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                City of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

                      For Construction

           2009 Oak Street New Bridge Construction

                      JAMES HOLTON

                   KATHIE GRINZINGER
                      City Manager

                         Prepared By:
                   Division of Public Works

                   DUANE F. ELLIS, P.E.
                 DPW Director/City Engineer

                        August 2009
                            •       !"#$                      * •
                                                              +,         ! $               "        -./- •
                                                                                                       *           ! #
                   %$ $& ''$!                              %$ $& ''$! "                          %$ $& ''$!
                 %$ $& '' ! #$" ( )                      %$ $& '' !     ()                     %$ $& '' !#    ()

                            NOTICE                   TO        BIDDERS
                            2009 Oak Street New Bridge Construction

       The City of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, is requesting sealed bids at the Office of the
City Clerk, City Hall, 320 W. Broadway Street, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48858, until 1:30
p.m. (local time), on September 1, 2009, at which time and place the bids will be publicly
opened and read. All bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, plainly marked "2009
Oak Street New Bridge Construction Project – September 1, 2009.”

       Proposals are solicited on a lump sum basis for the following work:

       Disassemble Truss and Transport                                  __________ Lump Sum
       Construct New Substructures                                      __________ Lump Sum
       Furnish and Install Pre-Engineered Bridge                        __________ Lump Sum

        All bid proposals must be accompanied by a bid bond, bank cashier's check, bank
draft, or certified check for not less than five percent (5%) of the bid price, made payable to
the City of Mt. Pleasant.

        To view and download complete Plans and Specifications at no charge, visit the
City of Mt. Pleasant website at
A non-refundable $25.00 fee is required for plans and specifications picked up at the
Public Works Building. A non-refundable $30.00 fee is required for plans and
specifications, which must be mailed.

       Complete Plans and Specifications are available at the Public Works Building, 1303
N. Franklin Street, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48858, (989) 779-5401, Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

       The City of Mt. Pleasant reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, to
waive any irregularities in the bids, and to select the bid considered most advantageous to
the City.

       Duane F. Ellis, P.E.                                             Jeremy Howard
       DPW Director                                                     City Clerk
       (989) 779-5402

[2009 Oak Street New Bridge Construction – NB]
                                               012*             0
                                                           5 3!6/ 2 -3 +
                           * + - 8 0/      0-30 (                 -+
                                                    6007, 9 0 * 5 6 * 0 4 "!   !# $! '''
[Form24a]                       City of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
                                    BID PROPOSAL
                            2009 Oak Street New Bridge Construction

TO:    City Clerk
       City Hall                                            BID DATE: SEPTEMBER 1, 2009
       320 W. Broadway Street                                   TIME: 1:30 p.m.
       Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

        The undersigned, as Bidder, hereby declares that this bid is made in good faith without
fraud or collusion with any person or persons bidding of the same Contract; that he has carefully
read and examined the Contract Documents, including the Notice to Bidders, Instructions, Bond
Forms, Technical and Detailed Specifications, and Contract Drawings, for the designated work
and understands all of the same; that he, or his representative, has made such a personal
investigation at the site as is necessary to determine the character and difficulties attending the
execution of the proposed work; and he proposes and agrees that if this Proposal is accepted,
he will contract with the Owner in the form of the Contract hereto annexed, to provide necessary
machinery, tools, apparatus and other means of construction, including utility and transportation
services, necessary to do all the work and furnish all the materials and equipment specified or
referred to in the Contract Documents, including Addenda No. __, __, and __, in the manner and
time therein prescribed, and according to the requirements of the Owner as therein set forth to
furnish Contractor Bonds and Insurance required of the Contractor by the Contract Documents,
and that he will take in full payment therefore the unit prices set forth in the following Proposal.

      The Bidder understands that the Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to
waive any irregularities in the bidding.

        The Bidder agrees that his bid shall be good and may not be withdrawn for a period of
sixty (60) calendar days after the scheduled closing time for receiving the bids.

