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					Get Zwinky
We paint your imaginations
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Get Zwinky is a full-service Nail Arts salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer
satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable
atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and
creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

Our Mission: To supply services and products that enhances our clients' physical appearance and
mental relaxation.

Our Motto: "We paint your imaginations"

The timing is right for starting this new venture. Patiently searching for six months for the perfect
location, three locations were finally chosen. The demand from the owner's clients, as well as the
ambitions of the owner to one day start her own business, and the procurement of highly
professional and qualified beauticians to support the salon, has made this business one of great

With talented team of experts, has what it takes to make this venture an extremely successful one.
We expect our new venture to lead to new clients and beauticians to support our anticipated growth.

To achieve our objectives, Get Zwinky is seeking additional loan financing. This loan will be paid
from the cash flow from the business, and will be collateralized by the assets of the company, and
backed by the character, experience, and personal guarantees of the owners.

Keys to Success

The keys to success in our business are:

•Location: providing an easily accessible location for customers.

•Environment: providing an environment conducive to giving relaxing and professional service.

•Convenience: offering clients a wide range of services in one setting, and extended business hours.

•Reputation: Reputation of the experts as providing superior personal service.
                                         BUSSINESS PLAN


Fashion conscious men and women are seen making
personal statements through their nail decor in the modern
times. Nail care and nail art has become an integral part of
the beauty industry. A visit to the nail salon is now
considered as important as a visit to a hair parlour. Nailists
are professionals who occupy themselves with nail
grooming and nail cosmetology. They make a deep and
thorough study of the available nail enhancing techniques,
nail art, nail décor and other fashion trends connected with
nail care to satisfy the individual tastes of their customers.
Nailists operate from nail shops or nail salons.

Nail salons supplies in India vary from the essential to the
cosmetic. Nail files, cuticle scissors, nail scissors, nail
clippers and nail cutters are some essential nail salon products without which a nailist is unable to
function. But manicure and pedicure equipments are notorious for causing infections like nail fungi,
staph bacteria and other viruses among people. Thus good nail salons are showing a preference for
contact less tools like cuticle removing gels and creams to counter this menace. Beauty accessories
to shape and file nails, tools for advanced cuticle care, bowls and steamers for hand and feet
massages, tools for polishing and buffing of nails are some other essential nail salon products which
are required by a nail technician.

Nail art in India has emerged as a very specialized field in the beauty industry now. Doctors might
view fingernails as a mass of dead tissues, but nail art is a style statement for many. Nail salon
owners are collaborating with nail artists all over the world to offer a variety in nail designs to their
clients. Special nail art supplies are procured by them from all over the globe. China and Japan are
important suppliers of nail art products. Nail paints ranging from the ordinary to acrylic- nail
glitters, nail powders, brushes of all shapes and sizes to make nail art designs, tooth picks, jars of all
sizes, needles with differently shaped tips varying in both sharpness and quality, technical
instruments for digital nail art products, nail embellishments and nail jewellery like bindis, studs,
stick-ons, beads, rings, gemstones, dried flowers, crushed shells - these are all essentials to be
stocked in nail art salons. Some nail art salons also double up as art galleries, which show a huge
collection of nail art designs to their customers on and offline.

Nail salons in India also have to keep ready supplies of acrylic nail care kits, French manicure kits,
fibreglass nail kits and air brush nail art kits for interested customers who want to do their own stuff
at home. Nail salon furniture comprises of proper light fittings, stools of various sizes to keep
pedicure and manicure bowls, chairs, air conditioners etc. The interiors are done to soothe and relax
the clients like any other beauty parlours. However, exclusive nail salon furniture is vastly different
from beauty parlours, which offer other beauty related services. Show-cases and boards to display
nail designs and nail care materials are also bought by nail parlours as a part of their interiors. The
presence of nail salons in India is largely restricted to big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. In India the
usual beauty salons also offer nail care facilities to their clients. Bridal nail décor was always in
demand in India. Nail art as an exclusive genre of beauty art as a profession is still in its fledgling
stages in our country.

Our main customer focus would be
high end and upper middle class of
men and women, who knows and
understands the present need of
good presentation of their own
personalities in front of the outer
world. People like youth, college
going, self dependent men &
women, who believe in moving out
and showing off their traits with a
bold attitude. The main age group
we focusing are on 16 to 27years or
even more. Age is no bar for
personal treatments and in living the
life own way.

