FIELDS NAME by asimhashmi11


									                       In the field name column in the top pane we type the name of the
field, we are adding to our table. The field name can as many as 64 characters and can
contain any characters numbers and spaces except for period (.), an accent grave (,),
square brackets ([]) and exclamation mark (). Leading spaces are not allowed so we
would need to begin each field name with a valid character or number.
Although we can have 64 characters in the field name, keeping our field name as small as
possible is advisable.
                   The data types of a field determine the kind of data the field can
store. We can choose from nine (9) data type:
    1. Text
    2. Memo
    3. Number
    4. Currency
    5. Data/Time
    6. Auto Number
    7. Yes/No
    8. OLE objects
    9. Hyperlink

The text data type can store as many as 255 alphabetic or numeric characters. We can use
this data type to store data such as names, addresses, description and numbers that will
not be used in calculation such as phone number.


The memo data type can contain the same type of data as the text data type but it can held
as many as 65535 characters.

The number data type store number that will be used in mathematical calculations.


The currency data type store number representing currency that will be used in


The data/time data type is a special number data type; that allow us to store data &time in
a field. The format property of this data types allows us specifies how the data will
appear in a field.


If we select this data type for a field, Access handles the entry that field in every record.


The YES/NO data type is logical fields that can store either true or False, the field accept
True/False, Yes/No of its values although we can use its format property to customize
what it shows for true/false.

OLE OBJECT (Object Linking and Embedding)
The OLE objects data type store large binary OLE objects, such as Word document,
Excel workbook, Bitmaps files, sound files, and video files.

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