       Upon receipt of a written Notice of Award of the Bid, the Bidder shall execute the formal
Contract Agreement attached hereto within ten (10) days and shall deliver to the Owner a Surety
Bond or Bonds required. In the event the Contract and Bond are not executed within the time
above set forth, the Bid Deposit attached in the sum of five percent (5%) of the Bid Proposal
shall become the property of the Owner as liquidated damages for the delay and additional
expense to the Owner caused thereby.

       The Bidder hereby agrees to commence work under this Contract on or before the date to
be specified in the written Notice to Proceed executed by the Owner and to fully complete the
project as stipulated in the Special Conditions of these Specifications. The Bidder further agrees
to pay as liquidated damages the sum indicated in the Special Conditions for each consecutive
calendar day thereafter, until substantial completion, that is when all work items in the proposal
are complete and notification of substantial completion of work items and final quantities is given
to the Director of Public Works by the contractor.

       The below unit prices shall include all labor, materials, overhead, profit, insurance, etc., to
cover the finished work of the several kinds specified, and the Bidder agrees to perform all of the
work described in the Specifications and/or shown on the Plans for the following unit prices:

2009 Oak Street New Bridge Construction - Proposal/Page 1
ITEM NO.   DESCRIPTION                                                  QTY    UNIT    UNIT COST   TOTAL
#1         Utility Relocation (Allowance)                                  1   L Sum   Allowance   $3,000

#2         Miscellaneous Removals                                          1   L Sum   _____       _____

#3         Relocate Truss to Park                                          1   L Sum   _____       _____

#4         Disassemble Truss and Transport                                 1   L Sum   _____       _____

#5         Construct New Substructures                                     1   L Sum   _____       _____

#6         Pre-Engineered Bridge – Furnished                               1   L Sum   _____       _____

#7         Pre-Engineered Bridge - Installation                            1   L Sum   _____       _____

#8         Install Concrete Bridge Deck                                    1   L Sum   _____       _____

#9         Approach Concrete                                               1   L Sum   _____       _____

#10        Concrete Surface Coating                                        1   L Sum   _____       _____

#11        Approach Railing                                                1   L Sum   _____       _____

#12        Removable Bollards                                              2   Each    _____       _____

#13        Soil and Sediment Control                                       1   L Sum   _____       _____

#14        Cleanup ($2,000 minimum)                                        1   L Sum   _____       _____

           TOTAL                                                            ___________________

_____________________________________________________________________ and ______ /100 Dollars

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED,                                       DATE ____________________________

COMPANY NAME ______________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________________________

CITY ____________________________________ STATE______________________ ZIP CODE ______________

AREA CODE/TELEPHONE NUMBER _________________________ FAX NUMBER ________________________

AUTHORIZED SIGNATAURE ____________________________________________________________________

PRINT OR TYPE NAME AND TITLE _______________________________________________________________

2009 Oak Street New Bridge Construction - Proposal/Page 2
                             EXPERIENCE QUESTIONNAIRE
                              TO BE FURNISHED BY BIDDER
                          CITY OF MOUNT PLEASANT, MICHIGAN

The signatory of this proposal guarantees the truth and accuracy of all statements and of all
answers hereinafter made.

     1.      How many years have you been in business as a contractor under your present
     2.      How many years have you been a principal officer of a firm under a different

      Name of Firm _________________________________________________________

        3.    What projects of a similar nature has your organization contracted for within the
past five years? (NOTE: Fill out each blank completely.)

      Name of Owner        Name/Address/Phone #        Type    Value
       & Location          of Person in Charge          of      of          Date
                              as Reference             Work    Work       Completed







2009 Oak Street New Bridge Construction - Proposal/Page 3

    1. Project Overview
          a. The work covered by this bidding document consists of removing,
              salvaging and transporting a historic truss bridge, construction of new
              substructures, furnishing and installing a new 80’x 10’ pre-engineered
              pedestrian bridge and associated approach reconstruction.

