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Slide 1 - College Illinois


									College is
The 4 Steps to
Who we are

  “Making college accessible and
 affordable for all Illinois students.”
                          - Mission Statement

Pop Quiz
Only rich kids and smart kids can go to college.
                True              False
I am not a straight “A” student so I won’t get aid.
                True              False
High school dropouts are four times as likely than
college graduates to be unemployed.
                True              False
Some of the best colleges out there are ones I’ve never
heard of.
                True              False

Why College?

 Learn new things
 Feel accomplished
 Meet new people
 Improve your skills
 Get a job or career that you want
 Earn $,$$$,$$$

It’s never
too early to
for college.

The 4 Steps to College
                Step 1. Be a Pain
                         (in a good way)

                Step 2. Push Yourself

                Step 3. Find the Right Fit

                Step 4. Put Your Hands
                        on Some Cash
Step 1. Be a Pain (in a good way)
 Let everyone know that you are going to college.
 Speak up. Ask for help.

 Find a caring adult to help you along the way.

Talk to a Caring Adult
Parents   Teachers                 Coaches      Clergy       Friends

A few questions to                 Do you know someone who
                                    went to college?
help you get started:
                                    If so, where did they go; what
                                    did they study; and how did
                                    they get there?
                                   What activities can I do at
                                    home and over the summer to
                                    get ready for college?
                                   What kind of grades do I need
                                    to get into colleges?
                                   Are there any colleges that I
                                    can visit near my home?
Step 2. Push Yourself
Working a little harder   Working a little harder
today will make getting   today will make getting
into college even         into college even
easier.                   easier.

 Make a plan              Make a plan
 Take the right           Take the right
  classes                   classes
 Take the tests           Take the tests
Make a Plan for High School
Make an appointment to talk to your
counselor about what you can do
when you get to high school.
Take the Tough Courses in High School
Get tough.
Take the challenge!

 English
 Math, Algebra & Geometry
 Science,Biology, Chemistry &
   Social Studies
   Foreign Languages
   Electives
   Honors/AP
                            (Click on subject to view video.)
Get Ready for the Test
                                               •   English
 It’s time to get                      ACT     •   Math
                                      (Plan)   •   Reading
 serious about                                 •   Science
                                         SAT        • Reading
                                                    • Math
                                        (PSAT)      • Writing

                                               •   Reading
                                               •   Math
                                               •   Science
                                               •   Writing

Free Test Preparation is available at
Step 3. Find the Right Fit
                   The challenge for you is to find the
                   institution that best matches your
                   talents, interests and personality.
                    Is it a big or small school?
                    Is it near home or far away?
                    Does it offer the program of study
                     your that you’re thinking about

                   Take a career interest survey.
                    What do you like to do?
                    What are your talents?
                    How do you see your future?
Know Your Options
             Illinois has more than 200
             colleges and universities.

             Consider the following:
              Type
              Size
              Location
              Majors,
              Type of Degree
              Student Life
              Financial Aid Options
                            Where students live, work, and hang out…
Visit a College.
Tour a Campus.
Virtual Tour

KnowHow2GO University—
Take the Tour
Step 4. Put Your Hands on Some Cash
If you think you can’t
afford college – think

 What is financial aid?
 Where does it come
 How and when can a
  student apply?
Financial Aid Sources
Financial aid comes from a variety of sources.

               Federal       State
             Government   Government
                (ED)        (ISAC)

Types of Financial Aid
There are many types of financial aid.

                    • Grants
     gift aid
                    • Scholarships

    self-help        • Work-Study
       aid           • Loans
Money, Money, Money, Money, Money
Start Searching:

   High School Counselor
   Colleges
   Your Community
   Complete the FAFSA soon after
    January 1 in your senior year
Are you ready to take the next step?
Step 1. Be a Pain (in a good way)
Step 2. Push Yourself
Step 3. Find the Right Fit
Step 4. Put Your Hands on Some Cash

Find answers to your questions
       Illinois Student Assistance Commission
       800.899.ISAC (4722)

                                     ISAC RTUP_Mb_10072010

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