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					                                Balance Inquiry
 Get information regarding the balance of your Loan and Repayment Account.
                           Last 5-10 Transactions
 Get details regarding the last 5-10 transactions carried out on your Loan and
                              Repayment Account.
                   Statement Generation (Email and Fax)
Request for the statement of your Loan and Repayment Account, either through
                                  Fax or Email.
                            Account Maintenance
    You can request for the following facilities related to your Loan account

                   . Change/modification in your Contact Details
                                  . Partial Payment
                                 . Early Settlement
                                Car Theft/Damage
  In case of car theft/damage, please inform any of our Phone Banking Officers
 and your notification will be forwarded to the Car Loan department. You will be
   provided complete assistance in resolving the issue promptly and efficiently.
                         Detailed Transaction History
Our Phone Banking Officers can give you the details of transactions made in the
              past 6 months on your Loan and Repayment Account.
                            T-PIN Generation/Change
Your TPIN (Telephone Personal Identification Number) is generated the first time
   you call and you can use it as your password for verification purposes, Self-
 service Banking through IVR System and additional services through our Phone
    Banking Officers. You can even change your TPIN any time after its initial
                               Product Facilitation
    You can speak to any of our Phone Banking Officers and inquire about our
product offerings and request facilitation through registering your interest in the
product(s) and forwarding the same to our countrywide sales team for follow-up
                                      with you.

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