Vernon Hills High School Wind Ensemble Honors Credit Contract by NatePotter


									           Vernon Hills High School Wind Ensemble
                  Honors Credit Contract
                         2009 - 2010
Wind Ensemble students will have the option of honors credit for band. This will carry a
4.5 weighted grade out of a 4.0 system. In addition to the regular class requirements,
Wind Ensemble students taking honors credit will be required to take private lessons and
to participate in solo & ensemble contest. They will also be asked to participate in at
least one of the optional activities listed below.


        Private Lessons Students must have a weekly lesson of at least 25 minutes from
an approved lesson teacher. Lessons should continue year round but must be scheduled
from September 1 through June 1 for honors credit. There are many fine teachers
available in the Chicago area and many in the north suburbs. In addition, there are
private lesson teachers who teach at VHHS. Many times these lessons can be arranged
during a study hall. Students make their own financial and schedule arrangements with
teachers. Mr. Sundell can assist in arranging for lessons.

        Ensembles Students will be required to participate in an ensemble at IHSA
Contest in March. This will require a rehearsal once each week with the other members
of the ensemble. Ensembles should meet during lunch/study hall but may be scheduled
at another time if approved by the director. Woodwind and Brass quintets are the best
type of ensembles because of the huge amount of literature available. There is also a vast
amount of music available for percussion ensembles. All groups and rehearsal times
must be approved by the director by the end of September.

       Solo Contest Students will be required to perform a solo at IHSA Contest in
March. The private teacher will assist the student in this area. It is an IHSA rule that all
solos must be accompanied. It will be the student’s responsibility to pay any
accompanist fees. We will provide a list of accompanists or the student may use their

        In addition to the required activities, honors students must also participate in at least one of the
following optional activities. I would ask that students let me know which of these activities they will
commit to by September 19th.

_____ Concerto Competition Auditions: Senior students can audition for the Concerto Competition at
VHHS. Anyone can audition for other competitions of which Mr. Sundell approves. Mr. Sundell must be
given a recording of the tape that is to be sent to the competition committee. Students must be chosen to
perform a concerto for this to fulfill the requirement.

_____ Pit Orchestra. Each winter VHHS presents a musical. Members of the band who are interested
are selected by ability and instrumentation requirements to perform in the pit orchestra. It requires two or
three days after school each week from mid-December until mid-February and then every day after school
for the last two weeks before the show which is the last weekend in February. This can be a very
rewarding experience, both musically and socially, if you have the time.

_____ IMEA - Illinois Music Educators Association There is a district festival in November and a
state festival in January. Students audition for district in October and may be selected to participate in
November. The top students may also be selected to participate in the state festival based on the district
seating. If there are more than 16 students wanting to audition, we will have a pre-audition date set at
VHHS to determine who will be allowed to audition for the district festival. This activity must be coupled
with one other activity if you do not make the district festival.

______ Orchestra Winds/Percussion. Students are selected by instrumentation needs in the Spring of
the year for participation in the orchestra. The course meets all year. The orchestra wind/percussion
students play with the orchestra a minimum of three days a week during their lunch/study hall period.

_______Jazz Band. Students audition in the Fall of the school year for placement in the VHHS Jazz Band.
The Jazz Band meets in the evenings. The group performs at many events including basketball games, jazz
festivals, and concerts at the school.

______ Away-Game Drum line. In the fall this activity is for the Cougar Drum line. The drum line goes
to the away games and marches the team on the field and plays cadences during the game for the players
and crowd. A minimum of 4 performances is required.

________Chamber Ensembles. Year long groups such as woodwind quintets, brass quintets, saxophone
quartets and percussion ensembles that meet once per week and perform at concerts and contests.

________Concert Listening: Students will be required to attend 1 to 2 ** non-VHHS student concert per
semester. A program from the concert and a concert critique paper will need to be turned in after the
performance. Please see Mr. Sundell for further information on exact requirements. ** If students only plan
to attend one event, then this activity may be coupled with program notes to fulfill this requirement.

_______ Program Notes: Students will write one or two program notes for each concert during the course
of the year. Please see Mr. Sundell for further information on this activity.

_____ OTHER __________________________________________________________

I have selected my optional activity(s) and agree to fulfill ALL band obligations.

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