SECTION 01250                                                B. Contractor-Initiated Proposals: If latent or
CONTRACT MODIFICATION                                           unforeseen conditions require modifications to
                                                                the Contract, Contractor may propose changes
PROCEDURES                                                      by submitting a request for a change to the
                                                                Architect and the Construction Manager.
PART 1 - GENERAL                                                1. Include a statement outlining reasons for the
                                                                     change and the effect of the change on the
1.1   SUMMARY                                                        Work. Provide a complete description of the
                                                                     proposed change. Indicate the effect of the
  A. This Section specifies administrative and                       proposed change on the Contract Sum and the
     procedural requirements for handling and                        Contract Time.
     processing Contract modifications.                         2. Include a list of quantities of products re-
                                                                     quired or eliminated and unit costs, with total
  B. Related Sections include the following:                         amount of purchases and credits to be made.
     1. Section 01330 - SUBMITTAL                                    If requested, furnish survey data to substanti-
         PROCEDURES for requirements for the                         ate quantities.
         Contractor’s Construction schedule.                    3. Indicate applicable taxes, delivery charges,
                                                                     equipment rental, and amounts of trade
1.2   MINOR CHANGES IN THE WORK                                      discounts.
                                                                4. Include an updated Contractor's Construction
  A. Architect will issue through Construction
                                                                     Schedule that indicates the effect of the
     Manager supplemental instructions authorizing
                                                                     change, including, but not limited to, changes
     Minor Changes in the Work, not involving
                                                                     in activity duration, start and finish times, and
     adjustment to the Contract Sum or the Contract
                                                                     activity relationship. Use available total float
     Time, on AIA Document G710, "Architect's
                                                                     before requesting an extension of the Contract
     Supplemental Instructions."
                                                                5. Comply with requirements in Division 1 Sec-
                                                                     tion "Product Requirements" if the proposed
      1. Proposal Requests issued by Architect are for               change requires substitution of one product or
         information only. Do not consider them in-                  system for product or system specified.
         structions      either to stop work in progress
         or to execute the proposed change.                  C. Proposal Request Form: Use AIA
      2. Within 10 calendar days, after receipt of Pro-         Document G709 for Proposal Requests.
         posal Request, submit a quotation estimating
         cost adjustments to the Contract Sum and the      1.4   ALLOWANCES
         Contract Time necessary to execute the
         change.                                             A. Allowance Adjustment: To adjust allowance
         a. Include a list of quantities of products            amounts, base each Change Order proposal on
              required or eliminated and unit costs,            the difference between purchase amount and the
              with total amount of purchases and                allowance, multiplied by final measurement of
              credits to be made. If requested,                 work-in-place. If applicable, include reasonable
              furnish survey data to substantiate               allowances for cutting losses, tolerances,
              quantities.                                       mixing wastes, normal product imperfections,
         b. Indicate applicable taxes, delivery                 and similar margins.
              charges, equipment rental, and                    1. Include installation costs in purchase amount
              amounts of trade discounts.                            only where indicated as part of the allowance.
         c. Include an updated Contractor's                     2. If requested, prepare explanation and docu-
              Construction Schedule that indicates                   mentation to substantiate distribution of over-
              the effect of the change, including,                   head costs and other margins claimed.
              but not limited to, changes in activity           3. Submit substantiation of a change in scope of
              duration, start and finish times, and                  work, if any, claimed in Change Orders re-
              activity relationship. Use available                   lated to unit-cost allowances.
              total float before requesting an                  4. Owner reserves the right to establish the
              extension of the Contract Time.                        quantity of work-in-place by independent
                                                                     quantity survey, measure, or count.

07224 – Tabitha Senior Housing                                          Contract Modification Procedures
Hud Firm Application and Construction Set                                                       01250 - 1
  B. Submit claims for increased costs because of a
     change in scope or nature of the allowance
     described in the Contract Documents, whether
     for the Purchase Order amount or Contractor's
     handling, labor, installation, overhead, and
     profit. Submit claims within 10 calendar days
     of receipt of the Change Order or Construction
     Change Directive authorizing work to proceed.
     Owner reserves the right to reject claims
     submitted later than 10 calendar days after such


  A. On Owner's approval of a Proposal Request,
     Construction Manager and Architect will issue
     a Change Order for signatures of Owner and
     Contractor on AIA Document G701CMa


  A. Construction Change Directive (CCD):
     Construction Manager and Architect may issue
     a Construction Change Directive on AIA
     Document G714CMa. Construction Change
     Directive instructs Contractor to proceed with a
     change in the Work, for subsequent inclusion in
     a Change Order.
     1. Construction Change Directive contains a
         complete description of change in the Work.
         It also designates method to be followed to
         determine change in the Contract Sum or the
         Contract Time.
  B. Documentation: Maintain detailed records on a
     time and material basis of work required by the
     Construction Change Directive.
     1. After completion of change, submit an item-
         ized account and supporting data necessary to
         substantiate cost and time adjustments to the





          * END OF SECTION 01250 *

07224 – Tabitha Senior Housing                           Contract Modification Procedures
Hud Firm Application and Construction Set                                        01250 - 2

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