    2. Utility Coordination
           a. The overhead electrical lines located approx 18 feet south of the bridge
               that run east-west are to remain in place. Special attention shall be given
               to any materials or equipment adjacent to the lines.
           b. The overhead electrical lines that run across the bridge from the southeast
               quadrant to the northwest quadrant may require relocation. If so, please
               coordinate that work with:
                       Consumers Energy Company
                       Matt Cooper – 989-466-4280

                The city will assist with up to $3,000 of the consumers energy cost to
                relocate the power line.

    3. Construction Site Protection and Constraints
          a. The contractor is required to visit the site prior to placing the bid due to
             the significance of the site constraints.
         b. All work and storage of materials and equipment shall be placed within a
             chain link fence to protect from the high volume of pedestrian traffic in
             this park setting.
         c. The only access to the north side is through the park entrance. That
             entrance has a bridge posted “Weight Limit 50 Tons.”
         d. The several existing trees within the construction influence are not to be
             removed, trimmed or damaged and special construction procedures and
             equipment may be required to protect the trees during construction. Any
             additional costs associated with protecting the trees shall be considered
             included with the project.
         e. Existing concrete and HMA surfaces shall be protected from damage.
             Any damage will be repaired by the contractor at no cost to the project.

    4. Construction General Notes
          a. All materials and workmanship shall be in accordance with the current
             MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction unless noted otherwise.
         b. The contractors bid includes all work directly or indirectly associated with
             the work to prepare for, furnish and install a new pedestrian bridge as
             described within the bidding documents. Only additional work not

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                       1 of 11                                   8/12/09
                described or visible during a detailed pre-bid site visit will be considered
                for additional compensation.

    5. Description Of Work
          a. The description of work below is intended to provide an overview of the
              work to be performed. All work to obtain a completed project is
              considered included with the associated items of work set forth in the
              bidding documents.

            b. Miscellaneous Removals
                   i. Sawcut and remove HMA at south approach extending 15 feet
                      from the existing bridge along the centerline of the approach
                      walkway. .
                  ii. Sawcut (horiz and vert) and remove sidewalk ramp (slab, walls and
                      foundation) at north approach extending 15 feet from the existing
                      bridge. Removal limits are to allow installation of new abutments.
                 iii. Remove concrete railing posts (total = 8) and steel pipe railing at
                      north approach.
                 iv. Sawcut and remove concrete backwalls above the bridge seat. On
                      the south side extend removal to the wingwalls. On the north end
                      remove entire backwall.
                  v. Remove concrete bridge deck (this may be done after truss is
                      relocated. However, the added weight and interferences will need
                      to be considered.)
                 vi. Install temporary chain link fence to protect site from pedestrians.

            c. Relocate Truss to Park
                   i. Install temporary rigging and bracing

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                        2 of 11                                    8/12/09
                    ii. Install bearing beam under both ends of truss to serve as a brace to
                        hold the bearing as well as a lifting beam.

                    iii. Connect existing stringers (minimum of outer two) to the wrought
                         iron truss floorbeams (cross flange welding will not be allowed).
                         Weld stringers to temporary bearing beam.
                    iv. Relocate electrical lines if required
                     v. Prepare site for relocation (NE quadrant or NW quadrant). Truss
                         to sit level on adjustable blocking at all panel points.
                    vi. Move truss

            d. Disassemble Truss and Transport
                   i. The purpose of the disassembly is to salvage the historic
                      significance of the bridge members and connections while moving
                      the bridge to a new site at the Calhoun County Historic Bridge
                      Park for re-assembly. The bridge will be transported in large
                      pieces by truck as part of the Contractors work. The sizes of the
                      pieces are intended to be favorable for both transporting and re-
                      assembly. It is anticipated that each side of the truss will either be
                      shipped whole (70 feet x 8 feet) or disassembled at the splice plate
                      located at the upper chord (resulting in 28 feet and 42 feet long x 8

