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               Binary Options
               New Cash Avenue


               Kenny Adetu


Binary Options: New Profitable Cash Avenue.

             Almost everybody know about stock exchange, Forex and
      Options But only few know about Binary Options Trading because it
      is relatively new investment vehicle. Although it is Option Trading,
      binary option or what the French call Options Binaires is different in
      many ways.

      Options Binaires or Binary Options is rightly called cash-or-nothing
      choice, or asset-or-nothing choice. This is because in Binary Options,
      you either win or lose, no half measure. Unlike the common options
      trading where you can place a trade and put stop lose to stop you
      from losing totally, in binary options there is nothing of such. If you
      put a trade you will either win totally or lose totally. But this shouldn't
      alarm anybody since the trading is small.

      Most often it is in $40 per trade, which if matured can turn to $400, a
      1,000% increase. If you lose, it is only $40. Binary Options matures
      very fast in matter of hours instead of days as in the case of the
      normal option. Also all over the internet are websites set up to cater
      for clients.

      Binary Options has become so lucrative that many have abandoned
      their jobs for full time day trading in Binary Options and rightly so as
      they make sometimes a thousand dollars a day.

Your Financial Future In Your Hands Through Binary
          Options Or Options Binaires.

                      Why 401K Plan Will Fail You.

       Do you have 401K or any other pension scheme that you're hoping to
retire on? Good. Or is it? I have some bad news for you. If you're
approaching retirement age, better go and check on the plan. Look at the
graph of its appreciation. You will be dismayed that, rather than going up, it
is on downhill. By the time you're ready to retire, it might have been
practically wiped out. What is happening in America is an illustration.
Rather than talking, I would have loved for you to watch a video here

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      You see what is happening to hard working, honest individuals? Don't
let this happen to you. Take care of your own future.

How To Take Care of Your Financial Future: Whatever level you are right
now, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. Questions like:
What will happen if I lose my job right now? Look for another job? The
reality is that you might wait for a long time before you'll get another, that's
if you get at all. If you're unemployed, maybe it is good news. Don't look for
work, get into a business. Fortunately you can use the power of the net to
get a work at home thing. Here in this article, we will talk about options
open to you to earn passive, work at home income. The options are open
for you to explore and decide for yourself. I will give you a case study here.

Why I Chose Binary Options: I must confess that I am lazy and not so good
at calculations and reading charts. that is something common with Forex
and Options trading. Another thing is that at that time, I had very little
money, actually unemployed with a kid and a spouse. So what I was
looking for was ready made, secured investment, requiring minimal
amount. I found Binary Options.

Another thing I need to point out is that I had been burnt severely by
scams to tune of thousands of Dollars. But my confidence was boost by
what is called Comparative Brokers Binary Options ,or as in French,
"Comparatif Brokers Options Binaires". Let me explain what it is: You have
options of selected brokers with high record and the amount of minimal
investment. You choose among them, give them your fund, then relax while
they do the hard work. Because they're professionals, they most often
divide your money into at least5 to 6 parts and invest a part at once. in my
own case I invested just $100, so they took $40, invested it, after a return,
then they did another investment.

WHY GOING BINARY ? This is where Binary Options has edge- Each turn
over can happen within 1 hour. So, in 1 hour I had 75% return on the $40,
within a month the least I had was 2.9% daily. The rest is as they say

I use this as illustration purpose only. The interesting thing is that the site I
found was in French but with telephone 800 lines from all over the world.
So I simply picked the phone and spoke to one of them. What I am saying
is this: It is time to take your financial future in your hand. Robert Kuyosaki

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of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant puts it well by saying that
the best financial expert for your future is you. Don't wait for your pension
before you start planning, otherwise you might be dismayed. Why not try
Binary Options?


