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					Marketing & Development Programme

 To be recognised as Adventure Capital UK by 2012
  working in partnership to develop, promote & sell
sustainable world class outdoor experiences to achieve
                 economic prosperity.
          AdCap 1, 2 & 3 Funding

                08/09   09/10   10/11    11/12      total
Development &
   Marketing    500                              £500 000
                                                 £800 000
  Marketing             280      260     260      + match
                                                 £4 250 000
 Development            500     2, 000   1,750    + match
Capital Development
Event Support
Feasibility Studies
Sector Support
Capital Development
Event Support
Feasibility Studies

10 events
   financially supported with £80 000
   1:7 leverage funding
   1:20 ROI

4 capital development projects
   financially supported with £135 000
   1:4 leverage

5 feasibility studies
financially supported with £25 000
    1:4 leverage
Sector Development
Industry conference 26th June -
  70 delegates from 50 businesses

Outdoor accreditation scheme ROAM -
 21 members

Outdoor Industries Working Group
 4 meeting annually - 15 active members

Bringing AdCap to:

Cumbria 2012 & NW 2012
Cumbria & NW Sports Partnership
Cumbria Countryside Access Partnership
Cumbria Commonwealth Championships
Cumbria Cycling Committee
     Learnings & Research from AdCap1
Tribal Research – NW, Cumbria & AdCap:

    More strategic direction required
    Commission developments & events
    Focus on selling as well as marketing

Market Appraisal:

    Identification of best prospects for growth
    Highlighting the best locations and opportunities for investment
    Make recommendations for product development and product that
    is ready for marketing
                               AdCap 2
Marketing & Event Support

£800k over 3 years, from ERDF, new money for

However, £800k match needed over 3 years:
                                AdCap 2

AdCap2 will support the following
strategic events, who in turn can
provide match funding:

Great North Swim
Kendal Mountain Festival
Keswick Mountain Festival

Joint promotion with partners

Joint promotions with activity providers

AdCap Guide

Consumer exhibitions

Working in partnership travel agents
Press National or Specialist Advertising


Social Marketing
        AdCap 3

    Capital Development

£4.250m over 3 years 2009-12

       Match £4.250m

                                                Eden Source to Sea
 New Routes
                        Cycle Path

                                                       Cumbria Cycle Way
National Centre for
  the Outdoors

                             Thirlmere   Kendal to
       Areas for                          Keswick
                                              C2C MB Route
   Outdoor Sports
                                                              Lune Valley
                                                               Cycle Way
Capital Development - Year One

Feasibility Studies
National Centre for the Outdoors
Windermere Waterside Improvements and Water Hub
Keswick Adventure Hub
Kendal Outdoor Sports Village
New Attractions:
Canyon Swing-Bungee; Via Ferrata indoor/outdoor; Boulder
Park, Monorail

Coast 2 Coast Mountain Bike Route
The Cumbria Cycleway
The Lune Valley Cycleway
Capital Development - Year Two

Windermere Waterside Improvements/Adventure Hub
Keswick Adventure Hub
Kendal to Keswick Cycleway
Penrith Cycle Hub
Access for all to Adventure
Great North Cycle
Dabbler fun options
Capital Development - Year Three


Whinlatter and Grizedale
         additional cycle routes

Thirlmere Cycleway Road crossings

Hadrian’s Wall Cycle Path

Dabbler fun options
                                   Next steps
•   1-1 stakeholder meetings

•   Obtain match funding - Phase 2 marketing and events

•   Phase 3 development project ideas & plans

•   Conduct Market Appraisal - Planning Solutions Consulting Limited. Kevin Brown,
    MD will be in contact with stakeholders.

•   Strategy & Ops groups to be established including Chair and Ambassadors
Any Questions?
                         Strategic fit
NWDA North West Regional Economic Strategy - Business Theme

• develop growth and innovation in the tourism sector through the
  continued implementation of the Regional Tourism Strategy

Cumbria Economic Plan - Business Support

• Tourism – A thriving tourism economy generating higher paying jobs
  and higher GVA through increased spend, in which all areas of the
  county can share.

• Outdoor sport, education and recreation – Cumbria is internationally
  recognised as the Adventure Capital of the UK.
                                                           ERDF – Action Area 3.3
Tribal – COSSA
                                                           Promotion and marketing of natural and cultural heritage assets
                                                               to promote sustainable tourism
There is growing momentum for the development of the       NWDA - RES
    outdoor sector in Cumbria. There is real opportunity
    to develop a local area outdoor strategy for Cumbria   95 - Develop and implement marketing programmes to promote
                                                                a positive image of the benefits and diversity of the
                                                                Northwest as a location for businesses, visitors, investors
                                                                and as a place to live.
A Cycle Tourism Strategy for Cumbria                       CV – SAP #6

                                                           Build on the existing DMS provided by CT to develop a single
                                                                point of access for visitors to engage with outdoor activities,
Capacity building within the business sector                    accommodation and retail.
                                                           Northwest Legacy Framework 2012

Destination Management Plan 2008-2009                      Use a market led approach to the promotion of the region and its
                                                               destination by focusing on attack brands and winning
                                                           The Tourism Strategy for Cumbria 2008-2018
Supporting business development sign posting to the
    best available support                                 To achieve our ambition of Adventure Capital of the UK we need
                                                               to invest in introductory level facilities, venues for national
                                                               and international competitions and hassle free booking of
                                                               outdoor experiences
101 – Improve the product associated with the region’s tourism attack brands and signature projects as identified in the Regional
    Tourism Strategy in line with market demand.
CV – SAP #6
Develop and market a network of high quality long distance walking cycling and horse riding trails, linking in to local outdoor retail
    and accommodation providers.
Tribal - COSSA
Cumbria is already acknowledged as a prime destination for cycling and Mountain biking. There are some opportunities to
   improve trail riding facilities for road cyclists and mountain bikers, and the development of traffic-free family friendly routes.
To develop canoe trails on lakes and rivers where it is possible to move by boat between points of interest

Cumbria Rights of Way Improvement Plan
Development of cycle tourism hubs
    Completion of national and region cycle network within Cumbria
    Development of family-friendly routes and safe routes for young people
    Use of quite lanes
    Identify and develop access and recreational opportunities for lakes, rivers and coast
The Tourism Strategy for Cumbria 2008-2018
To make the best of our natural environment we need good orientation and information for visitors.

CV – SAP #6

Develop a National English Centre for the Outdoors

Northwest Legacy Framework 2012

Support and encourage projects that will transform the region’s appeal to visitors

Tribal - COSSA

There are opportunities to develop facilities in Cumbria to allow outdoor enthusiasts to be introduced to outdoor sports indoors
and for existing enthusiasts to move indoors in poor conditions

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