                                        Our main customer would be
                                        someone who is earning or
                                        have sources to spend at least
                                        Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 on self
                                        care per month in order to
                                        differentiate from others and
                                        thus living life to the fullest.

                                        This would include graduate
                                        and post graduate students and
                                        working class men and women
                                        who believe in deciding there
                                        own rules mainly children’s of
                                        rich and famous peoples.

Mission Statement

                                                  FIMO Nail Art is a unique and new concept in the
                                                  field of nail art. Fimo designs call for greater
                                                  creativity and would allow us to really experiment
                                                  with various interesting designs. Fimo art is
                                                  basically using polymer clay to create thin slices,
                                                  which are then used to decorate nails. A razor is
                                                  used to slice the polymer canes so that they come
                                                  out proportionately and in perfect sizes.

                                                    The USP of this art would be its uniqueness,
                                                    vibrant and colourful designs that are embedded
                                                    onto the ceramic cane. They successfully would
                                                    enhance the overall appearance and are ideal to
                                                    add a bit of glamour to an usual way of dressing.
                                                    While clothes and accessories are always pivotal
in determining ones looks, this particular nail art concept can do wonders in making the person feel
gorgeous and stunning at any social do, gathering or even a professional event.

We would be providing services to personal level training through which a customer can even
learn how to apply the unique Fimo art himself/herself. By providing ceramic cane, or even sliced
cane pieces and use them to decorate their pretty nails. This is ideal for the ones who want to get
dressed up quickly and want to flaunt their extremely beautiful nails.

We opt to get really creative with these thin slices and create beautiful and extraordinary designs on
it. Depending on the taste and preferences of customers, by either making some simple yet elegant
designs such as hearts, flowers or fruits to something more funky such as animal stripes, abstracts,
polkas, animal shapes, etc. These thin slices are usually soft and make it easy to paint on them.

There is quite an impressive range of popular designs available in Fimo nail canes, we provide
with all exclusive, unique and something that brings out the personality in all respects, We would
me more than happy to create something unique for our unique client, considering and keeping
it very clear that exclusivity does come at a cost.

We would also be giving some special offers to our owned clients giving them opportunity to
take advantage of our great Gel-Nails offers and deals every week and update themselves with
what's the latest and the most popular in the gel nails trend. Providing them update alerts via
messages, emails or mailers about all latest trends in nail art accessories.

   Our goal is to open exotic nail art salons for the fashion conscious people around the country.
   People who believe in making personal statements through their nail décor - in the modern
   times. Nail care and nail art has become an integral part of the beauty industry.

    Nail care for beauty and decoration has become very popular in the last few decades.

    Nail lacquering, nail painting, nail decoration and nail piercing are some different nail art
     ideas, which are popular all over the world.

    Global trends like nail piercing and nail painting is also making its presence felt in Indian
     fashion circles now.

    Nail art is a creative field and the fashioning and designing of nails is becoming more and
     more innovative.

       Nail art designers are working with various mediums like dried flowers; beads and fabrics
       to enhance the beauty of nails.

 Nail aesthetics have become an interest - especially for those who frequent beauty parlors for other
things. Bold colors like gold, silver, blue, red, green and black are preferred over softer shades by
high fashion circles.

By keeping the values the ethics sustained we made it clear in out strategies that no
compromises will be done in terms of quality ,hygiene , trust and customer satisfaction. By
keeping in maintaining what services facilities to same level we have started with. Such as quality
of product used, hygiene and prices as per the services offered

The main strength would be the expertise in the latest techniques in terms of international level
well trained technicians who would be regularly updated as per the changing world and
requirements like whats happening in the field of nail art around the world via workshops and


For the successful running of our owned business we need to be good and compatible with
resources like with suppliers and manufactures .We would be basically sourcing from China and
Japan. China is the main source centre for us as the nail art tradition started from there itself. China,
Taiwan and Korea are the hubs of nail art sticker manufacturers.