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                       3 of 11                                    8/12/09
                     ii. Remove and dispose of longitudinal stringers and chain link bridge
                   iii. Adjust panel points vertically to remove stress in members.
                    iv. Heat nuts to be removed until dark blue (just before red) to
                         facilitate removal. Disassemble Truss Bridge To The Following
                              1. Trusses – 2 or 4 pieces
                              2. Floorbeams – 4 pieces
                     v. If the trusses are to be divided into two pieces:
                              1. Provide temporary lateral and vertical support of truss
                                  members to remove stresses from splice area.
                              2. Remove the top chord splice plates and rivets by grinding
                                  both sides of the rivets (total 20 per truss).
                              3. Clean threads of bridge pin and remove recessed nuts and
                              4. Remove recessed nuts from bottom chord eyebar pin.
                                  Detach the eyebars without removing the pin in its entirety.
                              5. Reattach recessed nuts.
                              6. Wire pieces together and add temporary bracing as
                                  necessary to allow moving and transport.
                    vi. Remove U-bolts to remove floorbeam, reattach U-Bolt nuts and
                         washers and wire them to the bottom chord eyebars. Mark beams
                         for re-assembly.
                   vii. Load truss components on truck(s).
                  viii. Transport to Calhoun County Historic Bridge Park located at
                         14930 Wattles Road in Emmett Twp. (approx 130 miles)
                    ix. Coordinate unloading of the bridge with the Park.

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                        4 of 11                                    8/12/09
            e. Construct New Substructures
                   i. Prepare Area
                          1. Contractor to perform layout staking utilizing the truss
                              manufactures approved shop drawings for bearing
                              reference locations and details. Vertical alignment shall be
                              set such that the new bridge underclearance (lowest point
                              of the bridge) will be 2” above the existing bridge stringers.
                          2. Layout substructures and prepare site for pile driving
                              including, but not limited to excavation, slope reinforcing
                              and removal of any obstructions to pile driving.
                  ii. Drive Piling
                          1. Furnish and drive piling to minimum 30 ton capacity
                              minimum pile length is 30 feet.
                          2. Additional length, if necessary will be reimbursed at time
                              and material.
                          3. Cut pile at approved cut off elevation.
                 iii. Install Substructures (see detail on page 6)
                          1. Place formwork for the 15’ long by 5’ high substructures.
                          2. Install reinforcing steel.
                          3. Install anchor bolts or install after truss is set by field
                              drilling to depth to develop full tensile capacity of epoxy
                          4. Place Substructure Concrete (f’c=4000 psi)
                          5. Concrete to obtain f’c=3000 psi prior to setting new truss

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                       5 of 11                                   8/12/09
Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant               6 of 11   8/12/09
            f. Concrete Surface Coating
                         1. High pressure wash existing substructures, including beam
                         2. Prepare surface and place concrete surface coating on all
                             exposed substructure concrete surfaces. Provide color chart
                             for the owner to select color.
                         3. Install concrete surface coating to vertical sides of north
                             ramp after sidewalk and ramp wall concrete is placed.

            g. Pre-Engineered Bridge - Furnished
                    i. Bridge Shall Be a “Keystone Truss” style manufactured by
                       Continental Bridge Co. (a Division of CONTECH construction
                       Products Inc.)
                   ii. The bridge shall be 80 feet long measured horizontally and have a
                       minimum 10 foot clear width.
                  iii. The bridge and decking shall be designed per AASHTO
                       requirements for pedestrian loading and 10 Ton Vehicular loading.
                  iv. The decking shall consist of transverse metal planking with a
                       concrete fill. The metal planking materials shall be furnished with
                       the truss for installation by a general contractor.
                   v. Pedestrian railing shall be 54 inches high above top of finished
                       deck and meet current geometric and structural requirements of
                       AASHTO and local building codes.
                  vi. Truss and railing shall be painted. The final paint color shall be a
                       dark blue to match City of Mt Pleasant downtown light poles. The
                       color code used is RAL5011. Provide touch up paint for
                       installation contractor.
                 vii. Anchor bolts shall be included with furnishing the truss.
                viii. The contractor must provide the following documentation as part
                       of the shop drawing submittal:
                           1. Product Literature
                           2. Representative design calculations
                           3. Representative drawings
                           4. Splicing and erection procedures
                           5. Warranty information
                           6. Inspection and Maintenance procedures
                           7. AISC Shop Certification
                           8. Welder Qualifications
                           9. References: List the location, bridge size, owner, and a
                               contact for reference for each project.
                  ix. Schematic drawings and diagrams shall be submitted to the
                       customer for their review after receipt of order. Submittal
                       drawings shall be unique drawings, prepared to illustrate the
                       specific portion of the work to be done. All relative design
                       information such as member sizes, bridge reactions, and general
                       notes shall be clearly specified on the drawings. Drawings shall

