Laboratory Safety Procedures Contract For Physics by NatePotter


									Laboratory Safety Procedures & Contract For Physics
1. Do not touch laboratory equipment until informed ASSIGNED to do so by your teacher. OR APPROVED BY YOUR TEACHER. should be used. approval is 2. Do not begin the lab until your instructor 3. DO ONLY THOSE EXPERIMENTS UNAUTHORIZED 4. Only materials EXPERIMENTS tells you to do so.

ARE PROHIBITED. by your instructor except when specific

and equipment authorized in charge.

5. The science storage given by the teacher doing at all times. 7. Listen carefully the introduction 9. Students beforehand.

rooms are off limits to students, A teacher

6. Never work alone in the laboratory.

must be present and aware of what you are as part of or safety.

for any special instructions to the lab exercise.

or warnings given by the teacher concerning procedures

8. Work quietly so that you can hear any announcements should prepare for each laboratory Follow all instructions should be reported precisely activity

by reading all instructions Make note of any deviations no matter how minor they

and intelligently.

announced by your instructor. 10. All accidents to the teacher immediately, may appear. 11. Flames or operating 13. Allow sufficient

hot plates should never be left unattended. to cool. Remember, hot objects be sure that the current look just like cool off before

12. Flammable liquids are NEVER dispensed near open flames. time for hot materials circuits, objects. 14. When working with electrical making any changes in the circuit. whenever working with live circuits. 15. If you are connecting a voltmeter the connections before turning current 16. Do not connect the terminals or ammeter on. or power supply to each other with a hot. sources of splashes, spills, or spattering. using. Be sure that you are stopper. The hole and to a circuit, have your teacher approve

is turned

Make sure your hands, body, and work area are dry

of a dry cell, battery,

wire. Such a wire can become dangerously solids, radioactive using the correct materials,

17. Chemical goggles should be used when working with dangerous chemicals, hot liquids or and other potential 18. Labels and equipment instructions should be read before

items and that you know how to use them. into a dry rubber with glycerin (glycerol) or soapy water, and the glass should be immediately.

19. Do not force glass tubing or a thermometer glass should be lubricated gripped through 21. Students fire 22. Students 20. If a thermometer a paper towel to the protect

hands should breakage occur.

breaks, inform your teacher

should note the location of the emergency shower, eye and face wash fountain, and know how to use them. should be should know the proper fire drill procedure. especially when an open flame is work. Long hanging necklaces,

blanket, and fire extinguishers

23. Long sleeves should be rolled up above the wrists. Ties, coats, and sweaters removed. Long hair should be tied back during laboratory, nearby. 24. Student apparel should be appropriate for laboratory

bulky jewelry, and excessive or bulky clothing should not be worn in the laboratory. 25. Footwear that completely covers the foot is highly recommended. Footwear, at the very least, should be hard-soled. NEVER go barefoot in the laboratory. 26. No food, beverages, gum, or candy is permitted in any laboratory. 27. Work areas should be kept clean and tidy. 28. Students should always clean, and wipe dry, all desks, tables, or laboratory work areas at the conclusion of each lab activity. 29. Do not climb on lab furniture without prior permission from the teacher. 30. Water, gas, and electricity must be turned off when finished. 31. Students must return equipment to its original placement so that the instructor can inventory and remove items quickly. 32. Students are financially responsible for lost or broken equipment that results from carelessness or misuse. 33. NEVER engage in horseplay or practical jokes. Do not throw or compete for equipment or any other items. Remember at all times that the laboratory is a place of serious work. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE RULES WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL OF THE STUDENT FROM THE LABORATORY.

------ Read, sign, and date and return to your course instructor.


I have read the above Laboratory Safety Procedures, and they have been clearly explained to me by my physics course instructor. I agree to abide by all these Procedures and understand that failure to follow the rules as set forth will result in my immediate dismissal from the laboratory.




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