Resources like nail extentions, enamels, decorative, polishes etc have to be maintained in adequate
quantity so as to cater to customer requirement. This is very important in order to provide the best
of services to the customer and no compromises to be done on quality and services. They can be
mass-produced in seconds through digital art technology

We would be sourcing material initially from nail arts distributors who purchase all nail arts
products and accessories from these markets in bulk quantities. We can negotiate best deals with
them and would also consider that we get the material in the minimum possible time in case we run
out of stocks for any product. This would be taken care from a local distributor present in the
market. We would also look for such parties who could provide us the products on credit so that we
can minimise the operating cost for our business.


Skill at what we do, good customer service, and creating a pleasant environment for our customers
will be important to implementing our business plan.


Get Zwinky’s wants to set itself apart from other nail art centres that offer only one or two types of
services. Having come from such a centres, we have realized, from talking with clients, that they
desire all of the services that we are proposing, but they remain frustrated because they must get
these services at one place.

There are a number of salons like ours, but they are mainly in the very high income parts of the city
and surrounding areas. We do not intend to compete with these so called "Day Spas." We wish to
offer a middle ground for those clients who can't quite afford those high-end luxury centres.

Our business atmosphere will be a relaxing one where clients can kick back and be pampered. Soft
drinks will be offered to clients as they enter for service. Televisions will be located in the waiting
areas along with fashion related magazines.

Our marketing strategy is a simple one: satisfied clients are our best marketing tool. When a client
leaves our business with a new look, he or she is broadcasting our name and quality to the public.
Most of our clients will be referrals from existing clients.

No major advertising campaigns are anticipated. Our research has shown that word of mouth is the
best advertising for this type of business. We will, however, run specials throughout the week. We
will also ask clients for referrals, and reward them with discounted or free services depending on
the number of clients they bring. We will also offer discounts to the new clients who have been
referred. There are plans for membership for clients that will offer. This would showcase our
strengths, creativity and would make the art popularised.

Market Demographics

The profile for Zwinky consists of the following geographic, demographic, and behaviour factors:


      The immediate geographic target is the South Delhi, and the surrounding communities with
       a total population of 2,258,367.

      A 20 mile geographic radius is in need of the offered services.

      The total targeted population is 1, 00,000.


      Female and Children

      Ages 10-50

      The women are individuals who are concerned about getting quality nail arts but are
       unwilling to pay the exorbitant charges associated with women-only hair salons.

      The children do not have any major preferences other than having their nail paints.

      Have an individual income of at least Rs. 15000/-

Behaviour Factors

      Are always on the lookout for convenience factors in regards to service providers.

      Attempt to get needs serviced at the less time if possible.

Market Needs

Zwinky is providing families with a one-stop option for providing a wide range of nail arts. Zwinky
seeks to provide the following benefits that are important to its customers:

      Convenience: Zwinky can serve the entire family with no appointment necessary.
       Additionally, Zwinky's storefront is in a centrally located area.
       Customer Service: Serving the customer with superior attention is what the employees are
        trained to provide.

       Competitive Pricing: Zwinky offers pricing that is a bit more than a traditional saloon but
        far less than dedicated branded women’s nail art salon.

Market Trends

The market trend for the Nail art industry is one of consolidation. Consolidation can be seen with
the high-end nail art salons as well as the full-service, full-family companies such as L’Oreal.

Over the last five years there has been an expansion of upscale chain salons in major Metropolitan
areas. The expansion takes the form of opening new stores, as well as purchasing independently-
owned salons and transferring them over to the chain. Additionally, this trend has occurred with the
full-service, family hair cutting stores.

The reason for this trend is similar to other industries that are consolidating; cost saving measures.
Zwinky is not participating in this trend of aligning itself with a chain. Zwinky believes that it has
better insight to its local market and would rather apply this specialized insight to its market instead
of adopting the procedures of a national chain.


Market Growth
For the last three years the nail art industry has grown steadily at 3% a year. The industry is
generally unaffected by economic upturns or downturns. While in upturns, women are more likely
to purchase extra services in the elapsed amount of time, independent of the economic environment
that they are in. This market is expected to grow by 7% as per industry standards as hair cutting
market is growing by 10% yoy.