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                      7 of 11                                   8/12/09
                          have cross-referenced details and sheet numbers. All drawings
                          shall be signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer in
                          the State of Michigan.
                    x.    Structural calculations for the bridge superstructure and decking
                          shall be submitted by the bridge manufacturer and reviewed by the
                          approving engineer. All calculations shall be signed and sealed by
                          a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan. The
                          calculations shall include all design information necessary to
                          determine the structural adequacy of the bridge.
                    xi.   Submit three copies of manufacturers'    certificate to Engineer for
                          review. Indicate material or product conforms to or exceeds
                          specified requirements. Submit supporting reference date,
                          affidavits, and certifications as appropriate. Certificates may be
                          recent or previous test results on material or Product, but must be
                          acceptable to Engineer.
                   xii.   The bridge manufacturer shall warrant their steel structure to be
                          free of design, material and workmanship defects, including
                          section loss over 15%, for a period of ten years from the date of
                          delivery. This warranty shall not cover defects in the bridge
                          caused by abuse, misuse, overloading, accident, or improper
                          maintenance. Repair or replacement shall be the exclusive remedy
                          for defects under this warranty.
                  xiii.   Bridge shall be fabricated by a fabricator who is currently certified
                          by the American Institute of Steel Construction to have the
                          personnel, organization, experience, capability, and commitment to
                          produce fabricated structural steel for the category “Major Steel
                          Bridges” as set forth in the AISC Certification Program. Quality
                          control shall be in accordance with procedures outlined for AISC
                          certification. For painted structures, the fabricator must hold a
                          "Sophisticated Paint Endorsement" as set forth in the AISC
                          certification program.
                  xiv.    The bridge shall be supplied with a 1/4" x 6" steel plate mounted to
                          the inside of both trusses. The toe plate shall be welded to the
                          truss members at a height adequate to provide a 2" gap between the
                          bottom of the plate and the top of the deck or the top of the bottom
                          chord, whichever is higher. The span of the toe plate (from center
                          to center of supports) shall not exceed 5' -8".
                   xv.    The bridge abutments shall be constructed at the same elevation on
                          both ends of the bridge.
                  xvi.    Bridge bearings shall consist of a stainless steel setting or slide
                          plate placed on the abutment or grout pad. The bridge bearing plate
                          which is welded to the bridge structure shall bear on this setting
                          plate. One end of the bridge will be fixed by fully tightening the
                          nuts on the anchor bolts at that end. The opposite end will have
                          finger tight only nuts to allow movement under thermal expansion
                          or contraction

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                          8 of 11                                   8/12/09
                  xvii. The bridge expansion end shall have Teflon slide bearings placed
                        between the bridge bearing plate and the setting plate. The top
                        slide plate shall be large enough to cover the lower Teflon slide
                        surface at both temperature extremes.
                 xviii. The bridge shall be provided with a 1/4" thick “cover plate” at
                        each end. The plate shall cover the gap between the bridge end
                        floor beam and the backwall of the abutment. The cover plate
                        shall be affixed to the bridge end floor beam and shall slide on the
                        walkway approach surface. The top edges of the plate shall be
                        beveled and the plate shall be of sufficient width to cover the end
                        gaps at all temperature extremes.
                   xix. The bridge shall be delivered to the Oak Street Pedestrian Bridge
                        site in Mt Pleasant at a location determined by the General
                        Contractor for removal and staging for installation.

