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					Michael Joseph Jackson (Name: Michael Joseph Jackson); (29-59 - 8591 June 2009), musician
and singer and dancer and a poet and producer of Songs, businessman and humanitarian activist
U.S.. Known as the King of Pop and most famous singer at all and the most popular and has won
the Award for Most popular artist in the history. And have been classified by an expanded
Guinness Bang singer at all the most successful Entertainer of All time famous for a lot Bnbarath
charity and his appeal for freedom and world peace throughout his life. Sold in his lifetime more
than 750 million around the world and is the largest singer-selling "is alive". Mottagoisa sales of
Elvis Presley and the Beatles in their lives and is worth mentioning that Jackson's biggest-selling
album in history. Has exceeded the sales of albums Thriller percent a million copies. Also Jackson
is the first American singer sells outside the United States more than 100 million. is also the first
singer in the world per year harvested 100 million. In 1993 Michael Karam Award for created
specially for him, the first and only winning this award named Living Legend Living lagend
Awards and the award for "Triple Crown" in 1989 during the awards ceremony BRE Awards
intended by the king of pop, rock and soul. And have a Jackson biggest concert tour in history
History World Tour, the owner of the most successful video clip in history. It is more singer
donation in the world have reached their contributions, including nearly half billion has support for
Jackson 33 organizations charity throughout his life added, but he had written in his will give
priority to the continuity of contributions After the death of the Assembly Select one only and Heal
The World. Jackson, 20 have a record in the Guinness Book of Records as the most famous Onhj
singer in history, at any scale. Jackson, one of the most controversial myths in, music, dance,
shape, and even his own life. Began his career as leader of the band The Jackson 5 in the sixties.
When the composition of the team, "Jackson Five" became the band Jermaine Jackson] [singer
core group until 1967, when he took his younger brother Michael Jackson to lead the team, but
under Jermaine sings with Michael for many years.
Jackson began his career Amonaii in a very early age when he was seven years old in the band The
Jackson5 with his four brothers. Began his career singing singles in 1971, but actually began in
1979 and began his star shining in 1984.
In his career singles record Jackson, and helped produce his album Thriller biggest-selling album
in history with sales on the year was estimated at 110 million copies, got Michael through his
career with 13 Grammy Award and also 13 songs solved the first prize in the United States,
recognizes Jackson several awards honorary most important award singer century by the World
Awards songs, gave Jackson the scene of rock stars honorary twice Kemczuarh individual and as a
singer in Aljackson 5 during the two years 1997 and 2001, also submitted to the arena honorary
songwriters, during his career Jackson has sold 750 million copies.
From 1988 to 2005 he lived in Jackson's Neverland ranch scenery, which includes its own
amusement park and zoo. To entertain sick children with cancer and orphans, he knew a lot
sleeping children in his garden, which has caused controversy in the media and American society
in particular, and in 1993 directed his first charge of harassment of a minor, but settled out of court,
and in 2003 made the documentary Living with Michael the product of radio the BBC Facts Media
mastermind led the famous Martin Bashir led to the arrest of Jackson for the second time on
charges of child molestation and several other charges but has been recognized by the claimants
after the disclosure of their plots and was found innocent of them entirely in 2005.
[Edit] childhood and the beginning of his career and Aljackson 5
Born Michael Jackson in the city of Gary, Indiana, USA and is ranked eighth among his brothers in
a family of middle-class, note the many talented musical inherent in the Jackson family, try the
head of the family, Joseph Jackson, to record his children a contract with the company song, in
1962 the brothers "Jermaine , Jackie, Tito, "Presentations at the casinos and bars in the city of
Gary, in 1963 joined the band Michael and Marlon, were then change the name of the band to
Aljackson 5 for it includes the brothers five, then the band to submit offers to include performances
in big theaters. The band has raised controversy in the city of Gary insufficient attention to their
talent, and he signed a contract studio Steel Town with the band to record his first album with
them, but the lack of financial support to make the band looking for a new company to sign an
agreement with them.
In the middle of 1967 became Michael Singer primary and the first in the band, in the same year
made the band a presentation at the Apollo Theater, was in attendance executioners Knights one of
the singers company Motown, then the executioners to advise the president of Motown's Barry
Gordy that enlisted to the company, Barry did not care much that was the recommendation of the
band by Diana Ross, and approved by Barry to provide the band offer a pilot in a studio Motown,
during the demo featured Michael between his brothers of the layers of his voice high and his
continuing in the presentation, after this display of the Week and approved by Barry to join the
band to a company Motown , signed and Michael's father, Joseph the contract, one of the terms of
this contract that the brothers do not have any kind of freedom in the selection or composition or
Museguethm Tlhinha, and that they accounted for 2.8 percent of the profits of the album or
individual song.