Competition and Buying Patterns

Zwinky competitors include:
1. Traditional Beauty Parlours: They rarely serve appointments; it is generally a walk-in service.
While they are usually willing to provide whatever work you are interested in, they are generally
providing it, typically on the conservative side. The advantages are an inexpensive service that is
easy to use. Their disadvantages are an often conservative styling capacity, sometimes a long wait.

2. Franchised "Quick Salons": An example of this would be Habibs or Loreal. In essence, this is
a franchised version of Zwinky . The advantage of this style is the store is the same from location to
location and some people like this predictability.

3. Independent Salons: These shops typically focus on a specific niche and do not serve a wide
group of customers. The buying patterns of children and women are quite different. Typically
children are more price or convenience sensitive. For them whatever is easiest works best. Women
are more concerned with beauty and tend to bond more with their stylists. This bond creates loyalty
to their stylist. Once a stylist has earned their trust they are more willing to blindly put their nails in
the stylist’s hands.
Keys to Success

Keys to success include:

      Professionalism

      Convenience

      Customer attention

Critical Issues

Zwinky is still in the speculative stages as a start-up company. Its critical issues are to continue to
take a modest fiscal approach; expand at a reasonable rate, not for the sake of expansion in itself,
but because it makes prudent fiscal sense to.

Marketing Strategy

Zwinky will have a somewhat limited marketing budget. The main reason for this will be because
some of the money that would otherwise be spent on marketing efforts will be used for rent. By
choosing a well-travelled, popular place to locate Zwinky in, it will receive a lot of walk through
traffic. The cost of having this location takes the form of higher than normal rent. Part of the high
cost of rent is just an expense if you want to locate a shop in a popular commercial property. Some
of the money also goes to market association dues. The money for the market dues goes to
marketing activities that are designed to increase visibility and traffic for the mall as a whole.

The money from the marketing budget will be spent on the following marketing initiatives:

      Advertisements: Advertisements will be placed in two different local newspapers, The
       Times of India and The Hindustan times. They will serve the entire metropolitan area. Not
       all of the readers will be willing to travel across to go to Zwinky, however, a large
       percentage of people in South Delhi subscribe to The Times of India and The Hindustan
       Times, and therefore it is a good investment to increase visibility.

      In-store and Store Front Displays: These displays will be visible to the large walkthrough
       traffic base.

Marketing Objectives

      Increase repeat customers by 7% per quarter.

      Decrease customer acquisition costs by 8% per year.

      Maintain positive, steady growth each month.
Financial Objectives

      Increase the amount of retail products sold by 10% per year.
      Grow the profit margin by 3% per year.
      Profitability by year one.


      Zwinky will position itself as a convenient, full service, nail art salon.

      Zwinky will offer one-stop service offerings. Zwinky will leverage its competitive edge to
       achieve its desired positioning:

      Zwinky ' competitive edge is based on superior customer service. Zwinky recognizes that
       the nail cutting/styling market is crowded so it is difficult to stand out. Zwinky will be able
       to by providing superior customer attention. This is particularly important in the "quick
       salon" space that Zwinky operates in because margins are lower and the goal of a quick
       salon is to crank through a large number of people each day.

      Zwinky will invest time and money into training to ensure that clients receive the best
       experience possible making it is easier to turn them into a long-term customer. By providing
       superior customer service, Zwinky will be able to effectively compete against and outlast
       larger chains and independent stores.

Strategy Pyramids

The single objective is to position Zwinky as the premier, full service, nail art salon in the south
delhi area. The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding the
services offered, then develop the customer base, and finally work toward building customer loyalty
and referrals.

The message that Zwinky will seek to communicate is that the entire family can be served quickly,
professionally, with superior customer service at reasonable rates. The message will be
communicated through various methods. The first is in-store and storefront displays. This will be a
convenient method to attract people that walk past Zwinky's store front. The other method of
communication is advertisements in two local newspapers. These newspapers are widely read and
will reach a large base of people.
Marketing Mix

Zwinky's marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution,
advertising and promotion, and customer service.

      Pricing: Zwinky's pricing scheme will be based on a competitive pricing model with other
       similar service providers.

      Distribution: All of Zwinky's services and products will be dispensed from it’s centrally
       located store.

      Advertising and Promotion: Locating the store in a high traffic mall will significantly
       increase visibility. A targeted advertising campaign will also communicate Zwinky's desired

      Customer Service: All of Zwinky's employees have been trained in exceptional customer
       service. All employees have discretion to remedy any problems encountered on their own
       without having to first receive permission from a supervisor.

