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Once again before we know it              Sportswear Update
the holiday season is upon us.              Don’t forget your favorite MF DUSA Dancer.
It’s amazing how fast it comes                Load your child up with studio gear at the
                                           UDZ. Also, Uggs are available at the UDZ &
each year. So here is to the
                                                               at Plaza.
wonderful Thanksgiving that we              ** Don’t forget gift cards are available as
all just shared and may your                                    well**
holiday season, whether you               Longwood Breakfast Update
celebrate Hanukkah or                     Congratulations to all the Longwood breakfast
Christmas, bring you and                  participants. You all gave a fabulous
your families the best                    performance! I couldn’t be more proud!!
memories. Cherish every
                                          Congratulations To : Michelle Hagenburg,
                                          Victoria Caputo, Dominique Ferraro, Skylar
moment and appreciate life
                                          Gerena, Emma Raver, Sarah Raver, Michelle
around you.                               Munos, Meghan Pellegrino, Julianna Hunchik,
                                          Kristen Sappelsa, Grace Plumitallo, Rebecca
Holiday Drives                            Heerbrandt, Amanda Marcinek, Brigit Black,
Thank you to those who participated in    Eric & Amy Villamar, Maile Morales, Tatiana
our Thanksgiving food drive for the       Stevens, Kyla Heyward, Kaleigh Raia,
underprivileged. The ministries           Danielle Runfola, Nina Pernal, Gianna Luisa,
were absolutely thrilled. We              Leigha Sahagia, Devin Beresid, Kailee Corria,
are continuing to help                    Amanda Leopin, Marisa Barbier, Raia Carr,
collect for the Christmas                 Tori Caputo, Kayla Weir, Isabella, Jillian
season, Toys for Tots, and                Kennedy
Coats. Thank you so much for helping us   Thank you to Miss Alexa,and Miss Leigha for
help the community.                       all their hard work help & talent.
                                          * I also want to say Congrats to all of the
       Congratulations to                 dancers who participated at the Town of
                                          Brookhaven lighting on Friday December 2nd!
       Reagan Commander on                It was freezing but fun!!!!!!!!!!!
       her new baby sister,
        Sloane Gloria born on             Costume Update
          11/11/11! 7lbs 6oz..            Everyone is measured and deposits are in!
                                          We have recital under way!!
       Attention: Parents &                            *Coming in January*
It is most important that you all understand              * Zumba is Back!
about quite a few issues concerning the             Work off those holiday pounds
studio. I only bring this up due to the fact it     & have fun doing it! $5 a class
seems some have maybe forgotten and taken           Please look on the web for the
advantage of some of the studio policies and
rules.                                                        schedule.
      1) There is absolutely NO food allowed
          in the hallway, dressing rooms and/or     *Congratulations to our logo
          studio rooms. This rule applies to              contest winners!
          Recreational and Competition
                                                            Alvaro Varlin
      2) Food is to be eaten in the Cafe or           & Justine Martinez (Ava’s
          place of purchase                                     Mom)
          ONLY. This is gracious                    Because of their talents they
          of me and it is only                      are the winners new apparel!
          done to accommodate
          dancers with breaks
          due to multiple classes.                    Holiday Spirit
      3) Water bottles ONLY are allowed in                 Week!
          the studio rooms. NO coke cups or
          soda cans. ** The next step will be       Starting Dec. 17th
          taken is to leave bottles labeled and     wear your favorite
          outside of the room.
      4) As always please abide by the dress
                                                    Holiday T-shirts, socks, PJ
          code                                      pants.
Thank you for your cooperation for helping to
keep the studio as tidy as possible. Please
realize that this studio is open 7 days a week      Please note the last day
from 10-10. I can only try to upkeep as best        of classes is 12/23/10.
as possible with your help. It is for the benefit
of all dancers. Thank you so very much!!            We will re-open January

     *We have New Lockers &
 If you have already not done so,
 you may rent a locker for $25 for
  the year and always have your
dance shoes on hand! See the desk
From our family to yours please
   have a Healthy & Happy
    Holiday Season! Merry
 Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa,
 Happy Hanukkah, & Happy
                                   December Birthdays
New Year! See you in 2012!             Happy Birthday !
           Michelle               12/4- Sarah Raver , Emma Moosmueller
                                  12/5- Allison Morabito
                                  12/6- Domiinique Ferraro, Caterina
                                  12/7- Amaya Hollington
                                  12/8- Alexandra Fay,Ava Martinez
                                  12/10-Cassidy Nyfield
                                  12/12- Katelynne Righi, Alisha Suthar
                                  12/13- Chase Wolanski, Brigit Black
                                  12/15- Abigail Good
                                  12/16- Alissa Welischar
 Miss Ashley ,Miss Tracie,        12/18- Amanda Mininni, Gina Minnini
 Megz, Miss Melissa ,Miss         12/20- Gina Cicero
   Gail, Miss Lisa,Gram,          12/21- Samantha Sponito, Marissa Felician
 Miss Kerri,Miss Christie,        12/25- Joseph Grimaldi
                                  12/27-Alyssas Chaikin, Kylie Uhl-Smith,
Maria ,Denise, Hope, Gina,        Miss Loren
 Lisa, Miss Bethany, Miss         12/29- Isabelle Lewis
Maddy, Frank Miss Alexa, &        12/30- Miss Maddy, Evangeline
 Miss Leigha, Miss Loren,         Baker,Hailey Perretta
Miss Nancy, Miss Jeanette &       12/31- Jordan DeBlasio
 Most of All Miss Michelle!

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