Although the band is still registered with the studio Steel Town, the band signed a contract with
Motown, after the band began registration in the studio independently continued to Motown City
Ditroyd, during this period the band recorded five songs were all re-register to the songs of the
past, but did not get any of them high grades in the classification of songs.
In 1969 the band moved to live in California, and Michael moved to live with the singer World
Diana Ross, in the same year, the company's first song of their written and produced by Barry
Gordy I Want You Back song ranked first director of the Beatles and their song Let It Be of the
first rank . Motown company after seeing the band has enjoyed fame at the level of the United
States decided to record a full album for the band, and in 1970 sent two songs, the band again
dissolved the first prize. In 1971, Michael sent his first single which has been ranked first five Got
To Be There then began a leisurely critics questioning Michael Jackson, Will Aljackson with 5 or
will begin his singles, then Jackson started registration of second single individual has Ben, which
tells the story of a mouse , the song released in 1972, regardless of the lyrics and the story of the
song, but the critics, starting from the magazine Rolling Stones to Billboard it is the best work of
Jackson, during this period, sales began to Aljackson 5 decline began Gusev looking new company
to sign a contract with the band, and also accused Joseph Motown as the main culprits in the
decline in sales due to restrict the band singing only and not to give them the freedom to produce
and compose songs, in 1974 a final attempt of the band to regain her fame, sent the song Dancing
Machine song solved in second place, which increased the popularity of the song is dance Michael
Quick, issued albums the song also in 1974 the album was commercially successful, but compared
to the previous Baleboumat the band is a disappointment.
In 1975 the band signed a contract with CBS Records, which will be known later on behalf of Sony
EPIC, and agreed to CBS Records to give the band 20 percent of the profits of the album or song
and individual freedom of choice and written and produced songs, when I learned Motown that the
band signed a new contract tried the band legally acquired Name Aljackson 5. Michael began
working on writing and production of the first song of the band with CBS Records which has been
ranked third Shake Your Body, published in 1976.
In 1978 Michael was invited to work and representation alongside Diana Ross in her next The Wiz,
which was a musical film, the film was produced by Motown, and conditions of company Motown
to Michael the album, the official movie will be issuing Motown and not CBS, agreed Michael to
the terms, during filming Mullaly product Quincy Jones movie was a disaster Snmaiip cost of the
film was $ 30 million The profit did not reach $ 15 million, but the film was a reason to re-Michael
of lights as an individual and not as part of Task Force Aljackson, speaking on Michael with
Quincy that he wants to begin recording the new album individually and not with his brethren, and
he wanted the album producer, Quincy offered his services to Michael. During this period Michael
explained lawyer John Branca as a lawyer as his personal, Branca was able to sign a contract to
Michael as an individual and not as part of Task Force Aljackson in CBS Records of what was the
contract that Michael will not have to work with his brothers, and he has 38 percent of the profits
of his albums and songs of individual, So far, the highest percentage of profits for the singer of the

Start young
At the beginning of youth he frequented the discos in the United States, after the end of the tour
Destiny which was attended Michael with children of his neighborhood where the marketing for
their new album Jackson began scoring for his new album, and filming his film E.T which was
released in the same month released his album the next few weeks the film entitled ET - The Extra
Terrestia put in the month of November 1982 mystery film markets and minds of days until it
became a picture in every street, album, song of the film was the work of Michael Jackson and the
song is unbelievable unless you hear Somone In The Dark. f. The film was released two weeks
after the album Thriller, or rather storm Thrille album which entered the Guinness World Records
Guiness Capper-selling album in history [1]. And nicknamed Thriller Biggest Selling Album of
History. Jackson wanted to be Quincy Jones, producer of the album, Quincy agreed, but Jackson
wanted to be productive next to Quincy, sparking the ire of Quincy at the start of the recording, the
album was to be called Starlight Jackson wrote a song album, but was not satisfied by the terrifying
written Rod Thompson, became Thriller, Quincy wanted to be the album contains all classes of
music, summoned guitarist and rocker Eddie Van Helen plays guitar in the song Beat It, which was
the spelling of Jackson, he agreed the hands on display Quincy, Quincy did not want to be called
the song Billie Jean, which was also writing Jackson, this name out of fear that mixed people
Balagnep with golfer Billy Jean King, but Jackson insisted on the name, the song was which tells
Michael about a girl named "Billie Jean" claimed that Michael father of her child, and Odahrt
analysis that the woman is just a fan of mentally disturbed . Jackson was screaming in the song and
say "this child is not my child."