Marketing Research

During the initial phases of the marketing plan construction, several focus groups were held to gain
insight into the buying patterns of prospective customers. The focus groups drew a wide range of
people from women to men to mothers. The participants were asked what type of service they
typically use and why. They were also asked how their current service could be improved and what
it would take to get them to switch to a new salon. They were given a bit of information regarding
Zwinky offerings and they evaluated this. The focus groups provided invaluable information and
feedback. While some of the information gathered was already known to Zwinky, other information
were things that made perfect sense but had not been thought of.
                                   ORGANIZATIONAL CHART

                                    Owner of the Nail Art Business

                                  Receptionist (To book telephonic
                                  clients, to alot customers with nail
                                  art experts, collection of charges)

       Nail Art Expert-1                  Nail Art Expert-2                Nail Art Expert-3

      Nail Art Assitant-1                Nail Art Assitant-2              Nail Art Assitant-2

Initially we would be following the above mentioned
organizational structure with hiring one receptionist
who would take care of telephonic booking of the
customers and would also take care of walk in
customers by making them feel comfortable and then
directing them to the correct nail art experts as per the
availability. She would also be responsible for
collection of charges for the services that the
customers have asked for.

Nail Art Expert for would responsible for interacting
with the customers directly and understanding their
requirement and expectation from us. He would then
offer services to the customer and to assist him would
be an assistant who would take care of all that’s need
to give the services.

In the later stage when the business starts growing, we could hire a separate nail art technician who
could help client by creating profiles for their nails on computer so that they could actually decide
which one is best for them and at further stage when business is needed to be diversified we would
go for management structure of hiring more qualified people.

We are planning to open 3 main outlets in
different areas in the city Delhi in Khan
Market,GK and South Extension with 500sq feet
yard of carpet area.

As per location the rent would vary some where

Khan Market -50,000/-

Greater Kailash-35,000/-

South Ex- 35,000/-

And expected foot fall per outlet is around
200-300 per day as the location is prime and
main market areas of Delhi. We would be
providing      introductory   offers     like
complimentary one hand nail art done for first
20 steppers in our shop.


Total store area: 400 sq feet (assumption)


Investment / Fixed Asset

Security deposit = 6 months’ rent @ 195/sq ft/month = Rs 1170000

Renovation/Interior decoration charges (includes furniture cost also) @ Rs 900 / sq feet (approx) =
Rs 175500

4(2+2) Air conditioners @ 25000/unit *4 = Rs 100000

2 (1+1) Computer @ 20000/ unit *2= Rs 40000

Current Assets

Inventory – (1000*500) = 500000

Cash in hand: - 110000(approx)
Other Current Assets- 10% of inventory = 50000

Total assets: - 1170000+175500+100000+40000+500000+110000+50000= Rs 2145500

Introductory brand launch expenses (based on industrial assumption)

Print media shoot: 150000

Electronic media shoot: - 50,000

PR (public relations)- 750000

So initially if we launch a store in Delhi region, the assumed initial total investment will be: -

Security deposit = 6 months’ rent @ 195/sq ft/month = Rs 1170000

Renovation/Interior decoration charges (includes furniture cost also) @ Rs 900 / sq feet (approx) =
Rs 175500

Air conditioners cost = Rs 100000

Computer cost= Rs 40000

Initial inventory investment = 500000

Initial Brand promotion cost = 150000+50000+750000=275000

Total initial cash out flow = 1170000+175500+ Rs 100000+Rs 40000+50000+275000

= Rs 1810500

Fixed Cost

Rental = 1170000 @ 195/sq ft / month; 2340000

Maintenance (general expenses) = 400 @ 40 /sq ft / month; Rs16000/annum

Operations (salaries +bills etc) = 70000/ month; 840000/annum


As per companies Act

5% on Air conditioners: - 5% of 100000= 5000

10% on computers:- 10% of 40000= 4000

5% on furniture and fixture: - 5% of 175500= 8775
Total Depreciation = 5000+4000+8775= Rs 17775