            h. Pre-Engineered Bridge - Installed.
                    i. Coordinate with the pre-engineered bridge supplier as to what is
                       supplied as part of his workscope and what will need to be
                       supplied by Contractor to install the completed bridge.
                   ii. Verify geometrics of bridge substructures and supplied bridge and
                       bearings. In the unlikely event that there have been modifications
                       made to the bridge, the contractor shall make modifications to the
                       substructures at no additional cost to the project.
                  iii. Rig trusses for removal according to manufactures
                  iv. Relocate power lines if necessary.
                   v. Install truss on substructures.
                  vi. Install anchor bolts if not already cast in substructure concrete.

            i. Install Concrete Bridge Deck
                    i. Install galvanized decking per manufacturers recommendations.
                   ii. Form edges of bridge deck (a metal form/plate may be supplied
                       along the fascias with the metal decking)
                  iii. Install polypropylene reinforced concrete grade 45d with a
                       transverse broom finish
                  iv. Provide a 7 day moisture cure for the bridge deck.
                   v. Install expansion plate device at ends of truss.

            j. Approach Concrete
                  i. Level area with sand and compact
                 ii. Reconstruct north concrete ramp.
                        1. Install #4 epoxy dowels at 12” spacing into existing ramp
                            walls, existing abutment and into the new substructure and
                            cast new walls to provide an enclosure for the approach
                            ramp and fill between the old and new substructure.
                        2. Install #4 bars at 12” spacing each way.

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                        9 of 11                                   8/12/09
                             3. Place substructure concrete for walls.
                    iii. Install 6” reinforced concrete approach slabs.
                    iv. Install curing compound for approach slabs only.

            k. Approach Railing.
                   i. Extend south approach rail posts 16 feet each side along wingwalls
                      (field measure). Set first post adjacent to bridge rail and bend
                      radius in tubing to follow wingwalls. Auger holes and embed
                      posts 42” with concrete
                  ii. Extend north approach railing down the ramp 30 feet (field
                      measure). Set first post adjacent to bridge rail.
                 iii. Paint steel railing to match bridge.

            l. Removable Bollards
                   i. Install removable bollards centered at each end of the bridge.
                  ii. Removeable bollard shall by Dumor, Inc. 42” x 4” dia steel pipe
                      bollard with tab for locking device, Model 400-42/S-1SL, or equal.
                 iii. Install bollards per manufacturers suggested details.

            m. Cleanup
                   i. Remove and dispose of all materials not part of the final finished
                      grading and landscaping.
                  ii. All landscaping disturbed by the construction (including rutting)
                      shall be reconstructed to its original condition. If the seeding is
                      done outside the MDOT seeding dates, additional costs to
                      remobilize and reseed during the next seeding date shall be
                      included with the pay item “Cleanup” unless otherwise approved
                      by the owner.

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                      10 of 11                                   8/12/09
            n. Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
                   i. Contractor is responsible for providing soil erosion and
                      sedimentation control measures to comply with the standard permit
                  ii. Contractor shall obtain soil erosion and sedimentation control
                      permits from the City of Mt. Pleasant.

Oak Street New Pedestrian Bridge
City of Mt. Pleasant                    11 of 11                                 8/12/09
                       City of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
                           SPECIAL PROVISIONS

2007 City of Mt. Pleasant Standard Specifications for Construction

       City of Mt. Pleasant Standard Construction Specifications dated March
2007, bound separately are part of the specifications of this project. They are
available on the City’s website at:

1. Scope of Work

       The work covered by this bidding document consists of removing,
salvaging and transporting a historic truss bridge, construction of new
substructures, furnishing and installing a new 80 ft. x 10 ft. pre-engineered
pedestrian bridge and associated approach reconstruction.

2. Time Constraints

       Completion of this project within the time constraints described below is
essential. The Contractor shall complete the bridge rehabilitation within 60 days
of closure of the bridge for construction. All work on this project shall be
completed within 90 days of the Notice to Proceed.

      Liquidated damages shall be assessed at the rate of $300.00 per day for
each day the work for any division is uncompleted following the completion date.

3. Working Hours and Holidays

       The daily hours of work are given in the General Construction
Specifications, paragraph 20.