Album issued a year 1982 and was its 9 songs, the first single released from the album The Girl Is
Mine song was to write Jackson and the duet with the singer Paul Makortne song was ranked
second in order of songs the U.S. and ranked eighth in the United Kingdom, the second song
released was Billie Jean. Arrived ranked first in the United States and the United Kingdom, and
went to the stage Platinum "Any sold a million copies" Mmasaad to lift sales of the song and the
album is the performance of Jackson's songs celebrate the company Motown for the passage of 25
years of its founding and the performance of Jackson for a walk the moon, the song was ranked
first for more than 5 weeks. Album after performing gait moon ceremony at Motown and reached
sales of one million copies Balsbua, then tried to CBS closer to the station live television MTV to
view the clips Jackson in it, except that the station refused to view the clips Jackson, because she
was pursuing a policy of not showing only clips music eggs, making the singers black outside the
circle of view, however, that the success of Jackson's song Billie Jean has forced the station to
view the clip, thus became the first black singer Dahr on the MTV channel, leaving the door behind
him is open to all black singer. The logo of the channel that has changed in the eighties in Jackson.
Third song of the album was the song Beat It required stations Alradbo own songs completely
rock, the song is also ranked first both sides of the Atlantic, the clip was clips of the most
successful in history, Jackson then put the fourth song of the album Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin'
song was ranked fifth, Jackson then put Human Nature, which ranked seventh, during this period
of work with Paul Jackson Paul Makortne new album, the first single from the album raised Say
Say Say song was ranked first in the United States, also issued a Jackson song, the sixth album by
The song is the album Thriller, song you can not occupy the first rank, but ranked fourth, Jackson
wanted to be but a short movie clip, he chose the director John Landis to remove the clip, the clip
length was 13 minutes, making it an event in the world of music, but changed the course of clips
forever. Where the idea of Jackson to be a clip that has a beginning and the height and the end of a
mini story. Issued bar video clip, the video is more video Mbieta in the world, Jackson finally
opened the seventh song of the album PYT Which was ranked seventh.
In 1984 entered the Jackson Guinness Book of Records as the most albums Mbieta history,
including nearly 104 million copies, "another official statistical in 2006", the album is also the first
and only began the year ranked first and ended the year ranked first, also in the same year, Jackson
received at the White House, for his song Beat It to the U.S. government in the fight against
driving under the influence of alcohol.
During the Grammy ceremony in 1984, Jackson won 8 Grammy Awards, more singer won a
Grammy Award in the same year, also won 8 awards at the awards ceremony songs of America.
And also participated with his brothers and the band singing Gaksons Round Victory Tour, which
has achieved great success in the United States and included 3 of the songs from Jackson's album
During the filming of the Pepsi "that took place with him a contract worth $ 15 million" in 1984
Effect of light and fire broke out in the poetry of Jackson, causing severe burns at the top of
Jackson from the second division, and the PepsiCo financial compensation for the Jackson episode,
and then donated and set up hospital for burns.
[Edit] the mid-eighties and beyond
Michael Jackson 1984
In 1985 participated Jackson and Lionel Ritchie song writing charity We Are The World, which
went all profits to fight famine in the African continent, the song was produced by Quincy Jones,
won two awards Grammys, sold all the copies of the song of 8 million copies, during the first week
of raised .
In 1986, Jackson starred in the movie three-dimensional Captain EO, which display in the city of
Disney from 1986 to 1997, the cost of film Ttraouhpin 16-30 million, the film lasted only 16
minutes, Jaalta him one the most expensive movies for a minute, but the success of the commercial
was great , after Jackson began stirring controversy when he announced his intention to purchase
shares of ATV for the registration of property rights, which included the rights of ownership of
music the Beatles and Elvis Presley $ 47 million, the cause of controversy that Jackson bought the
shares of the company after reaching his friend Paul Makortne of the deal, Paul was hailed as a
Jackson is calculated and a surprise, which angered him, but he considered himself is Almkto he
advised Jackson to own the property rights of music teams and other singers, but he did not expect
that Jackson owns the Beatles songs.