Total depreciation per store= 17775= Rs 213300/annum

Promotional expenses


Add agency contract – 50000 /annum

Total promotion expenses = 50000 = 50000 lakhs/ annum

Backend operational cost (retail division)

On the basis of experts talk and suggestions nail art should enter in to retail through brand launch
but the retail set up . The backend operational team should be exclusively different which should
have following people-

CEO – 30000/month

Product manager = 8000/month

Manager I = 8000/month

Marketing manager= 5000/month

Merchandiser I = 5000/month

R& D head= 10000/month

Designer I = 10000/month

All the above mentioned expenses makes the total of Rs53000 and assuming that 10000/month will
be spent more to make it a complete team by hiring few other people as helpers and other
administration work. So it makes a total of 63000/month. Hence 63000*12 = 756000 lakhs / annum

So total assumed fixed cost of a store per annum will be: -

Rs 2340000/annum+ Rs16000/annum+Rs 840000/annum+Rs 213300+ Rs 50000/annum+Rs
756000/annum = Rs 4215300(approx)

Variable Cost

Average sales price= Rs500

General brand mark up for a mid – up brand in the industry= 75 %( includes 25% Net profit)

Variable cost = 25 % of MRP
Contribution per unit = Average selling price- variable cost

                      = 500-(25%*125)

                      = 500-125= 375

Sales Expected

                           December        January        February       March        April      May
                             2009            2010           2010         2010         2010       2010
Nos of Walk-ins /             25              75             100          150          200       250
Conversion 40%                 10              30             40            60         80        100
Contribution @ 375            3750           11250          15000         22500      30000      37500
per person

Total Revenues in first 6 months = (3750+11250+15000+22500+30000+37500)*25
(Assuming 25 days of working)
=120000 * 25
= Rs. 3000000

Seeing this sale pattern and the other expenses associated with the business and the market

conditions the breakeven is expected to come in 8th Month of the business.

Though the figures show that we can achieve breakeven before this but since market is new and we

may need to spend more on advertisement and promotional activities the breakeven is likely to take

this time.

After the breakeven is achieved we may think of introducing new techniques, coming up with
new nail arts salon in two other locations to serve our customer better and to increase
customer base.

Finance & Loan:

Since the initial start up cost is too high, to run the business the required amount can be arrange
from home partially as well as in form of loan to run the business.

An initial amount of Rs. 15, 00,000 /- can be borrowed from parents and a loan of Rs. 25, 00,000
can be taken from any national bank through mortgage of collateral property. The EMI of it will be
taken care from the sales revenues and once the breakeven is attained and the principle is released
the collateral would be free.

Same process can be adopted for opening up branches of this nail art Salons and this business can
be extended in form of chains of such salons but only at a later stage.

Our main aim is to hold on the market of nail art which
is not very settled in India yet. By providing customers
with new opportunities to add on new features to their

Strengths – New concepts and technology vastness.Nail
care saloon is a very new concept in a country like India
therefore specialized services like designing and creating
artificial nails, nail piercing, nail painting, nail lacquering,
manicuring ,Pedi curing of nails which solves many unsaid
questions of the clients. It not add dimensions to there
beauty but differentiate them from others and so why
offering such services we can be more powerful. We also
have eexcellent retail space in heart of the city and well-trained employees with good hair cutting
skills with a wide style repertoire, and customer-focused business practices. A wide range of
services offered alongwith competitive prices.

Weakness- As it’s a new industry in India risk associated with success is slightly doubtful and not
many people are aware of this thing. And since nails are just one form to look, women may not find
worth spending money to attract attention. As a new entrant to the market, Zwinky lacks brand
equity that many of its competitors have earned over years of service. The struggle to appear
continually on the edge in terms of fashion and style. Large costs associated with a start-up

Opportunity – As it’s a field of art and creativity the application of new things is vast and
always appreciated. The field not only attracts new generation and also rich and famous people to
differentiate them from others and to talk loud about the status and uniqueness. Since women are on
constant look for different things, this art is bound to catch there attention and provide them new
solutions of beauty and adding new dimensions to there status. A steady growing market that is
traditionally unaffected by the economic environment. The ability to decrease marginal fixed costs
as the customer base grows. Increasing sales opportunities as more people from an individual
family frequents Zwinky.

