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									                      BALAKLAVA COMMUNITY CHILDREN’S CENTRE

                        Child Care and Preschool Fees Policy
Policy Number                   4.6
Link to CCQA Principles         2.3 – The centre has orientation processes for children and families
                                7.2 – Written information about the centre‟s management is readily
                                available to families
Policy Statement
A fee will apply to both child care and preschool sessions.
Balaklava Community Children‟s Centre is a non-profit based service and all fees go towards the
betterment of the children.
Strategies, Practices and Procedures

Childcare Fees are set by the Governing Council in consultation with the Department of Family and
Community Services.

Upon enrolment of a permanent or regular casual booking, a Bond will be charged – a minimum of $20 for
casual users, or the equal of 3 week‟s fees for permanent users. Bonds must be paid for on enrolment and
will be refunded, less any outstanding amounts, when care ceases.
Morning                         7.45am – 12.45pm         $32.00
Afternoon                       12.45pm – 5.45pm         $32.00
Day                              7.45am – 5.45pm         $64.00
Extended Morning                 7.45am – 3.30pm         $51.20
Preschool sessions              11.30am – 3.30pm         $32.00
                                11.30am - 5.45pm         $44.80
Am OSHC/Preschool               7.45am – 8.45am          $6.40
Pm OSHC/Preschool               3.00pm - 5.45pm          $19.20
Fees will be charged for all bookings (casual or permanent), regardless of a child‟s absence due to sickness
or any other reason, as staff are strictly rostered according to bookings. PLEASE NOTE: No fees are
charged and no absences are recorded when the Centre is closed during the Christmas/New Year break.
Preschoolers attending care should be booked in for the appropriate sessions (preschool Sessions) to ensure
they are not charged for care while attending preschool

Childcare Benefit reduces fees and is available to every family, regardless of assets or income. It may be
applied for by phone, internet or in person at any Centrelink or Family Assistance Office. Information is
available in the foyer and from office staff.
Full Childcare fees will be charged unless the child is registered with the Family Assistance Office.
Attendance Sheets must be signed by the parent/carer on arrival and departure to claim CCB.

Please use a Notification Of Changes form (available in the foyer) to give WRITTEN NOTICE of
changes, additional bookings, absences, holiday advice, cancellation of all bookings and changes of
Allowable or Approved Absences
All absences must be signed for on the attendance sheets by the parent/carer.
CCB is paid for up to 42 allowable absence days for each child per financial year. Allowable absences
may be taken for any reason. Full fees will apply after 42 absences have been used.
CCB is also payable for any amount of approved absence days providing they are taken for the following
specified reasons and supporting documentation is provided.
*illness -where a child, parent or sibling is ill(medical certificate required)
*non-immunisation -where a child is excluded from care by the parent or centre's policy because of an
outbreak of an infectious disease against which the child is not immunised (parent or centre must provide
written statement)
*rostered days off - (written statement from employer)
*school closure/pupil-free days, except school holidays
*public holidays
*period of local emergency
*court order -where a child is absent under a court order
*attendance at preschool
Public Holidays
The centre will be closed on public holidays. Childcare fees will be charged as normal for public holidays
unless appropriate notice is given.

Holding Fees for Allowable or Approved Absences
Normal fees will be charged when a child who is booked for care is absent without appropriate
Families will be allowed a 50% fee reduction (Holding Fee) to reserve their child's place in the Centre
when appropriate notification has been given when their child is to be absent. This will include children
who have permanent OHSC bookings.
Notification of Absence:
*A 50% holding fee will be charged for an absence when 7 day's written notice of absence is given.
*A 50% holding fee will be charged when 14 day's written notice of absence is given for school or family
holidays. (Maximum of 4 weeks per calendar year)
*If a child is absent due to illness for a prolonged period (greater than two weeks) a 50% holding fee may
be extended at the discretion of the Director.

Notice of Cancellation of a Permanent Booking
Two weeks’ WRITTEN notice must be given when a child is to be withdrawn from permanent
Notice of Changes to Permanent Bookings
1 week‟s WRITTEN notice must be given to change a permanent booking to another permanent day. (This
change will be subject to availability.)

Notice of Changes to Casual Bookings
1 week‟s WRITTEN notice of changes or cancellation to casual bookings must be given.
A late pick up fee of $20 per ten minutes or part thereof, will be charged for a child not picked up by the
end of the child's booked session. (i.e. 8.45, 12.45pm, 3.30pm 5.45pm) This fee is charged to meet the
overtime costs/extra staff needed for licensing requirements when numbers exceed planned bookings. If a
child is not collected then the “Security of Children” policy will be implemented. Charges will also be
billed to parents if Crisis Care is called.
Pre-school fees will be charged by the term. The cost is $1.20 per session with an additional charge of
$1.50 per day for Lunch Care. I.e.
                                  $12 / term for 1 session / week + lunch care charge
                                  $24 / term for 2 sessions / week + lunch care charge
                                  $48 / term for 4 sessions / week + lunch care charge
If any child has not been collected from Preschool at the end of the Preschool session he/she will be
transferred to Childcare and fees will be charged to the parent. Childcare Benefit will be deducted if
eligible. A charge for lunch will also be made if, for some reason, it is provided by the centre.

All accounts will be placed in your child‟s „pocket‟ in the foyer. Payments may be made by „posting‟ the
money through the Office door. Please include your name and amount enclosed with your payment. Notes
and envelopes/plastic pockets are available at the Office window.
Childcare fees are charged weekly in arrears. Accounts will be placed in pockets early each week. All
accounts are to be brought to a nil balance each week. Accounts will be posted to casual users.

Casual users will be charged and must pay on the day care is provided. If no CCB assessment has been
received by the day of childcare, full fees will be applicable.
If accounts remain outstanding after 1 week, a reminder will be sent with the next account. If the account
is not paid in 2 weeks, a letter advising that care may be terminated if not paid immediately will be sent.
After 3 weeks of non-payment and if no arrangements have been made, care will be terminated and legal
action will be taken to recover the outstanding debt in excess of the bond.
Preschool fees are invoiced at the beginning of each term. Payment is preferred as soon as possible, and
reminders will be sent during the term. Instalments are available by arrangement.
Families experiencing difficulties should see the Director, Manager of Childcare Services or
Administration Officer for assistance, and other avenues of support.

Measuring Tools
   Budget
   Income and expenditure reports
   CCB
   Changes of Notification forms
Links to other Policies
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Department of Family and Community Services
    DECD Licensing and Standards, www.childcare.sa.gov.au/bsproviders/
    Commonwealth of Australia, 2000, Community-Based Long Day Care Handbook,
      Department of Family and Community Services
    National Childcare Accreditation Council Inc, 2005, Quality Practices Guide 1st edition
      2005, National Childcare Accreditation Council

Policy Created Date             Term 1 2010

Policy Review Date              Term 1 2011

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