In 1987, Jackson issued a BAD album contains 10 songs on the album, the album was produced by
Quincy, however, that 8 of the songs were produced by Jackson and writing, the first song of the
album was put forward I Just Can't Stop Loving You, which was ranked first in the United States
and the United Kingdom, the song was a strong impetus for the album, the second version of album
The song is the album BAD clip was a length of 18 minutes and contained a famous actor Wesley
Snipes. where was this his first appearance on television any time was not known, the song was
ranked first in the United States and the third in the United Kingdom, the third version of the album
was the song Way You Make Me Feel has reached the song came first, the fourth issue was the
song Man in the Mirror, which came to rank first, Jackson donated all the profits, and is considered
critics song one of the best acts of Jackson, which is rumored that by the participation of Sarah ran
in one night, the clip did not show Jackson in it, but contained moments of historical figures such
as Martin Luther King, the fifth edition was the song Dirty Diana, the song also occupied first
place, the fifth song ranked first album BAD. also Jackson began his musical BAD World Tour,
which reached 3.5 to fans and made profits of nearly $ 125 million and lasted eight months.
Edit] the early nineties
Jackson renewed his contract with CBS Records was bought by Sony and it became the Epic
Records, the contract insisted that Jackson be a number greater than the number to renew the
contract sister Jeanette Jackson with Virgin Records, which was 47 million and promising the
biggest contract in history, so I decided to Epic to renew the contract Jackson $ 890 million and an
annual salary estimated at $ 125 million, Jackson did not hesitate to agree, but that was supposed to
issue a Jackson album every two years, but the average between the issuance of Jackson's album of
5-4 years.
Issued Jackson in October 1991 his first album under the new contract, in this album sacked
Jackson for a product Quincy Jones and replaced him Btidi Riley, Jackson was the executive
producer of the album, the album was nominated Dangerous and contains 14 songs, 9 of which are
issued Kogani individual and one of them reached ranked first in the order-General of the songs,
and two reached the first rank in the order of your songs, Aleboum sold 38 million copies, the
second largest Mbieta albums for Jackson. and continued to rank first 5 weeks. The first song
released from the album was Black Or White, which reached first place with 13 countries by the
arrangement of the songs from the 20 in the early nineties. Song hosted by guitarist Slash, giving it
a touch of rock, the song was ranked first for 9 weeks, the clip was directed once again by John
Landis, the video was a length of 14 minutes, during the presentation I saw 500 million viewers
from around the world, the highest rating for a clip of history, clip contains the snaps of Jackson, a
dance and sing for freedom and equality and moving from one country to another, but he blew a
sensation in the world because of the last 4 minutes of the clip, and contains movements angry and
incomprehensible body of Michael, a dance and break the glass written on it words unintelligible,
video was prevent much of the stations songs, but that Jackson apologized and returned the camera
the last 4 minutes are sharper and clearer where he became a sideline glass and has expressions of
racial groups and logo of the Nazis to express anger at all racist in the world. clip is still displayed
in the station MTV2 in the United States as the most clip sexy controversial. Because of the
overwhelming success of the song Jackson issued a special remix of the song of a 25-Europe,
remix achieved success by occupying a high rank fourteenth in the United Kingdom.
Second single from the album was the year 1992, the song Remember The Time ranked first order
in the private and third in the order year, the clip contains several dances are complex and difficult
to implement, which was a Ahmm reasons that Jackson did not to include her in his lyrics, which
were phase preparation. Clip included Representative Eddie Murphy, supermodel Iman, clip his
story was taking place in ancient Egypt and was a length of 9 minutes. Third issue was the song In
The Closet song was ranked first in the order in the private and the sixth in the order year, the song
was modified numerically very large, and appeared in the song Princess Stafin of Monaco, was
supposed to show Madonna allowance Princess Stafin, but because of her singing did not show,
clip was simple and consisted of Jackson and the crossbar Naomi Campbell dancing in the desert.
