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					                    Women’s Plus Size Consignment

                                     Consignment Contract

We sell clothing and accessories for plus size women by consignment. This includes Misses
size Large (14W) and up, as well as Tall and Petite. We also welcome women’s scrubs, hats,
handbags, gloves, scarves, pajamas, some jewelry, and shoes size 7 and up.

Here's how it works: you bring your quality used items to us, we sell them for you and share the
proceeds with you. We process your items as soon as possible. Due to changing volumes of consignments, your
items will be processed for display as soon as possible. The 60-day consignment period does not start until your
items are on the floor.

Items must be gently used, “ready for sale*” and seasonally appropriate. *All items must be on hangers, recently
laundered or dry cleaned, purchased within the last 3 years and free of stains, odors, pet hair, pilling, broken zip-
pers, missing buttons, etc. Soiled items not ready for sale* needing to be laundered and processed by divas
                            divas,,                                               .
will become the property of divas and the money will go into the store account. Please check your garments

New items should retain their sales tags. All items must be marked with a size (estimate if necessary). Only new
panties, bras or hosiery with sales tags attached will be accepted. All jeans* are welcome, but we are not accept-
ing most clothing from Wal-Mart or Kmart. An exception may be made for new or barely worn items, but discount
store items will be priced lower than the quality brand names.

Our goal is to provide plus size women with higher end clothing so we have chosen (for the most part) to exclude
the discount stores. If we reject any of your items, please don’t take it personally. By limiting our inventory to qual-
ity items in good repair, we can sell your items at an overall higher price.

Consignments accepted by appointment only. Maximum 25 items per appointment. A form is included to list
your items by size, description and brand name.

Your items will be displayed for 60 days: 30 days at full price and the final 30 days reduced to sell. We will get
the best possible price for you. Once your items sell you will receive a check for 40% of sales price.

Payments to consignors will be made the 3rd Friday of each month. If you wish to have your check mailed to you,
please provide us with several self-addressed envelopes. It is up to the consignor to contact us to see if a pay-
ment is coming. No payments will be given in advance of sales. Sales under $10 will be held to the following
month and then paid.

At the end of the 60-day contract period, you will be given 10-days notice to pick up items not sold. Items not
picked up within the 10-day period will become the property of divas and will be disposed of at divas’ discre-
tion. No exceptions.

divas will not be liable for damages to consigned items due to theft, fire, damage caused by a customer, or a
natural disaster. The consignor will not be compensated under these circumstances.

I have read and understand the terms of this contract.

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divas representative
                         divas          Plus Size Consignment

Please print the following:

First Name: ______________________ M.I. _________ Last Name: ___________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: ______________

Home Phone: ______________________ Work/Cell Phone: _________________________

E-mail address: ____________________________Birthday* ___________________(mm/dd)

*Receive an additional 10% on anything you sell in your birthday month.

              All information will be confidential and not sold or shared
                                      with anyone.

Please contact Debi Haas at 865-816-2580 or 865-233-3700 if you have any questions regarding
the preceding information.

                                                             Where ALL Women Are Beautiful