supervision.

     7. To be involved in group work

     8. To work effectively with all Early Intervention & Family Support
        Programs and other programs within VACCA

KEY SELECTION CRITERIA: Applicants must possess:

1.      A sound knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture and

        values and the ability to effectively communicate with Aboriginal


2.      A proven ability to advocate on behalf of children and families.

3.      An ability to work effectively with Aboriginal organizations,

        government departments and community service organizations.

4.      Well developed written and oral communication skills and the ability

        to prepare reports.

5.      A proven ability to work as part of a team.
6.       A willingness to participate in training programs and in supervision.

7.       An ability to work flexible hours.

8.       A current Victorian driver’s licence.

Desirable: Experience or formal qualifications in social work, family

support, or family welfare.


1. This position is for 38 hours per week. In order to perform the duties of
     this position effectively the successful applicant may be required to work
     additional hours or vary your working times, on any day of the week, as
     appropriate and necessary from time to time. There is no paid overtime.

2. The employee will be employed at the VACCA head office in East

3. Terms and conditions of employment shall be laid down in a Contract of
   Employment to be entered into by VACCA and will include an attractive
   salary package, including a salary packaging benefit of $16,050 per
   annum tax free can be taken after a 3 month probationary period.

4. The successful applicant will initially be employed for a probationary
   period of 3 months. During this period, either party can terminate
   employment with one week’s notice. A probationary review before 3
   months will be undertaken.

5. The successful applicant will be required to undergo satisfactory pre-
   employment checks, including 3 professional referees, completion of a
   pre-existing injury/disease declaration, a criminal records check and proof
   of identify and qualifications.
6. The successful applicant must possess, and continue to hold, a full
   Victorian Driver’s Licence, which must be sighted.

7. Under Victorian WorkCover legislation, it is the applicant’s duty to advise
   VACCA of any pre-existing medical condition, which could be aggravated
   by the type of employment they are applying for. The existence of a
   medical condition will not preclude you from employment, unless you are
   unable to perform the inherent requirements of the position. However,
   failure to disclose any relevant injury or disease will jeopardise any
   entitlement you may otherwise have for a work-related aggravation of
   that non-disclosed pre-existing condition.

8. It is a mandatory requirement that the successful applicant will be
   required to undertake a National Police Check.

9. VACCA has a smoke-free workplace policy.
Applications in writing to:
Ms Muriel Bamblett
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
PO Box 494, Northcote Plaza, Northcote 3070



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