Blackberry Mass Storage Not Recognized by cblastname


Sometime our blackberry mass storage is not recognized by oprating sysytem like windows. it is because the device is damage or driver not installed.

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									Blackberry Mass Storage Not Detected / Recognized

There are times when the blackberry mass storage can not be opened or not recognized by the
operating system by asking to install driver

If you experience this can be done following STEP 2:

1. Install the Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.5 or 5.0 (6.0 win xp sp3), so that the smartphone usb ports
recognized by computer

2. Make sure media card support and mass storage support in the settings menu, options, memory is in
a condition on

3. And connect the blackberry to a computer using USB cable and desktop manager software

4. pid 8001 should be 8004

5. Calfix software download at this link:
after a complete run calfix.exe wait until the process is complete, then try again to open the mass
storage device (removable disk) brother.

If the above methods can not resolve your problem, the possibility of damaged media card, try to
reformat or exchanged for new ones.

Good luck, may be useful ..

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