Cosmetic Surgeon Tampa- Everything You need to Know About Breast Augmentation Tampa

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					Cosmetic Surgeon Tampa - Everything You need to Know About Breast Augmentation Tampa

Before you undergo breast augmentation with breast implants, there are several decisions that
need to be made. One of the most important decisions about your breast implants has several
options. You will need to select the type of filling, texture, shape, and manufacturer. Below is a
guideline to three most important breast implant questions that you will have to make.

   1. Breast Implant Fill - The two most common breast implants used in Breast
      Augmentation Tampa are filled with silicone or saline. Saline implants are more likely
      to cause visible rippling than silicone implants. While silicone gel implants are prefilled,
      saline implants are filled at the time of surgery allowing the surgeon to make adjustments
      during the surgery. Overfilling the implants can cause too much firmness and not filling
      saline implants sufficiently can cause the implant to fold leading to a failure. If the breast
      implant ruptures, saline will be released and the empty implant can be removed and
      replaced. Saline implants are generally firmer to the touch and are often described as
      appearing less natural than silicone breast implants.

   2. Breast Implant Size - Choosing the right implant size may seem complicated, but the
      decision is easier if you receive proper guidance from a plastic surgeon. The two main
      factors that your breast size will depend on are: how big your chest is now and the
      implant size that you want. In order to get the best breast augmentation results, it is best
      to let a Cosmetic Surgeon Tampa guide you. Choosing your own breast implant
      volume is not the best decision because there are several variables such as ribcage, chest
      shape, and existing breast volume that may affect what a given breast implant will do for
      you. Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend the right size breast implant for your body
      based on his years of training and experience.

   3. Breast Implant Shape - Choosing breast implant shape can be one of the toughest
       decisions to make since each manufacturer offers several styles. However, the two main
       choices that you have are the actual breast implant shape and its profile. The shape will
       either be round or anatomical (“tear-drop”) shaped. Tear drop implants are meant to
       resemble the natural slope or a breast and have a textured surface to avoid the implant
       flipping over. Round Implants have the most natural shape since they are placed beneath
       the muscle to create a natural appearance.

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