   (1.)   Low Risk: The risk in trading in Binary Options is very low. This is
          because you can never lose totally. As an illustration, if you invest
          U.S. 50 and the payout is 75/10, you will receive 87.50 if the
          condition is in your favor, otherwise, you’ll receive U.S. 5. So
          whether it is in your favor or not, binary options still pays you.

   (2.)   QUICK RETURN: Trading in binary options takes place under 2
          hours, most often 1 hour, so you will know the outcome fast.

   (3.)   MINIMAL INVESTMENT: You can start investing with as little as
          U.S. 100, and even execute each trade in bits of U.S.40. Most of
          the brokers even double your investment for more trades. For
          instance, you deposit 100, they make it 200 thereby spreading
          your trades more.

   (4.)   NO COMMISSION: Brokers of binary options don’t ask for
          commission which gives you more advantage and opportunities
          to execute more trades.

          principally an online thing. This makes binary options open to
          everyone from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven
          hours a week.

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Binary Options Trading System
 Binary options dealing has become a very successful alternative options
plan. Individuals who want to improve their economic circumstances in this
gloom are finding fascination with this. Binary options has become haven
for people who are either dissatisfied with their lot through unemployment
or inadequate wages due to economic downturn. Some are seriously
considering giving up their jobs and doing Binary Options full time as they
get great dividends in their investment through this options dealings.
Actually, binary alternatives joined marketplaces at the best when
individuals were thinking about better successful alternatives that could
provide quick dividends and free time as well. It is no shock then that with
this cutting edge style of dealing becoming available to the small-time
individuals, their search lastly came to an end.

While some investors are relying on binary alternatives as their regular
business, individuals believe it is a little dangerous to depend on Binary
Options plan alone. Although successful, this very dangerous market place
has its own negatives as well. It is eventually the perspective of the
individuals regarding whether or not he can endure the variations of
industry place and also if a particular purchase is worth taking all the risk.

The major function of binary alternatives that has fascinated individuals is
that the potential gain and reduction are known to the buyer before the
business begins. Merchants also desire this dealing car because they lose
only the money that they have put in and as opposed to other dealing form
to earn gain they don't have to go on including to the investment strategies.
People liked the idea of committing little bit and getting larger dividends and
that is why they are ready to stop their work to give regular to binary
dealing alternatives. A dealing plan that offers 65% to 81% dividends,
which is higher than any other dealing method, is quite enough a reason to
stop their major occupation. Moreover, you get 15% of your put in money
come back if your business comes to an end 'out of the money'.

The major advantage of dealing in binary alternatives is that here, the
buyer sometimes can get his gain within a very short time. Unlike
conventional dealing where one has to wait for months or sometimes for
years to get the positive result, binaries can provide gain in a matter of one
hour or so.

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2.Binary choice is a one of the easiest and everyday sort of types, where
the benefit is either a certain quantity of recommended amount of cash,
known as cash-or-nothing choice, or stocks, known as asset-or-nothing
choice. Naturally, cash-or-nothing choice owners get money if the choice
comes to an end in the money, asset-or-nothing choice owners get stocks.
Binary alternatives are often known as digital alternatives as the dealings
are entirely done online..

Binary Options dealing is uncomplicated, once you understand the
fundamentals. Even understanding the fundamental is easily mastered as
online sites devote their time to orientating the clients about Binary Options.
After this the next thing is to step out and do the dealings. Even at this,
there are several online brokers with the interest of the buyers at heart,
most of them have totally changed the way binary alternatives are dealt on
the internet today, by providing their customers with a easy, interesting,
energetic and highly successful dealings foundation. The reason is that
Binary Options foundation is different from the conventional one. Due to the
simplicity and speed of those binary dealings and the low amount of
investment, individuals are able to do business anywhere they are in the
world. Included are innovative individuals that are looking for ways to
hedge their opportunities in the conventional market place, beginner day
investors looking for some "action" without risking a lot of money, they are
ideal systems almost everybody.

You simply select whether the stock cost will go up or down. Then place
your call or put according the dealing foundation.

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