       No work is to be scheduled by the contractor on Sundays, nor on the
following holidays or holiday weekends:

        Thanksgiving                      November 26, 27, 28, and 29, 2009

4. Soil Erosion Control

       The City of Mt. Pleasant will obtain the NPDES permit, and the contractor
shall follow the guidelines set forth by said permit. Contractor shall be
responsible for all soil erosion control measures deemed necessary by the DEQ,
or City Engineers. This includes maintaining all control measures, temporary and
permanent, until all permanent measures have been properly established.

[2009   Oak Street New Bridge Construction-Special Provisions/Pg. 1]
5. Safety

        At the end of each day, the contractor shall fill in all holes and barricade
the site, equipment, and materials.

6. Audio - Video Taping

       An aboveground audio-video tape of the construction area along and
adjacent to the project meeting the requirements of Section 2 of the
specifications is required. Video tape shall be delivered to the DPW prior to
contractor mobilization.

7. Concrete Removal

        Sidewalk, concrete drives, and curb and gutter removal shall be to existing
construction joints. Unbroken joints shall be saw cut prior to removal. If a saw cut
can be made where the remaining section is undisturbed, unbroken or unjointed,
and is five feet (5’) in length at its least direction, then removal may be to that point.

8. Excavated Material

       All excavated material, concrete, asphalt, broken pipe, and other material
shall become the property of the Contractor for disposal, except as noted above.

9. Tree Protection and Preservation

        The Contractor shall protect and preserve trees within the construction
area. If the Contractor causes tree damage resulting from non-compliance with
the tree crossing detail, or if excessive damage occurs to the trunk or main limbs
of a tree, the Contractor shall pay for the damages to the tree. The value of the
tree shall be the amount appraised by the City’s tree consultant. The Contractor
shall also pay for the cost of removal in the event the damaged tree must be
removed within a two-year period.

10. Truck Route Streets

       The Contractor shall not allow any trucks, or equipment associated with
this project to be driven on non-truck route City streets. The Contractor shall
ensure that all trucks and equipment associated with the project travel only on
streets identified as truck route streets on the Truck Route Map in the
construction specification details. If any of the Contractors, subcontractors,
and/or suppliers, are seen driving on other City streets, the Contractor shall be
required to pay for resurfacing the street with a polymer-modified asphalt
approved by the City at a rate of application determined by the City.

[2009   Oak Street New Bridge Construction-Special Provisions/Pg. 2]
       The Lincoln Street Bridge, which provides the only vehicular access to
Island Park, has a 50 ton maximum weight load limit. All construction vehicles
must be below this weight limit.

11. Material Testing Reports and Approved Soils Testing Laboratory

       The City of Mt. Pleasant will provide the modified proctor for Hubscher
22A aggregate. This test will be from Soils & Materials Engineering, Inc. If the
Contractor wishes to obtain additional tests on the 22A aggregate, Soils &
Materials Engineering, Inc., shall complete them. The approved soils testing
laboratory for this project is Soils & Materials Engineering, Inc.

12. Utility Location

       The Contractor shall expose all existing utilities and services that will be
affected by the construction. Utility locations and elevations, as shown on the
plans, are approximations and shall be verified by the Contractor prior to
beginning any work. The Contractor is required to call the MISS DIG system as
noted in the Standard Construction Specifications.

13. Restoration

        This pay item includes seeding and permanent control measures for the
site, including swales.

14. Insurance

        The contractor shall carry insurance that will provide for the full
replacement cost of any property that is damaged during the project. The
contractor shall also pay the immediate costs of the homeowner/resident in the
event an incident occurs, while waiting for the insurance company to make
compensation. Immediate costs include but are not limited to: hotel/motel bills
and meals if the building is unusable, costs for basic necessities such as beds or
clothes in the event they are damaged. The contractor will also be required to
name the City of Mt. Pleasant as an additional insured on the insurance

15. Project Meetings

       The Contractor shall attend weekly progress meetings with the Engineer
to provide updates on the project, the schedule of work for the following week,
and to resolve outstanding issues.

[2009   Oak Street New Bridge Construction-Special Provisions/Pg. 3]
[2009   Oak Street New Bridge Construction-Special Provisions/Pg. 4]

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