after Jackson began his musical Large Dangerous World Tour, fourth publications song was the
Jam, which ranked third, clip hosted by basketball star Michael Jordan and the song was also
appeals to free to the fifth issue was the song Who Is It ranked sixth, the clip does not contain
Jackson, but like him because of preoccupation with Jackson singing round, Jackson was not
satisfied with the clip and re-issued in 95. With the release of sixth song from the album Heal The
World, which his company name of charity on behalf of this song, the song is also appealing for
peace and unity and stop the wars. Then attended the final of American football, Wu has performed
several of the most prominent songs from his new album and a song Heal The World, the song has
ranked twenty-sixth, the seventh version of the album was the year 1993, selected the song Give In
To Me to be the seventh release, the song is issued only in the Kingdom Nations. And ranked
second, during the time of issuance of the song and agreed Jackson presenter Oprah Winfrey to
record an interview and be directly approved by Jackson, the interview took 100 million viewers,
where it is the largest interview in the history of opera controversy among all interviews, but it is
one of the reasons famous opera "global" at the time as before Michael were not the famous Opera
in all parts of the world., of the most important policies included in the interview is to clarify
Jackson for some reason change the color of his skin, where he is suffering from vitiligo, and also
articulated his childhood cruel, during the interview View clip Give In To Me, eighth issue was the
song Will You Be There also Jackson has performed the song at the awards ceremony of MTV to
lift the order, Jackson succeeded in his idea and the song ranked sixth in the United States, finally
Jackson issued the ninth song of the album Gone Too Soon by spin her story for the child, Ryan
White, who was ill shortage immune gained less because of AIDS infected blood to him, and he
died because of it, the song is because of the severe Atefitha was one the worst songs in order of
songs for Jackson is ranked thirty-third.
Michael Jackson and the small girl Blunkett in the Disneyland Park in Paris in 2006
Started proceedings at the end of 2003, during which he searched Jackson's ranch Neverland with
60 soldiers, federal and cruelly, the number considered by the media that the state government had
exaggerated it, but during the inspection found the inspectors on several pornographic magazines
abnormal, but no found no fingerprints of Jackson, also searched the PC Jackson Profile and found
where several pornography Web sites of the abnormality, but the date of entry of these sites to
Advanced Search Home Home with the presence of Jackson at his ranch, where he was holding his
interview with Martin Bashir in Germany, (and this Iokd that Martin Bashir conspirator from the
beginning) Oidaalcilh pornography is just a part of the conspiracy against Jackson, but ended in
failure , where Jackson's lawyers revealed that the date of manufacture of the magazine was not
compatible with the date on which the child claimed that Jackson was being read with a long
period, where the date of issue of the magazine on the same date to the days where Jackson was
arrested. It was during this period, Jackson sacked his lawyer about the services who was appointed
since the seventies, John Branca, and replace it with the lawyer, Tom Meziro, which is one of the
best lawyers in the United States, which was World War II's personal secretary to General
McCarthy, collection Meziro the rest of the team of lawyers, the strategy of Meziro is proving that
the family that accused Jackson molestation date to accuse Hollywood stars and fraud at all levels,
too, which irritated the court on the family is to change the certificate and the mother of the boy,
who claimed Jackson had molested her son constantly and radical change, in one of their
certificates said that Jackson will prevent them from out of his ranch, Neverland, and she was a
hostage, but they have Meziro documents to prove it was the disposal of huge amounts of money
on personal needs from the account of Jackson without objection to Jackson, and it was used by all
phones Jackson at his ranch in complete freedom, and it was a day out for shopping finest shops
accessories and clothing, the court agreed that the testimony of the mother of false and incorrect,
the Attorney General tried to defend its case, and was able to pass the court and the jury's decision
allows him to call the family in 1993, said child's mother, who claims that Jackson molested him in
1993 that because Jackson was divorced from her husband and she did not see her son for 10 years,
her son traveled outside the United States to avoid testify against Jackson, the jury decided not to
fight past Jackson and focus on the present, proved also a defense team Jackson several fraud
carried out by the family against the federal government to take the aid of which, after a trial that
lasted 4 months I decided the jury that Jackson was acquitted of all charges ten-oriented him,
including child molestation, attempt to give a minor alcohol, and conspiracy. Where a child's
confession, saying everything that Jackson was the father, and his mother was forced to say all
those lies. Mlahoudp child with cancer has been reported that doctors will live for 3 weeks only,
and to ensure that Michael received treatment, and thanks to God, cancer disappeared completely.
In 2005, after the trial of Jackson announced he would not return to live at his ranch magical
Neverland or the United States, and he moved to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, after the incident
Hurricane Katrina, announced that Jackson said he wants to record a song a charity to collect
donations for victims under Alastaidio Bahraini 2seas, but It has not yet issued.
Before the end of 2005 and in November a working with the Jackson lawsuit demanding $ 12
million from Jackson, due to non-payment of dues to him, a lawyer for Jackson, Meziro said that
Jackson discovered that the worker pedophile, so I stopped the project work, the court accepted the
excuse, but forced Jackson to pay $ 600 thousand expensed lawyer group, also at the same time his
                                                           ex-wife Debbie Rowe filed a case
                                                           demanding that the custody of the children
                                                           of Jackson.

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