Threats –The lack of proper know how about the product and facility among the people,
market share makes it tough and risky to make big investments in the field. Major threat lies
from the saloon owners like Habibs, L’Oreal and other players as they are already established in
saloon fields and with there wide presence and set of customer base they can just add nail art to
there kitty with less initial start-up to begin as there set up is already present thus preventing
customers to visit specialised Nail art saloons.

By studying the environment around we learnt a lot which is surely going to help us in our
future aspects ,things such like studying competitors like



- Lakme

- Looks

- Ambikka Pillia


- Infinity



- Silk and Shiny

-Grace and Style

Studying their business and market and understanding their strengths and weaknesses before
deciding on our own strengths and weaknesses.

The main competitor we have focused and chosen is VLCC as a successful player in the market of
nail art industry.

VLCC has always updated itself and services being
provided according to the needs of its environment.
They are doing well in the field of nail art.

Their main USP is their combined and focused
services to be provided on to the fashion conscious
men and women, who believe in spending much
on themselves on their looks and personality.
Like for example taking a VLCC outlet in Delhi,
Karol Bagh,Its location is on main road ,with the
area of 2000sq feet. They are providing mainly
services like weightless sessions and health and beauty care including nail art as their side
focus. But the good part is that they played safe and smart by introducing the concept of nail
art in their services as already they own clients how know the importance of taking care of
health and personality and can even spend plenty on doing that.

They must be having a foot fall of at least 200-300 people a day whom they can very well
inform and introduce to their other facilities being provided such as this nail art. They also
provide with the option of personal trainings to learn and enhance personalities.
So in that order we are taking this step ahead by introducing our self owned NAIL ART

The Nail art courses which are designed to train people in different nail art techniques, in a
systematic way. Cosmetology institutes double up as nail art schools sometimes and conduct nail art
classes at little cost all over the world. By providing short-term Nail art courses with an easy to
learn syllabus. Full payment for the courses would be taken in advance and then the clients would
be catered and provided with the nail art kits. Our inspiration is their large independent beauty
training institutes in the U.S. which have introduced many short-term nail art courses for which
certificates are awarded. Such institutes have trained numerous students in nail art technologies and
conferred qualifications on them.

It is easy to learn nail art in a short period of two to three days. There are nail art classes all over
India, especially in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Practice and individual creativity gives
professional edge to nail art technologists with time. Traditional nail courses were designed for
people to become pedicurists and manicurists. Nail art or nail designing is a specialized field of nail
care now. Nail art is primarily concerned with the aesthetics of nail cosmetology. Different nail art
modules are completed within a few days and certificates awarded for them. No previous
experience or qualification is required to do these courses.

Products and kits are given to students for training. The course fee usually covers the charge of
these materials. Those who want to work in nail salons should ideally undertake nail art technique
courses. These courses are an ideal way to learn the skills and gain the knowledge required for this
profession. Students from nail art institutes are more confident than those who have not been
through any academic training in nail art. Many institutionalized and private classes are available all
over the world to teach nail art step by step.

Some institutes require their students to hold a certificate in manicure and pedicure before enrolling
for classes, which teach nail art techniques. Internationally recognized certificates are given to them
for these short-term courses. This enables them to be practicing nail art professionals anywhere in
the world.

Nail technology is the study of nail design as an art - tips, gels, wraps and forms. Special teacher
training programmes are also conducted for students who want to teach nail art to others. Advanced
classes are normally only held for those who want to go very deep in their subject. They are also
only given to students who have qualified at basic levels. These are held for a longer duration
ranging from six months to two years.

Nail art is a very versatile field. It is vastly dependent on current fashion trends, individual choices
and life styles. Nail art courses are conducted all over the world in free hand nail painting
techniques such as acrylic nail art, airbrush nail art, French manicure nail art, nail piercing, nail tips
techniques, nail embellishing techniques, 3d nail art etc. Nail extension training is also given to nail
art designers to prepare them for the profession.

Nail art in India is a happening field now. Nail designers are taking their places in all the leading
salons of the country to create nail art. Endless genres of nail art are now exploited in by Indian nail
artists. The demand for nail art is mostly felt in the bigger cities in India where people are more
fashion conscious and willing to spend some more money than that required for the regular pedicure
manicure regimes.












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